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They turn Gambling into Gaming! I have sat at a table where all 6 players were regularly dealt 10 to 12 hands and no one won at all. Posted 19 July - Or you might be somewhere in the middle. A nice alternative to the Classic Game shuffler. He is truly speaking for me! In order to address concerns with randomness we gave the cards a quick riffle before putting them in the machine.

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Imagine a global company being based on wood. You know, like Playboy Enterprises. Go here if you care to learn more. Why would that machine give the house an edge? When you go to play regular BJ with no bous bets like that, you will see you get 6,7,8s quite often? You only notice them more often when you want to fit your example. The house already has their edge secured. The different codes on the shufflers let the machine know how many decks are in the shuffle and other criteria of the game being dealt.

If the shuffler is a baccarat shuffler and can read the cards then it will only deal the cards that the dealer is allowed to pull. Your observation is only true when you want it to be true. If it were really true then no one would ever get a 6,7,8 combination. What if it were 1 on 1? Have I mentioned that I actually work as a dealer at the casino and know these machines very well.

There is no secret to them. The machine does not need to know how many decks in the shoe to shuffle. In fact, if , the odds to have is more often… that is why i often play … once the machine does not need to know who bets on bonus or not, it just secure the edge for the House by grouping 6,7,8s… and how often do you the table with ? How come when you go to Reno where casinos still shuffle by hands, the players often win on BJ, they lost in the end because simply they do not stop after winning or because of their greedy.

Your an idiot because Richard is right. You come up with some random half ass concoction of a story to try to prove your briefs but if that is true then all you have to do is buy one of their machines new for grand prove it will take the odds on purpose and sue all casinos that have side bets for millions. Its like a 1 to payout so technically you have to win at every hands with the other way against you even if you were hand shuffling but if you add in all the other things still have slightly worse odds than playing Blackjack correctly.

Casinos are controlled by Vegas and nobody can do anything about them! The idiot is the one that does not recognize that! They turn Gambling into Gaming!

Likewise, all sport betting are also set up! What in the world that caused the delay 40 minutes in the Superbowl between 49ers and Ravens? Remember you cannot sue Vegas or casinos because you cannot win! The rich and powerful take what they want! Again, you are the moron! Besides its not explaining the point that there are more casinos outside vegas in the us than inside.

Alex, you need to understand the concept of Gambling and Gaming! The outcome of Gambling is not controlled! Meanwhile, Vegas turned Gambling into Gaming that has its outcome controlled! Now, when you bet on any games in casinos, Vegas needs to be able to control the outcome! The casino winners are the lucky ones that hit right spot at the right time! Like you purchase a scratcher ticket or play at slot machines, the outcome has already been set!

There is no case in the world that the very first moment they bring out the slot machine that there is a person hits the Jackpot.

Likewise, Vegas need to collect more from side bet before they pay out! It may not be cheating but when the outcome of the game is preset or predictable, it is no longer Gambling but Gaming! It is funny you do not realize that outside the USA, Vegas still in control! Sport betting Houses from all over the world re-insured thru Vegas! Not only casinos, but sports betting too! Your talking about completely different things than a card shuffling machine. First and final warning. Nice words sometimes are just lies!

The ShufflePro units are pretty solid if you can find them like the one on ebay. They almost never fail and when they do, they fail "clean". The shuffled cards show up on one side and the non-shuffled cards pop up on the original side. I almost pulled the trigger on a ShuffleTech unit, but after dozens and dozens of negative feedback left all over the place, I decided to stay away from that. If you're considering for true randomness, check this out: The study above shows that a single iteration of a shelf shuffler is not sufficiently random.

This results in a shuffle equivalent to a shelf machine. Our mathematical analysis and further tests, not reported here, show that this is adequately random.

Indeed, Table 1 shows, for total variation, this is equivalent to 8-to-9 ordinary riffle shuffles. MikeL Sitting Out Apr 24, Deckmate 1s Referbs - https: Screen Shot at 1. Golom Sitting Out May 29, Shuffle Master prices these super high because they want to lease the machines. Same story with the no-peek devices. Waaay to negative reviews about the product and their customer service.

Joined Nov 10, Messages Likes Location palmdale, ca. Old Thread, but for home game, shuffle tech is worth it, I use one at my game. SixSpeedFury Flush Nov 6, Mr Tree , what issues did you run into?

Mr Tree 4 of a Kind Nov 6, It eventually started jamming on an ongoing basis. I just sent it in for repair and we'll see how that goes. While it was working it did seem to successfully speed up my home game. I also have some players who no matter how much harassment do a fairly crummy job shuffling.

In order to address concerns with randomness we gave the cards a quick riffle before putting them in the machine. One warning, it is noisy as hell. I tried a few things to reduce the noise but eventually just lived with it. That said, changing the self dealt order from having the person who just dealt shuffle to having the big blind deal shuffle also seemed to make a big impact no passing the cards forward.

I'll let you know how the machine does when I get it back. Calling on Kickstarter automatic card shuffler. I had no idea these were this expensive I just ordered a table and deckmate 1 shuffler from the ebay seller linked at the top of the page.

Can't wait to get it into play!

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