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This is not what we do — We tell it like it is. A lifelong poker player who moved online in , Josh founded Beat The Fish in to help online poker players make more-informed decisions on where to play and how to win once they got there. We do realise that helping us may provide you with a moral dillema , however it is important to remember that Jesus died for your sins so therefore you are already in credit with the Almighty. Both of those numbers are quite large but, as with any bonus, the play-through terms are far more important than the gaudy total bonus numbers. That is not always the largest poker site. With your help, I will soon have everything I ever wanted.

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The stories are text-only without any graphics in them. Completely free and not as illegal as the other Deep Web Links shared above. Beware, even accessing the site in some countries may be considered a crime and hence never do so without a VPN.

The chat on the other hand can be used to talk about anything, but not CP, Gore or any of that weird stuff. Although it also used to be a mail service by the name of Cicadamail which was recently shut down due to lack of funds.

Registration is must in order to view the videos. Not limited to any specific body part, and has all and every kind of Amputee porn pictures. A payment is sent back, something like 0. It provides unlimited access to all the website content. Displays over snapshots from videos on the homepage to prove its creditability.

Registration seems to be either closed, or having an error currently. It has a buyer-seller infrastructure embedded, sellers can upload videos, price, BTC address and make money, and buyers can buy those videos off the platform. The forum is divided into two primary categories- videos and photos, with several threads in each such as Hardcore, Fetish, Toddlers, Models, Non-nudes etc.

Also they have a unique username policy, your username can only contain of letters, and must have a meaning, it can be fake, but meaningful. Registrations are closed from July 2nd to August 5th, , and again from December 17th, to January 6th, It provides photos and videos of sex between among family members. Registration is must, and is automatic. Download is allowed, sharing is not. Also, activating an account needs 0. Accepts Bitcoin as well as Monero. Apart from killing, you can ask for injuries as well, and even some detective work such as finding missing people, making people disappear and what not.

The minimum price is 70,EUR in addition to other expenses such as travel, documents and such. The weapon of choice is selected by the admin and not the client, and he has some limitations such as no Politicians, Billionaires or VIPs to be contracted for.

Payment is received via Bitcoin. Apart from Hacking, it also offers Cyber training, background traces, SSN checks, identifying cyber bullies for you, tracking lost devices and such.

Basically anything and everything related to computers can be ordered from the site. They have a pricing page where the lowest amount is 0. They mediate the transaction by tracking the shipment, verifying it was delivered and only then the seller is paid.

Also, the seller is authorized to ship a parcel only after the buyer sends the funds to the Escrow and the Escrow service verifies it to be legit. It charges a 1. The service verifies that the buyer gets the item, and that the sellers gets his money if the item is successfully delivered. Verifies both the delivery of the good, and the faithful payment of the promised amount to the seller. Although there are absolutely no links on the site, so you may need to contact the site admins on the provided E-mail if you wish to purchase something off the marketplace.

The service is restricted to U. Although along with passports, bank accounts can be purchased as well. Not digitally rather physically, so the cards are shipped physically and can be used at ATMs worldwide. They ship only Master and Visa Cards. As for payment Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum is accepted. Although they seem to be more professional than most sites in the niche, and offer a messaging system, tracking system and a forum.

They accept only Bitcoin as the form of payment. You enter all the card details including card number, card issuer, expiry date and everything else. Along with cards the platform also provides bankdrops and money transfers which include Moneygram as well as Western Union transfers. The cards are shipped physically, and withdrawal instructions mailed to the buyer. Payment only via Bitcoin is accepted. The PIN for the card is mailed after each order. Paypal accounts with around USD can be bought for as low as 0.

It accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, as well as Ethereum as the mode of payment. The cards are prepaid, and can also be loaded with more funds in case you want so. Registration is mandatory but fast without requiring any verification. Bitcoin is the primary payment method, but if the site is contacted through jabber, LTC, BCH, Dogecoin and some other payment modes can be used as well. Payment as expected is only via Bitcoin. Also, Pre-paid cards are never frozen and can be used worldwide. They ship via UPS, and also provide a tracking number to their customers once an order is placed.

Only Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment. The bills can be purchased for 10, 20, 50, or USD denominations. Again, the more notes you buy the cheaper the price is for you.

It accepts only Bitcoin as the mode of payment, and ships worldwide. The account country, type and available balance is shown on the order page, and then you can make your pick. They also offer free proxies with the account so you can access the accounts safely without being blocked.

It has mixed a total of Bitcoins till date for users. No logs are kept. It too provides for more than 5 additional addresses, custom time-delay along with custom fee. The minimum amount required to mix your Bitcoins is 0. It needs 2 confirmations before your coins are sent off to the laundry.

Needs a custom fee between 0. The minimum deposit for Blender. Needs 3 confirmations for a mix to be initiated. For the Bitcoin mixer, it charges a 0. Although it also doubles as a Bitcoin wallet. You can also download the oldest event videos from the link. The price is 0. Although Child Porn is completely banned. Ninja — So Paster. Ninja is one of those Deep web links which lets you paste text, simple as that. You can paste just about any text, which is completely secure, anonymous and encrypted.

After pasting, you get a URL which you can share with people you want to read the text. This includes payment processing.

Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have licensed online poker sites. There are several steps players can learn that will make the deposit process quick and easy. The best way for U. It is accepted by all major sites. Most sites do not charge a fee on Bitcoin deposits and some process free withdrawals when players use the cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin is the most convenient option, many poker sites accept credit cards and cash transfers. Some may also process a bank wire upon request. It is more convenient for players outside North America to make a deposit.

Ewallets are common in Europe, Asia and Australia. These include Neteller, PayPal and Skrill.. Safest Poker Sites tests all major poker sites so that you do not have to do it. This way you can get the information you need to pick the site that best fits your needs. That is not always the largest poker site. Some players prefer smaller sites because the games or looser or the promotions more lucrative. Some poker review sites fluff up poker rooms because they get paid by the site to do it.

That is not how we operate. We go over the positives and the negatives involved with every online poker room that we review. Some poker rooms have terrible customer support, poor software or take too long to pay players.

We are not shy about sharing that information with our visitors. We even go so far as to find smaller things that may only bother very serious players. We want you to have the best information available before signing up at a poker site. Collectively, the staff at SafestPokerSites has decades of experience in the online poker world. With our detailed reviews and information, we strive to provide you the most reliable informative analysis that you can use before signing up to a poker room.

Out of hundreds of online poker rooms available on the web, which ones stand out from the rest? Take a look at our list of online poker reviews for the poker rooms we recommend you consider when deciding where to play. View the Safest Poker Sites Failed Online Poker Sites Part of our goal is to educate players so that they will not choose to deposit at a site that is in danger.

The unfortunate truth is that there are poker sites that go out of business. Some pay players when they shutter. We devote an entire section of our site to poker sites that failed. We go over the history of the business in question and determine what made it fail and what warning signs were there that players ignored.

We invite you to read the entire Failed Poker Sites section because we feel it is important to know how sites go bust so you can avoid ones that are in dire financial situations.

This may be done through Bitcoin, cash transfer, Visa, Mastercard and a variety of ewallets, depending on the country the player resides.

Some players may not feel comfortable diving right into real money poker tables. There are some alternatives. Players may start at free play tables. This will help beginners get a feel for the software. Most poker sites offer freerolls. These are tournaments that require no money for a buy-in. These are completely free tournaments. While it costs nothing to join a freeroll, there is a cash prize pool. Some sites may offer free tournament tickets and a few dollars to new players.

These are ways to get started without having to make a real money investment. Most poker sites we review involve real money gaming.

This means cash is at risk. We also tell you what games are offered at each site, as well as the types of tournaments and sit and gos.

Many players find this to be the most important information when choosing a real money online poker room. Frequently Asked Questions Are offshore online poker sites licensed?

Every poker room that we feature on SafestPokerSites is licensed and regulated in their jurisdiction. We list all major licensing jurisdictions on our Online Gaming Commission page. Each of these licensing countries has their own regulations on how to handle online gambling in their country. These sites operate legally in the country that they are located. Each secure poker room offers a direct connection to your computer from their host country. Is it still profitable to play U. There are still thousands of players playing online poker in the U.

These players are combining their skills with bonuses and VIP programs to make a living. Some are bigger winners than others, but if you have the skills and understand the bonus and VIP structure, you can still win. It all depends on how much you risk and how big your bankroll is. What types of poker games can I play on U. Other games are alive and well too. How do I determine which website to sign-up for? Your casino choice is often determined by your playing preferences. Some sites offer specific games and attractive bonuses, while others appeal to the general player.

The best place to start your search is the SPS ranking system. We include specific categories to help you determine the casino that is best for you.

How can I make a secure online poker deposit? You will be happy to know that making a poker deposit is as safe as ever. The encryption process for credit card deposits is the same that is used for large U. Players that prefer to use cash to deposit have several options as well. How do I make a withdrawal from a U. There are still several ways to safely receive a withdrawal from a U.

Carbon Poker will mail you a check. BetOnline will send a Western Union or check.