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I would like someone to call me regarding the three worst customer service calls I have ever had today. The airline is looking to add a second weekly flight to Aruba in November and a third in December. My seatmate was a nice young man that I would describe as sturdy. Then proceded to tell her the seat would be assigned at the gate. Flights will be operated with the seat Airbus A Consultado el 14 de agosto de To reduce congestion and drive traffic to alternative airports, the FAA imposed landing slot and perimeter restrictions on National and four other high-density airports in

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I expect to hear from you soon about this matter and receive info. I have , miles and I was NOT even upgraded to first? Most of flyers agree. You need to think of flyers you WILL lose? Thanks Dr and Mrs Trey Fulp. Stranded in San Diego, CA. Tried to call customer relations number, but web page lists the same number as cargo number. Is this to avoid phone calls. Waited over two hours for a return call from reservations.

It was fortunately a wise decision, thanks to your gene- rosity to us shareholders. Best wishes to all AAL employees, managers and their families! My husband and I had flight reservations for today March 15, and after a routine heart scan on Wednesday of this week, he was diagnosed with a severe heart problem.

On Friday, March 14, he had to have a heart catherization and it was impossible for us to go on our vacation. Their best advice was that I should have purchased insurance. Nice way to do business American Airlines! My complaint is, on March 8th.

When it had arrived, it was delivered. However, the luggage had been destroyed and taped up. I called in a complaint right away.

I had been givin several phone numbers and the firt one was just a recording to leave my phone and someone would get back to me. Basicially, i got nothing but a runarround!!! I am not happy with American Airline right now! If my luggage is not replaced. Please have the respect of other peoples property and do the right thing by taking care of your customers.

This does not set a very good example for American Airlines. Reading the article in Yahoo! AA lost my baggage in Miami by not having it with me on my flight to Talahassee, Fl and when I lodged a complaint they gave me a file locator to check status. When I filed in Tallahassee I was told my luggage would be delivered by fed ex to my home.

A lie and they did not even update their website with status of my luggage for 3 days. Terrible service and it took ages to find a rep in Talahassee Aprt and to speak to a AA baggage lost-rep when I tried to follow up on where my luggage was. I only located it on my own initiative thru no help from AA. I just boarded flight from lax to SJC and sat down then was lectured to about where I put my bag in the overhead. Her approach was awful and hurts your reputation as an airline. My daughter Lindsey VanSparrentak was delayed in Africa on your sister airlines which delayed her arrival into Chicago by 24 hours.

She flew in on last evening which was also delayed by 2 hours. These charges are absurd. I fell we should not have been charged anything extra.

A credit to my card would be greatly appreciated. I recently flew your airlines, the attendants and pilots were very nice and all were smooth rides. I was supposed to arrive in Dayton at I have not traveled with your airline in some time, I travel to Florida times a year.

I hope the next time I fly with your airline my experience with be on a more timely schedule and more organized. Had two on time wonderful flights yesterday, and However, at LAX all the good will disappeared when it took 40 minutes to get our bags from I am an AA Platinum member and have never had this happen before.

Hi my name is larneta and i flew with American Airlines for the first time to do a suprise bridal shower for my best friend,but when I landed my baggage was not there. I couldnt figure out why they where in Wisconsin and I didnt care I just wanted them to be where I was right away. So I had to cancel everything.

All her family and his family and friends. I was literally crying in the airport she didnt even know I was there I came early just for the suprise. This was the first time Ive ever threw a suprise anything and for a very special occasion,my best friend in the whole world was getting married. Do you know how hard it is to plan a party for someone and your out of town.

Then on top of that the baggage claim people where trying so hard to help but said it was nothing they could do and said that it was best to email you. Well heres my email Im still upset about it. Thats something you cant take back. Never I repeat never will I choose American Airlines. Totally unprofessional employees from the ticket agent to flight attendants. He reported at the airport that his bag did not come off the plane.

The lady at the booth checked the claim ticket. The bag had not left St. She gave him a locator number and told him they would be contacting him soon. They could not find it so they sent him a form to fill out of his belongings in the bag.

He sent it in. They did not believe he had those items in his bag. They insisted on receipts. Anyone keep their receipts for months? So they denied his claim. Its a big run around and still no compensation.

I find it so crooked that they lose your luggage but can be judge, jury and executioner on what they will or will not pay. We will not fly American Airlines ever again, and neither will my friends and family. She was a great help. I cancelled the trip and the ticket is stayed open till December next.

Please let me know anything else I have to do. Thank you very much! We boarded the plane and found that it had no wifi or entertainment options at the seat. My husband is highly allergic to peppers and he had to be certain there were none. The attendant said she had no idea of what the food ingredients were in either selection so he did not eat. How difficult would it be for your catering dept to send a list of ingredients for this kind of issue? The aircraft itself was old and warn on the inside.

When got on the plane, the coach section smelled of fecal matter and it took quite a while for the smell to dissipate. It was not surprising to find that the lavatories were quite dirty and smelled as if they had not been cleaned in between flights. I had a family behind us with very active children who were kicking our seats and banging their fists on lowered tray tables like drums.

After repeated comments to the parents with no result, I asked the flight attendant to speak to the family. I have been a fan of AA for many years when I was a travel agency owner 20 yrs ago. The food catering was outstanding even in coach and the service was top notch.

Times have changed and its very sad. The aircraft was bright, clean and modern and the food choices were appetizing and the attendants were aware of food ingredients. Obviously it can be done right! Senores Ameican Airlines,yo Yolanda Alvarado, viaje en su aeolinea el dia sabado 23 de Agosto del , Caracas to Miami este vuelo tuvo un retraso de 45 minutos en salir por ende he llegado tarde a Miami y perdi mi conexion rumbo New York,YFK,fui al counter y la sra. Sandra Galves y me dijo que no podia ser que yo pagara por eso que le scaneara el boleto qu decia passenger pays se lo pase llame y claro me atendio otra persona Samuel Martinez y dijo que cuando tomara la conecion to N.

Y volviera al counter y expusiera mi problema el sr. Most all off my flights are to Florida. The crew members were the most non caring I have ever been on a flight with. It reminded me off my days in the hotel business when we had union and non union teams. I will never fly American again I I have to go west I will drive.

If your management could fly Southwest you would see what I am talking about Thanks, Kathleen George. Last year, due to incoming storms that was clearly predicted a flight at the last minute was cancelled. Rather than a repeat of this, it seems the weather should be watched closer. I would prefer to fly this Monday vs Sat but was told I would be charged a fee. Myson is a storm watcher, and is worried as I am. My mom is having surgery next week and expects me there safe and sound.

Please keep that in mind. I am going to do my share of praying and hope this will work out. The gentleman in the first of 2 seats was a very huge man who took up his seat and half of mine.

I thought there to be a policy for overweight people. I was up against the window the entire trip. With the Old Piedmont still flying thinking American would do better, unhappy all around. I flew from Orlando to Dallas to Las Vegas yesterday and when I got home and unpacked, I noticed one of my items was missing from one of my checked bags. It was a shaving kit that was in a zippered pocket on the outside of a bag. I called customer service in Las Vegas and was told there is nothing they can do.

I also had cash money in the kit and I guess that was my fault, but American will do nothing about it. I absolutely hate thieves and am totally disappointed in American Airlines.

The seating was so tight I could not read a magazine due to the tightness of the seating I believe the plane was an A ,please contact me there are a couple things about the service in general,thank you, Brian Galbally. I can not get the complaint section of the American Airlines website to work. So this is the only place i can find to post my information before mailing it to the cooperate office.

My husband and i had a flight leaving Richmond Virginia with a final destination of Seattle Washington. We are familiar with flying and had flown other airlines earlier that week going to and from multiple destinations. We had all our information and went to use the American Airlines kiosk to print our boarding passes. The kiosk didnt ask if those who are flying are military personnel so we started over and waited in line to speak to a representative at the counter.

Once we were up at the counter we told a lady behind the counter that my husband is in the military and we had two bags to check in. We requested for the lady to show us where the package pricing is written.

She was unable to provide that information and went on to tell us we could look it up ourselves. My husband who is enlisted in the U. Coast Guard has never had to pay extra or any amount for baggage, on orders or personal. We had flown three times in the week before this encounter and every other airline treated military on personal travel or on orders with the up most respect.

As i stood at the counter pleading for the women to not cancel our flights and getting very upset about the fact that we were being treated with such disrespect, i was highly considering walking over and paying for another flight. I am requesting a refund for our baggage and our flight. There was no reason for us to experience what we did. You have lost all chance of us referring American to anyone else.

We also have a frequent flyer credit card with US Airways and we will be canceling and cutting up the card if this is not resolved. We fly around 10, miles a year and will be taking our business to Delta or Southwest. My reference number is I am waiting for an ANSWER to my request not only a kind letter you said you received my complains. Your web site is a disaster if someone has to complain!! I flew from Chicago to Manchester on AA You used a B which was totally unsuitable for a 7 hr journey.

Furthermore, the reading light did not work and apart from the film there was no channel open for music. When I tried to sleep the picture was glaring down on me and there was no eye covers offered. I guess the plain was 25 years old. How can this be? On a positive note the crew were first class. I have spent hours on the phone trying to untangle a mistake made in making reservations with American Airlines online. I took that to mean that the transaction did not go through, so I started all over again with a different travel agency.

The same thing happened again and I tried with yet another agency thinking it did not go through properly. After the third try, it went through and I got a confirmation from Orbitz. One was from Orbitz, one from Hotwire, and the other from Expedia.

Would you please help me? I was overcharged for a third piece of luggage on an international trip USA to Uruguay. I have tried using the website email to try to get a refund; no response.

When I call the customer service number, there is no option to address my issue and I seem to continually get caught up in an electronic loop. I will have to issue a complaint through American Express which I did not want to do. Bravo to American Airlines for giving the surprise increase to your employees. And not cowering to the disgruntled passenger on todays La Guardia flight. Just because some attendents were cheerful and wished him a Very Merry Christmas.

I for one am tired of the politically correct. The web site list a phone number, which is for cargo and that only references a web site that is no help at all. After explaining the issue to the red jacket AA employee, the flight was changed, and we were guaranteed to be seated in the first class as we were supposed to on the original flight my wife is heavily pregnant.

However, when we boarded the plane, we were seated in the coach,which caused major inconvenience due to the condition of my wife.

Our experience was ruined and I do request the material compensation for both of our tickets. We reloaded on the same plane and flew to Dallas over 2 hours later. Upon arriving in Dallas we were rushed to our next gate for Denver. Upon arriving in Denver late afternoon, we had no luggage. We were told it would be on one of the next 3 flights from Dallas.

I called Denver airport at pm. They said the luggage was there and would be delivered by courier in 6 hours. Six am the next day, I called again to confirm delivery. After numerous calls and lies by airline employees still no delivery. Our luggage was delivered at pm 2 days late. We missed not only our sons wedding, we had no clothes to change into the following day for his reception.

I have never felt so disrespected. Your customer service skills need to be honed. For whats its worth. I was so frustrated and about to give up Until I had the opportunity to get Tracy Paul on the phone I could understand her and she was very well Informed. I just want someone to know that she is the best, polite,professional and more. He was a great host. I flew from Tampa to Chicago in a Thank you for Row 7 for handicap.

In my 83 years I have had both knees replaced, stroke, open heart surgery plus other conditions. I used the restroom up front and the has a problem—access to the toilet bowl. The toilet lid and seat should stay up when lifted.

I had to use my knee to keep them up. Because of the curvature of the ceiling and the distance to the toilet I had to angle my body heavily forward to use the facility which meant I could not see what I was doing. A ceiling strap or horizontal bar would have been helpful. This room must have been designed by a 5 foot woman who does not stand. Just when things started going the plane hit a bump in the air which dropped both seats and I sprayed my left leg.

What a revolting development this turned out to be. I am sure other tall people use the stainless steel sink out of necessity. The sink has soap and a towel to clean up which is easier than having an accident. The worst flight experience of my life was taking my family of 16 on American Airlines.

Lost our luggage both ways. We will not be flying American again. We have been frequent flyer customers for over 30 years, and one of the attractions for us to continue with your services are the perks you offer to us and the good service we have always had in so many trips with AA.

A nice lady Ana Maria helped me with all the paper work and I did pay for all the extra expenses with my City Credit Card foe my husband and myself and Ana Maria told me that I will receive confirmation on my e mail, and gave me over the phone our two locator records. Well, today when I called again because we did not get the information on my email, we were informed to our surprise that only my husband had reservation and there was nothing on record for myself!

Our hope is that you can assist us under these stressful circumstances. Will never fly American again! I did not see any warnings before the travel for baggage weight, i was also woken up by a flight attendant slambing the cart into my arm! My arm was brused, the staff was very rude!! We recently returned from Hayden CO. They were begging for volunteers to give up their seats. We were told to wait for everyone to board the plane and they would take care of the vouchers.

We changed our arrival plans and cancelled appointments for the next day. After the plane was loaded, we were told we were no longer needed. They said thank you and told us to get on the plane. Obviously we were disappointed on how we were handled and no other compensation was offered. Not sure if we will volunteer again after how we were just dismissed, Clayton and Karen Hanninen. The woman called Annie picked my phone. I decided to call again, another woman answered my call.

She just grabbed the phone? Then, I called again and hope someone else will pick up the phone. I believe that you have recalled all the phone call. I really strongly do not want to fly with American Airlines ever again, their customer service is horrible!!!

Why in the world do I have to fly to New York to go back to Virginia. My fight was suppose to leave Miami International to Laguardia at 5pm. The flight was to start boarding at 4: The reason I checked on my connection was because my lay over wax only 58 minutes. They did not give anyone the chance to try and make alternate travel which was absolutely wrong. My husband works two job and he had to take off from work Thursday, Friday and Monday from both jobs.

I also had to take off myself. The flight eventually took off and I missed my connection. When I arrive at Laguardia there was two representative presenting the passenger who missed their connections tickets. I do not think it was fair that my husband had to take off another day of work and I had the miss a day also. I work part time and I only get pay when I work so I have to try and make up my hours. I know that I was provided a hotel, taxi and meal voucher put I would a rather be give the chance to find a flight the day I was suppose to travel.

American Airline need to really give their employees so real customer service classes. They also need to provide better care period. They also need to stop charging for everything like a little bag of pretzel or peanuts!!!

I had the worst time with American Airlines!!! My comments were posted on this site but they were removed. We have received your additional email. Again, we are sorry to hear about the difficulty that you encountered. We are also sorry that you were not satisfied with the complimentary voucher that we provided.

However, the voucher was intended to convey goodwill and to make amends in some way for the inadequate service you reported. It represents an amount we believe to be fair and reasonable.

Despite what happened on this occasion, we hope you will continue to select American Airlines for your travel needs. We will work hard to ensure that you receive the service you expect and deserve. I have been traveling with American Airlines for many years now and am now very shocked at a recent occurrence.

I had just gotten back from vacation to find that my suitcase was missing. American Airlines told me I was supposed to get it back the next day, yet I only got it 2 days later and found that my suitcase had been ripped open and destroyed.

They also stole my purse, my lap top, and other personal items. I wish I had more details about my situation especially regarding retrieving my stolen items. Recent flight from Austin to Ft Myers on which I had requested wheelchair assistance did not provide any jetway assistance and absolutely nothing in Ft Myers from plane to baggage claim and NOONE to ask. Had I fallen which was a distinct possibility, it would have been a catastrophe. When booking my flight I requested wheelchair assistance.

Had to hunt one up in Austin. Was taken to gate 2hours ahead of time but was assured there would be assistance for boarding. Gate was changed with no one at he desk could find no assistance, and with great difficulty proceeded to new gate. Again no assistance in boarding.

At Charlotte no jetway assistance, but. After struggling to gate was transported to boarding gate, again no jetway assistance. When arriving in Ft Myers absolutely no one to help or anyone to ask. Desk was deserted and I literally struggled to baggage claim. I was in danger of falling, I will contact a representative for the Americans with Disabilities commission.

I found the whole situation totally unacceptable , and maybe even life threatening. Alexandria Hull, Flight Attendant in the 1st class section.

She made us feel at ease and her constant attention to details and service with a smile made our flight a delight. Please, pass this on to her supervisors. Extremely disappointed re lack of acknowledgment of any discomfort I encountered. Seems like a simple courtesy. My husband and I flew from Palm Springs to Ft. Myers Florida, on the return trip, flight from Dallas, my husband Rick Barnes was cut very badly by something in the seat when he put our luggage in the overhead compartment.

We called the Hostess and even though blood was gushing out of the wound, he was given a band aid to cover the 5 inch gash in his leg. We were told that once everyone boarded, the hostess would return with the first aid kit and would have to make a report. When leaving, he again was cut , this time in the back of his leg. On the way out of the plane I spoke to the supervisor and gave her my card.

I told her that something needed to be done before this happened to anyone else. There was no gate ready for us and we waited a hour before one was ready. That was not what we expected. By far the worst flying experience I have ever had on a domestic flight! Late stry for no apparent reason and took 40 mins to get to terminal. Then another 40 to get bags. I have tried booking flights from Charlotte ,NC to Tobago. The computer systems will not let them book these flight.

The tickets, if purchased through Travelocity and Expedia would be on your ticket stock. This makes no sense whatsoever. Please advise how this can be booked through your res. Thank you Vivian Gibson. My first and last time to fly with American Airlines: I am a larger woman and I paid extra for seats on two of my flights so that I would not be a burden to other passengers.

My last flight to my destination was cancelled and I did not find out until I was on my way to the gate. They tried to rout me to another airport with little knowledge of the other airport. After a four hour delay I arrived at my destination. On the way back home my luggage did not make it with me and they had it delivered to my home the next day. When I went to unzip my luggage the zipper pull was missing and the zipper smashed.

I had to rip my luggage open to get my belonging out of it. American Airlines will not be getting any of my business nor recommendation ever again. I too had an absolute nightmare of a flight with them. I filled out their word complaint form by cutting it down to the point that even I did not understand what I had gone through.

HE was a man from Pakistan super sweet who had only been working for 4 months at the airport. I am astonished at the lack of customer service at American Airlines. I was a flight attendant for 30 years and took great pride in the training I received from American. On a recent trip I watched a passenger and agent argue about which one was ruder. There is no apparent enforcement of grooming rules anywhere in the company.

Flight attendants need a new image. One suggestion is handing out cold towels in summer and hot in winter right after boarding. Have de planing crew pass out mints on departure. The bye, bye bye is an era gone. It would be a pleasure to see some customer appreciation at all levels from check in to departure.

I still love American Airlines but have a hard time defending their service today. Dear Sir; In April I was given a voucher for assisting with an ill patient on one of yur flights. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances I have not been able to utilize the voucher. When I attempted to use it on April 30, I found to my dismay that the voucher had expired.

I am writing to ask that you please consider extending the voucher so that I may take advantage of your generous gift. I am thanking you in advance for your generous consideration. I flew on American airlines for the first time and last. My granddaughter was with me and is about 6ft tall no room for her legs and person laid back in her seat and she could not move at all in her seat.

My husband and I had first class tickets from Denver, co leaving on junev30th to Jacksonville, fl returning on June 6th. We were supposed to arrive in Denver at 1: The leg out of Charlotte, nc was an absolute nightmare. We were delayed, had a crew change, no water or ice, etc. We arrived in Denver at 9: Your ground people were not telling us what was happening and we sat on the Tarmac for almost 4 hours.

This is not a good air line. I will share this information in every e mail I send!!!!! The red tape to get a response about a real messed up trip from start to finish is terrible. I have been trying to get a response from AA but the run around is what AA wants so you will give up..

Very disappointed with A. My wife went to Italy for the memorial of her mother and while she was there she got bronchitis with ear infection, subsequently the doctor advised her not to fly before one week to clear the infection. The travel agency blames the AA for the high fee and AA washed their hands.

I even tried calling on the telephone and got nowhere; all I could hear is a recurrent message and when I request to speak to customer relations, I would get hang up on. I am very unhappy about AA and will never use their airlines. Doubt if anyone reads this but AA is the worst airline on the planet. Been trying for 2 months for a refund. They basically tell you to bugger off. I have tried, without success to reach your customer service department. I misread the flight time for your flight and need to change it.

I tried calling within 5 minutes of booking this flight but have had no response. I have not sent this message before. On the returned trip we were booked with USAir. Stephanie,a supervisor was very rude and the other agent told me ifI wanted to go t oMonterey earlier I should take a taxi. I want to reccomend ms Walberg for all her help I am a million member and always enjoy traveling on AA,but U.

Air is no good. The personnel is very rude Ada Stenin. I can not believe you board passengers prior to doing your checks on the plane. Transatlantic business has been the weakest link during the March quarter and almost entirely contributed to the year-over-year profit decline. Because of the additional expenses due to fuel, Delta plans to keep other costs flat by reducing capacity, retiring more aircraft.

Even though Delta claims that the reduction in departures will not significantly reduce the ASM, I do not believe it. Would Memphis be next Cincinnati? Would it cut the daily Memphis — Amsterdam service? New York and Atlanta will have minimal impacts: But expect frequencies to be trimmed on many sectors, especially from ATL. So, this is not a revenue sharing agreement since AA does not generate anything.

American and Qantas are part of the Oneworld alliance and already place each others code on their respective schedules. So, what does this agreement bring to the table? The idea makes sense on many fronts: Qantas had virtually no connecting traffic from San Francisco. It had to compete with United, which operates a major trans-pacific hub there with lots of feed from throughout the US and Canada.

Qantas will operate only four services a week and hence it is a decent start. American might consider operating its own metal on this route or from Chicago? It is interesting to note that this proposal comes in the wake of Delta Air Lines and Virgin Australia gaining approval from the US Department of Transportation for their alliance. Delta, which is expanding its presence in Los Angeles, already operates the Los Angeles — Sydney route. So the competition in the US — Australia air service market is heating up.

Qantas and United Airlines are the largest operators in this sector with Delta trying to gain some market share. With the Joint Business Agreement with American Airlines, Qantas, which is the largest player in the sector, is trying to protect its turf.

United also has plans to start the Houston — Auckland route when it gets the B With Delta, finally getting approval for its alliance with a re-invigorated Virgin Australia, the battle lines are drawn.

American Airlines today announced its Q1 results. As expected, the carrier lost money. Last year American outlined turnaround plan that would focus on its five cornerstone markets New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami , implementing joint venture agreements on Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific routes. As the only legacy carrier that did not declare bankruptcy, American continued to be hurt by its huge debt, higher labor costs and pension obligations.

Lufthansa is working to bring in Brussels Airlines also, but the date is not finalized because the airline is not yet completely owned by the German carrier. Lufthansa wants to consolidate its position as a major force in the transatlantic market because competition is heating up. In addition to competing with other major European airlines, Lufthansa wants to prepare itself for the onslaught from the Middle East carriers, especially from Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and Etihad.

Even though these airlines cannot directly serve the Europe — North America market, Lufthansa feels it is very important to offer the widest network choices so that it can maximize its revenue potential. According to one of its investor presentations , Lufthansa feels greatest threat from ever expanding Emirates Airlines.

Bringing its subsidiaries into the Joint Venture will allow it offer wider choices for the corporate travel market. Its president Scott Kirby has indicated many times the willingness to join, but, I guess, United still integrating the merger with Continental is still not ready. The sooner US Airways joins the venture, the better for it. US Airways will lose the revenue sharing opportunity if it takes more time to join the venture.

So, when the airport authority made its decision on the location of the Metro Rail station, it prompted me to write down my thoughts on it. Dulles used to be one of the most derided major airports in the United States. Located 23 miles West of downtown Washington, it was considered as a white elephant when opened in These odd looking vehicles transport passengers between terminals and planes.

Dulles has come a long way. The Washington DC area expanded rapidly and Northern Virginia became a hotbed for technology companies and government contractors. Dulles has become the busiest airport in the region, outpacing National and Baltimore Washington International.

It is one of the major international gateways in the country today with United Airlines operating a major hub. The major renovation programs in Dulles have helped it improve the standing among passengers. I thoroughly enjoyed it on my recent trip to India. Even though the mobile lounges are still used to transport arriving international passengers, the train covers majority of the departing passengers.

The redesigned Concourse B is also an excellent facility where most international airlines operate. But Concourses C and D are a different story. It is a shame that United has to operate its hub out of these outdated facilities. The airport authority and United have indefinitely shelved the plan to replace these facilities. Hopefully, a day will come to sunset these old structures. The final piece of the puzzle is the metro rail access to the airport. Construction of Phase 1 is in progress.

Phase 2 will bring the rail to the airport. The contentious question is the location of the airport station. With soaring costs, the original plan to build the station right under the main terminal was rejected. Two alternative proposals were put forth: The airport authority was right in selecting the underground station. This is more convenient to passengers with much shorter distance to cover than the above ground station.

I know it is going to cost more. But, the long term vision of more user friendly station should be given preference over the short term, cheaper alternative that is not user friendly. I remember that when the Metro opened the station in Reagan National Airport, I avoided using it to the airport because my flights departed from Terminal A, which is a long walk or take a shuttle bus. A longer walk to the Terminal from the station could deter the passenger from using the rail, especially in Dulles with lots of international passengers.

San Francisco will be served using A starting May 10, Miami will get A service starting June 10, The JFK service is a no-brainer. There could be several reasons for this. I believe the following reasons played a major role in the selection process.

Single daily flight is easy to upgrade: Miami , with just one flight per day, and virtually no connection traffic, gives Lufthansa the flexibility to switch the metal from B to A San Francisco, though a Star hub, is also served by a single Lufthansa flight. So, it is easy for LH to replace the B with A Newark, Chicago and Washington need multiple flights from Frankfurt, as Lufthansa connects majority of its US bound traffic from these hubs through Star partner United.

From these hubs, Lufthansa needs multiple frequencies a day to provide better connection options to its frequent flyers. A better than B on non-hub cities: Operating an A is more cost effective than a B Replacing them with A would provide a better chance to protect its turf in hubs dominated by other carriers MIA is a good case — it could deter American Airlines from starting a competing service.

Alliance Partners have a say in equipment upgrade: United and Air Canada have a transatlantic joint venture with Lufthansa and the schedules at Star hubs are coordinated between these carriers for optimal connections. So, United may be less receptive to LH upgrading these routes with A, because its own product would fall behind in quality. So, my prediction is this: Moral of this analysis: It is the most lucrative transatlantic air travel market.

Thanks to the joint venture between AA, BA and Iberia, the service dubbed as London Express, ups the ante against other major players in the market: New York — London air travel market is one of the most competitive in the world.

The Oneworld alliance is already the most dominant player in the market. With this schedule alignment, it is trying to protect its market share against increased competition from Delta and the new United. Competition is heating up on many US — London routes. The Airports Council International released its preliminary results of world airports traffic data for ACI reports the traffic data under three categories: As usual, Atlanta ATL retained the top spot on passenger traffic.

Heathrow slipped to number four. US airports continue to dominate in the aircraft movements category, reflecting the fact that smaller regional aircrafts make up a significant part of the carriers fleets. Would the soaring oil price slow down the world economy, especially the US economy, resulting in difficult periods for the US airline industry?

What would be the trend lines in another 10 years? Most airlines would have B and A type aircrafts in their fleets. Would the Hub-and-Spoke system survive, especially in Europe? It has code sharing pacts with many airlines from different alliances. Ideally, Jet would like to join Star Alliance. Jet uses Brussels Airport as a transfer point for connecting passengers between India and North America.

It also has strong ties with Oneworld carriers through code share pacts with American Airlines and Qantas. Jet has no code share partner from SkyTeam , except with Alitalia through its recently launched Delhi — Milan Malpensa route. It has been reported that the Indian government was against Jet joining Star as it might dislodge Air India as a second tier partner.

SkyTeam does not have any major airline from India in its kitty. So, the deal could be mutually attractive. Jet Airways has built a nice little operation at Brussels Airport. It is an efficient operation with all flights arriving and departing within the same short window of time. This makes transfers easy. Brussels Airport, being small compared to other European hubs and a one-terminal facility, also helps but, I have heard few complaints about passport control and security scrambling to handle high passenger volumes in short window of time.

Code share partner Brussels Airlines now part of the Lufthansa group provides decent connections throughout Western Europe and Africa. Jet Airways can keep the revenue from lucrative North American traffic to itself as the later does not have flights across the Atlantic.

Delta Air Lines also has significant operations at Schiphol. But, the downside is that Schiphol has a much better transatlantic connectivity and competition than Brussels and how much control would Jet get on the transatlantic routes from there.

Media reports suggest that SkyTeam is willing to allow Jet to takeover only one route from Amsterdam. It has plans to add more North American destinations in future. If Jet has to shift the hub to Amsterdam, would it be able to offer these routes? Under these circumstances, what could Jet offer using its own metal? How the revenue would be shared? All these questions need to be answered. If this happens, it would be a major win for SkyTeam.

It was scrambling to find a partner in India. It could not ask for a better one than Jet Airways. Jet connects the length and breadth of India.

SkyTeam instantly gains access to the second fastest growing economy in the world. It would be a major loss for the Star Alliance. Star would be better served with the inclusion of Jet than the current proposed partner in Air India. Air India is also financially bleeding, with massive debt and labor issues and it is steadily losing market share in both domestic and international routes.

One reason could be that, Lufthansa has a major presence in India and did not want a stronger carrier that could compete with it. Virgin Atlantic Airways is in a peculiar situation. Rumors have been that Virgin is finally evaluating its options and the SkyTeam is trying to come up with a bid to acquire Virgin. LHR is the biggest international airport in the world and London is the most important transatlantic business market along with New York.

Virgin is an important player in that market. Virgin Atlantic has an excellent product which is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world, well above that of the mainline European and North American airlines. It was setup that way by the management. In this world of alliances and frequent flyer loyalties, it is difficult for Virgin to develop new markets.

Virgin has no flights to the rest of the Europe as well. This makes Virgin a niche player, making it difficult to expand its market share. Sir Richard has his footprint all over the airline. Even though this is a good thing in general, the industry may view it the other way. He might not be open for outright acquisition and liquidation of Virgin brand.

This is a great opportunity for Delta and SkyTeam. There are immediate benefits. Delta and SkyTeam resolve their biggest missing link — a strong foothold in London and UK in general. Delta gains the new additional slots at LHR. This greatly enhances its ability to serve the busiest transatlantic market: London — New York. It will move Delta to the second place in this market ahead of Continental.

Delta will have flights to the top five US-UK air travel markets: Except New York, Delta does not operate in any of these markets. Joining the SkyTeam means, it has better chances to gain the connecting traffic in US. Virgin can start services to Atlanta and Detroit using its own metal, paving the way for its UK passengers to connect through these fortress hubs operated by Delta.

Delta today announced that miles accumulated through its popular SkyMiles frequent flyer program will never expire! This is great news. Hopefully, all other major carriers would follow suit. The frequent flyer programs are useful to only business travelers who make multiple trips in a calendar year.

They accumulate miles by strictly traveling in the same airline even if the travel requires multiple hops to their destination and by using the airline sponsored credit card for their travel needs. Even after earning thousands of miles, they may be eligible for one free ticket or upgrade a year, depending on where they go and when they are going.

The only tangible benefit for the business traveler is the access to the clubs at the airports. Delivered over the course of six months, the sixteen new aircraft were 90 percent quieter and 35 to 40 percent more fuel efficient than the Boeing s and afforded passengers laptop power ports and an industry-leading 36 inches of seat pitch and six inches of recline in an all-economy cabin.

Amidst the fleet renewal, Delta Shuttle expanded its nonstop Boston-Washington service to nine daily round-trip flights, departing every other hour, on November 1, For a short period beginning in late , Delta shifted service of its Shuttle routes to Boeing s. This move was temporary, and by November , Delta had retired the aging Boeing s in favor of a dedicated Shuttle fleet of nine larger, younger McDonnell Douglas MD aircraft.

Delta Shuttle was the last of the shuttle operations to guarantee a seat to walk-up passengers. If a plane was oversold, a second plane would be rolled out within fifteen minutes to form an "extra section" to fly the overflow passengers.

This practice ended in While the dedicated Shuttle fleet had featured a single cabin of economy class seating with increased pitch , the reconfigured planes offered both first class and economy cabins, with the mainline-standard seat pitch in each. Delta Shuttle was to relocate to newly connected Terminals C and D, alongside Delta's greatly expanded mainline operation. Delta introduced eleven daily round-trip flights later increased to fourteen between the two airports on June 10, The service is operated with two-class Embraer jets by Shuttle America.

On March 25, , the longstanding Delta Shuttle schedule was adjusted as the parent carrier finally assumed control of the slot pairs acquired from US Airways at LaGuardia. Delta Shuttle flights between New York, Boston, and Washington, DC, which had previously departed on the half-hour, were rescheduled to depart on the hour in direct competition with US Airways Shuttle.

With passenger loads declining, Delta discontinued the use of mainline Airbus As on the Boston route on June 10, in favor of Embraer and s operated by Shuttle America.

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