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But come on, real money would help so much more. Kane Rashford Henderson Trippier Dier. It has the same objectives as the original but transplants the setting from World War II to Operation Desert Storm, updating the maps and weapons accordingly. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. Optional opening of different paths for Knuckles for "research purposes".

September 21, 2018 - TF2 Team

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Amily will be in an area called Town Ruins. She will sell both of them. To maximize this, meet amily. Get a bunch of corruption, she will freak out the second time you see her corrupted. You can buy more item slots, then stock up on Goblin Ale and Lust drafts. Jojo is easily, get a high enough corruption, which you should have after corruption Amily.

Keep meeting him in the forest and raping him. His sex scenes are not that great post corruption in my opinion though. Does anyone know if there's a way or a mod to be able to chose what you start as?

I'd really wish to start as wolf and not have to spend most of the game struggling to get enough wolf peppers Your Jojo has evolved into Joy. Bust size increased, Lust increased, Intelligence decreased.

Should Joy forget an old move and learn Sex? Joy forgot Chastity and learned Sex. But it is kinda hard to play a. I don't think you need magic because I got it by becoming a full dragon, minus the legs, and got in.

But if you really want magic, explore the desert, battle sand witches and they have a chance of dropping a black or white spellbook. You could also battle the demon family for a possible black spellbook drop. Just stumbled into dialog with Kath about job in Watch. I read as my protagonist being kinda a dick, talking about life that Kath living is shit, which is true. She despises Watch, yet no one else will give her job. Anyway, back to reason why i writing this - how difficult will be adding option to bring lovers as battle companions?

I not demanding anything, just curious. I know this is probably not the place to post this and get anything done but here goes. I've been a long time player of c. I say once jojo opens up to PC he should be open to blow jobs, 3 ways and other sexual acts as long as its ok with player. Who agrees give me a show of hands.

Did I mention I just love this game. Loving the subtle changes. I'm having some weird issues though, I know with the worms, it should change the ending scenes sometimes, where the person you're having sex with sees them and it changes. Like with the minotaur urethra fuck, or with the tigershark book girl who won't even talk to you after she finds out you have them. But it doesn't always activate. Also the inventory just seems a little small for me, As i'm a hoarder and i don't have anywhere to keep my useful potions and all of the "unique" items like Mable's Hammer or the Beautiful Sword that i no longer use.

I like the added Jewelry box, dresser, and shield rack only additional stashes I've unlocked but I literally build a bookshelf in my house and can't store books black book, tattered scroll, etc on them.

You should find armor and weapon rack in the town ruins they can be upgraded by exploring the dessert they will hold 10 items each, if i remember correctly.

Your Inventory can be upgraded by investing skillpoints in the strong back skill and buying the backpack from the bazaar. Hope I understood you correctly and helped you a bit with my answers. Does anyone agree that pure anal virgin jojo needs some spicier scenes and a bj scene. One where jojo gives you head instead of the other way around only. It was kind of implied. I figured out a way to learn magic, just wait till 7 and to to the tower in Tel'Adre and study.

Also another question, How do you get rid of Exgartuan? I am new to this particular Fenoxo flash. Does anyone have advice for a Corruption of Champions noob? I am at level 30, so I say get to level before going into the deepwoods to find the person who raped you, trust me it will make your life in this game easier.

To become a dragon, you need to unlock volcanic crag I forgot how and eat drake hearts. There isn't anyone else there, but the behemoth who is very nice and won't attack you. I can't help you with the other part. History Flag History Recent approvals Help. Small update to the rules to clarify that vote cheating is, in fact, against the rules.

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Jadami Ice Member 1 year ago. ThiccBastion Member 1 year ago. Hey, is the time supposed to missing or is this a bug? Aberon Member 1 year ago. Adept DragonMAge Member 1 year ago. Jussome Guy Member 1 year ago. Those are rookie numbers son. Spyra Member 1 year ago. How and when do I learn the white fire spell from Dominika? Shadow Scythe Member 1 year ago. How do you remove Ceraphs piercing curses?

Their so god damn annoying. Queen Tyr'ahnee Janitor 1 year ago. Angelziz Member 1 year ago. Magius Member 1 year ago. Viiz Member 1 year ago. Transparent viewmodels only works with DirectX 9. To enable transparent viewmodels, select the override in the updater. This changes some graphic settings that makes the transparent viewmodels work correctly. More info about the transparent viewmodels here. Credits to JarateKing and komorebi.

For me the transparent viewmodels makes the game a bit blurry and it adds a weird blue layer to payload cart. But try it out if you are interested.

ToonHUD has a new domain, toonhud. Old updater stops working on December 13th. You can disable floating health bars from TF2's advanced options TargetID - disable floating healthbar. Main menu related colors and font sizes updated. Added 3 downloadable main menu wallpapers to the site. Smissmas background and logo Backpack: Casual Rematch Fixed class model overlapping with player list thus preventing player selection in scoreboard when mouse mode was on ToonHUD 8. Fixed chat changing position after a match Moved ToonHUD's animations to a new file toonhudanimations.

Fixed background position of setup label Increased the size of medals in scoreboard Editor "Remove gradients" override added Removed main menu options Button border colors Shader color Show featured items Remove stream list ToonHUD 7. Voiceline is changed in every update. New stream list Added Play Competitive button to menu. This is visible to everyone! You can't play without the beta pass though.

Fixed chat window changing position Fixed borders of round timer Fixed stopwatch position Added some height to search panel Editor: Remove stream list option added to main menu section Added ability to change main menu shader color Added 4 crosshairs ToonHUD 7.

Matchmaking hud still needs some work. Team-colored and centered item meters Big class model Show last damage done over ammo Show green highlights in scoreboard Use high quality images in loadout Use high quality images in backpack Ability to replace all TF2 fonts Custom font for target health Custom font for chat Toggle featured items in main menu Removed overrides: Button effect in class selection ToonHUD 6.

New goal icons and score message ToonHUD 6. Names in target id are light brown. Moved player info to left side of the screen Mann Co. Removed item images from the info panel didn't work with weapon skins Valve fixed the tournament spectator problem.

August 2, 2018 - TF2 Team