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I think I, we, are being scammed!!!! Anyway, he helps hottie to get rid of her tiny panties and bra to access her sweet holes and beautiful tits with hands, tongue and dick. When family knew it was not me and reported it to Facebook. Thank you to everyone for making this bi-annual event such a special day. He poses as an artist to have these chicks strip down and pose for him. Call Kathy at or email kathymariegreen hotmail.


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I told them to go to hell and to never contact me again. I deleted their page and hope you would delete this website so others unknowingly get scammed!!! Pastor Greg Locke has had his public figure page hacked in a manner that can only be called cyber bullying. I am greatly disappointed in the lack of action taken by Facebook. Than after that , 12, 13, post were all deleted without my knowledge. Hello FB yesterday our video re my Mom 83 years old and Dad who passed away was rejected for having the song no other love Jo Staford , their love theme song in their younger years ….

I immediately complied and removed the music of Jo Stafford and replace it with a song which does not make sense at all to our family. I have admired the genuis of FB for bringing families together but yesterday i felt that technology left our family listening to a memorable video but with a nonsense music….

Its like playing happy birthday to a funeral and vice versa…. This was sent to me by a man claiming to work for Facebook. He claims his name is Lynn Blackburn. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claims and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants To redeem your prize, contact the Facebook Office in California USA with your following winning details.

All you have to do now is to provide me with your following information … as to compare with the ones we have already and once it tallies,your winnings details will be fully disclosed to you. Residential Address Not P. Thank you for not protecting me. Is there a facebook giveaway? It is very difficult now. Zuckerman, I have been a faithful fb fan for years. Unfortunately, over the past couple years I have been verbally assaulted, threatened, and.

This is an outrageous violation of my privacy, let alone the identity theft in itself. I would really appreciate a minute of your free time to speak with you about the resolution to this pressing matter. Please forward to support. When I try to log in from a browser the browser window goes blank then dies. From mobile it says there is a problem and you are working to fix.

I have been trying to find support for 2 days. Please e-mail and or just fix whatever is broken on the page. I too was contacted by a person saying I had won a bunch of money! Please respond to these inquiries!

I have a Carol Mendez that claims to work for facebook claims i have won , from facebook lottery. Thay want me to send money to receive my winnings. Also a person that claims to be the CEO of the winning lottery is texting me on when will send the money.

I have been scamed before. I need to know if this is for real or a scam. All these things are fake. Why have you not answered concerns about people being contacted by someone from Facebook telling them that they have won lots of money? I inadvertently created 2 accounts on Facebook with 2 different e-mail addresses. How do I combine them?????????? I ask you to delete my account, and remove my profile on their, and I was told in 14 days it will be gone, its been way over 14 days, and your pissing me off.

I wrote back to the facebook help center in north Carolina to remove it again, or I will find a lawyer to help get this resolved, and nothing, I will write to Washington, or any one that will wake you people up. Pete im so sorry to here this i too am a victem, i believe for different reasons than yours, and unique for i am an employee of the state deppartment.. To whom it make concern I received a text mage. Well i need to know for a fact that this person works for Facebook and that this legit.

This is a huge scam or is it legit. I received a message from a Valerie Marie Hooper this morning claiming to be a claims agent. She said that my account had been selected at random and I had won , Please contact me in regards to this issue. My account has been locked. It states that my identity has to be proven. I have submitted doXXXXentation and changed my password to access my account.

No fraud has been committed on my part. It has been over 24 hours and no one has shown the respect to contact me. I am very disappointed by the lack of professional shown to me by Facebook. There is no customer service or am I able to reach any one by telephone. Should I go to the media and ask them to talk about the lack of responsiveness from Facebook executive and staff? I would appreciate it if someone would contact me. The most disturbing thing was that the male in the picture was depicted as an underage person.

Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. I am going to the police and media about this if nothing is done. What happened is, a few days ago a little girl 10 years old was killed in Poland. Now this sick minded individual have created page on FB making macabre of this killing by posting photos and videos using vulgar language, glorifying and making fun of this.

Well, I have received an answer from Facebook Team that they reviewed it and did not violate our Community Standards. I Are you kidding me? Do they even understand Polish? Part of the problem is, that when you want to report a page or a post, the Facebook provides few choices on why this was offensive and you need to choose one, however does not provide that this is to celebrate or glorify violence. Here are the listed choices: It describes buying or selling drugs, guns or adult products.

Credible threat of violence. I am writing to ask if Facebook has any cash winning promotions going on at this time? My husband was contacted via messenger by a lady named Connie Sue Whitaker. She has given us instructions on how to claim the money. Is this a legitimate promotion going on at this time by Facebook? Please let us know if this is real or if it is a scam. Is this true or some type of scam? I have a suggestion a new feature that will increase conveniency and promises to be less time consuming for your facebook users.

I would highly appreciate if you contacted me so I could send through my suggestion for judgement. I was contacted by your head office i was thay said I won Its on my messaged how can I send it to you.

I am quite upset at Facebook tonight just now.. I wanted to go to my small business page. It is also asking personal details. Your winnings can be access by issuing an ATM card. To collect Card ,contact and reconfirm your details to Lloyds Bank which has been mandated to give you cash outs with below details ASAP: One guy dupped me and took more than EURO that he was going to send canned foods to me and disappeared with my money for several years now.

As i sent a message to him through facebook to send back my money u decided to block my pasword. I cannot really understand u. Do u mean to say this guy did a good joj to me?????? Are you kidding me is this a joke? If I was trying to prove to you I was old enough to drive this will be the second time. Your site your show I guess but I remember some other social web sites that are no longer existent due to things like this.

Just as easy as a Mighty ship is built that same Mighty Ship can sink. When no one decides to go to your store to buy your bread anymore because another store has better bread , Will you blame the users or yourselves?

Have a nice day and good luck in the future but at the pace I see good people like me being basically harassed by your lame polices your future may be dim in my opinion. Have a nice day sincerely yours Tim l Linn. I have to send my verification code yesterday, that indicating i won a 2 prize award from international promotions at Facebook Corporate Office and Headquarters… this true or another scam? Just contacted by Cowan Michelle who claims to be online claiming agent for Facebook and Zuckerberg.

I was informed that I was a money winner in the random name drawing contest and told to contact Pauline Houston and she confirmed that I was a winner, but that is the last I have heard! I have a lady that keeps private messaging me saying FaceBook has chosen to give me a cash award,,asking for private info. Her facebook name is Dianner Shannon,,,I wish you would respond to this for me. Facebook is not the only game in town. Twitter, Google Plus are a couple of better social media sites.

They do not harass like Facebook does. They also have support that Facebook does not have. Not having a direct support line is the most stupid think I have every heard of. This will eventually be the downfall to the system. You time is coming to be at the end of the line. Thank you Glen Nelson. My FB account blocked because I wanted to be Meme.

Have already and will be using alternative social networks. Not a bad thought. I served my country. Am a tax paying citizen and just wanted to meet and share my likes with people with some form of anonymity. I built up quite a rapport and friendships with people around the world. Shared and discussed things we had in common.

Thanks and farewell FB. How ironic are the statements below before the submit button. I have nothing against Facebook but its really hard to confirm my own Facebook account which makes me sad.

I just need help. There is no tech support or anyone else that can help me, because it has to be done by Corporate Office. Why do you let racist post and have a hate page on facebook for everyone to see?

Check out Nocturnus Libertus page please and remove the hate. FaceBook Does Facebook know this person below, If so please reply to this email Thank you for your time! I just wanted to share my concerns with the executives in head office. What i really want to do is absolutely scream at you for giving the worst advice ever and the way in which you provide advice, but mostly because i have reported the very seious abuse to which my daughter is a victim of.

Just so the public are aware, my daughtef is a minor and her abusers are grown men, the ring leaders are private busiiness owners and a corporate body, her abusers are also public officials, and it is no secret either.

Public officials working in public office. And just to give you some facts about the case these public officials come from Rochdale and work at RMBC.

Her other abuser works in partnership with the local authority and his name is Daemon. These people harrass and stalk my daughter follow all her online activity, steal all her photos and use her name and DOB to in oder to exploit her for financial gain, she is a victim of child XXXXXography, trafficking and sexual exploitation.

They unlawfully connect to her facebook account and abuse countless ways of obtaining her information, she is often harrassed by adults and children who get their thrills from abusing her in more ways than one. It is the most upsetting thing for a parent to have to deal with. And i am appalled that public officials are willing to go to these lengths, never mind getting away with it as well. Its almost unbelievable isnt it?

I know you lot at facebook were well aware of this before i was, and im shocked that you just sit back and watch. Because that is exactly what you do. Do you have a policy or a procedure in place to deal with child abuse? Do you have a department within your company that is especially trained to deal with such cases of abuse and further investigate claims?

And if not, why not? Do you not feel some responsibility towards these children? Do you not think that you have an obligation towards these children? You should be educating our parents and these children all the time of the risks and the different ways in which children can so easily become a victim of child abuse. Not only should you be doing this but you should also be inovating measures to create ways in which you can better inform your customers.

I also would like to inform you that your information service is absolutely rubbish, how can you advise someone by accessing tbeir accounts , they can further change their settings and tberefore access their account? If you cannot access your account in the first place then what good is any of your advice or information? There should be a team on the dept trained in tbeses matters and they should not only be trained to help and support the child, but they should also be trained in the gathering of vital evidence, and can further work alongside child support and enforcement services, the police and tbe crown prosecution service in serious cases.

Have you ever researched the extent to which this is actually happening to our most vulnerable members of tbe community and within the walls of your organisation? I complained about my daughters abuse to your company as you suggest.

You did not even have the courtesy to reply or inform what you intended to do about it. Surely this is so obviously outdated and your need to start fulfilling a moral obligation to protect our kids online.

Is anyone experiencing bogus clicks on ads they are running for their business. Facebook has now starting allowing us to pay per click for our business. Sounds like a great idea until you look at your web site providers stats on visitors. When I did the per click ad, I started to receive a ridiculous amount of clicks. The problem is when you look at the time spent, it was less then 2 seconds. How can someone click on your business and only spend less then 2 seconds there.

The other obvious issue, is once I started the promotion, most of the clicks were coming from California. Very suspicious and it appears that Facebook is somehow having their computers do clicks that are not real and we are paying for them.

Our business has never gotten clicks like this and since we are in Florida, it is very unlikely that there would be clicks coming from California, especially at this percentage. I am in the process of filing a complaint with the FTC about this. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there an attorney that would be interested in a class action against Facebook?

I have made numerous attempts to communicate with Facebook, but NO ONE of any real responsibility has gotten back to me. Any help on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. This person has 8 different accounts under this name. He has just changed the way the name is written.

When I confronted this person they deleted one account but left 7 others. Was trying to get my personal information with a statement I had won FB Lottery. How do you know me? Or how did you find my name? There is no tracy clark lynn at facebook.

Why am being blocked for something so silly? Please grant my access again. Good luck with that. They know your email. I have a couple pages and I got blocked for nothing. First one I told someone her comment was stupid.

That got me blocked for a week. No way to fight it. Gonna actually send a paper letter to the headquarters in Menlo Park.

Bet they will just throw it in the garbage. No protection of free speech for white Americans. I had the same thing happen!!! I think I, we, are being scammed!!!! I am hiding with the help of the police and the court system from my psycho ex.

To devulge my new name, which all my ID they are asking for is now under would surely be an open invitation for him to find me VERY easy and murder me… He has already killed one man he was jealous about… and not in jail…. So to kill me, which he has tried numeous times, is totally not out of the question. From my psycho exs abuse, I am now blind and struggling with agrophobia….

I do not have a drivers license Yeah, you wouldnt want me to drive… that would be scary! I am trying to get a hold of someone at facebook so I can take back my account! Facebook is my ONLY window to the outside world,. It would be nice to get an email from you explaining why they are requesting my personal information.

Is this true or a scam. He said I was pick among 20 people that use Facebook all the time. I need to know is this legit or a scam. Please let me know ASAP. Told this guy Carpenter Lawrence give me a couple of hours to check this out. I won dollars wanted me to pay fedex the tried to get me to give bank and routing numbers and my SSN number.

Then she give me the informtion required my full name my age my mobile number my email add. Its true that you have a raffle of that? The nature of my concussive damage causes me to focus unreasonably upon things of this nature. Facebook is simply inaccessible and apparently prejudiced against the handicapped.

I wish I could somehow get through! A man by the name of Thomas Joseph William contacted me Saturday at 1: He stated that he was from the Facebook Social Network, Inc. He was very persistent and the dialog went on for many hours and he would not leave me alone.

I conveyed my scepticism but he insisted that everything was completely legal. Then he asked for my full name, full home address, country, age, occupation, mobile number, and e-mail address. Then he advised me to keep the news of my winnings private and confidential and not to tell any individual or group of people about my winnings due to security reasons.

Then he asked how I wanted the funds released to me and I chose Bank Check. I also keep receiving text messages from a person by the name Mr. Ben from telephone number , with the Facebook office telling me how urgent it is that I contact my agent or my winnings will be canceled.

I would love to get help to access to both of them if possibale!! ANswer me this Brainiacs of Farcebook. IF I have already have proven to you my Actual Name as the note below entails, written by one of your very own employees…Then how come today I am once again locked out of my account as if I was going by a fake profile?

You just asked for my information yesterday, I sent it, you unlocked my profile only to lock it again. This is absurd and so is your service and neglect of the customer base whom you mine so much person consumer information from, amidst blatant disregard of complaints regarding service, lock outs, etc.

I have proven to you as the letter below entails -to one of your very own employees- within the last 48 hours that I am who I am…so why am I now flagged again as fake? I have repeatedly sent information to your requested link, and time and again it is denied and presently your site goes beyond discrimination and enters a realm of harassment itself for making me go through these measures multiple times in a single week. Thanks for your response.

You should now be able to log in. If you need to change your name in the future ex: You can also list another name ex: Learn more about other names in the Help Center:. View updates from your support dashboard: My prediction is that Farcebook will NEVER reply to ANY of these comments regardless that they have supplied us the field in which to leave them…it seems to be the rhythm of their company.

Disregard of humanity amidst social posturing. I am the victim of severe domestic abuse and have legally changed my name, which is sealed through the courts and I am in the Victim Protection Program to keep myself safe from my psycho ex. I still have contact with my High School friends and use facebook for our reunions which I have not been able to physically attend because I am now blind and agrophobic from the severe attacks….

Anyone with half a brain will be able to figure out I am me, a REAL person by reading my posts and all the comments! Does anyone have the REAL number for facebook???????? A number that actually gets to a real person??? It keeps telling me there is an unknown error. Thank you for your time! How do I get customer support for Facebook. Somebody by the name of Clark Tracy Lynn says she works for Facebook and my name was drawed to win k and all I have to do is send These people need to be reported and permanently removed from fb for life!!

Hello, I have been contacted by someone named joshua hessom saying i won money from a fb lottery, is there a way to confirm if this is legitimate or not? Please let me know. He says he is my case worker for winning the prize that you are giving out and he said FedEx would be delivering the money.

I Have an idea for Facebook, is there a way to share this with someone at your corporate headquarters? He was very persistent. He even made two attempts at calling me. Please unlock my account! My name is Capitan Samuel.

The promotion was made to make all Facebook users to benefit from the profit the company made while they use Facebook… so what next. Are you ready to fill the form? For security reasons and due to the mix-up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep this notification strictly from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted.

This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non-participants of this program. I want you to know that this real okay you dont have anything to worry about just need to be honest with us here Sherlock Okay good, did your friend told you that you are going to pay some fees to the Delivery man to ship the money to your home? Finally, You have to pay for case file fee and the shipping fund, so that we can bring the money to your door step in the next 24 hours from now, so that the management can sign your winning doXXXXent.

How much did you have with you right now so we can trust you and deliver your money to your door step? Did you want us to decline your winning? I have been contacted that I have won HE needs to be arrested for invasion of privacy. I have had three people contact me on behalf of your company saying I won some prize and I need to send them a certain amount of money in order for their courier to deliver my winnings to me I want to know if this is true?

Hello, I received an email from Facebook Corporate Office that I erned a prize of and I need to make a card in your bank to recieve the prize? Is it true that you have a contract with Facebook Corporate Office to pay susch a prize?

Please answer me to this email mariharalampieva abv. About a year or more ago my face book was hacked about 6 or 7 times I thought it was just someone messing with me I kept changing all of my log in I formation and reach setting everything and the last time my page was compromised I was unable to get back into it again.

My pictured and some bio information Are still on the page because I was unable to deactivate it and it is very concerning that my face is being used for what seems like a scam.

The fave book name is Ashley Dylan Peregoy and I was hoping there was some way for this to be fixed? It enough I can also give a cell phone number to be contacted by if needed. This is a serious problem and I hope you can help.

Please contact when ever it is convenient if need be! It was during 5 months from October to February I have two emails two accounts with Facebook: Both of these emails are my accounts and I am the only owner of these Facebook business pages. I tried to contact their ads department and help centers but never received intelligible answers. I have sent them all confirmations of their erroneous charges but it seems that they cannot understand anything in their activities.

Then the children are able to take home their seeds and glow a plant at home. I am writing you today because of an effort I am starting to try and help our San Diego public schools. Traveling from school to school, I see the desperate need for more funding, to provide for our children. With my book sales and appearances, I donate the proceeds to the local schools that I have had the honor to visit, but one man alone can not nearly come close to assist the schools properly. In San Diego County there are public schools.

There are currently 3. If you could take a moment and check out this concept I have put together, and possibly provide me with some feedback you may have, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration. I need help deleting an account immediately. I followed the instructions on how to do that and also tried to report something, but the prompts I am instructed to click on go nowhere.

I am trying erase all accounts that is with my phone number so I can start fresh and clean.. Her father and I are going through a divorce he is making it very difficult , and he has had his daughter Lydarose access my account my personal private instant messages. I have witnesses to the access s and nasty rumors and I would like something to be done about this immediately. Like Lyda rose and her father john laderman.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter. I created a FB profile named Kemo Crew for a living history group that I belong to and tonight April, 22 I saw that I had to submit an ID along with the first and last name of the profile.

This profile is of a civic volunteer group to help promote the Park service at Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia. There is nothing criminal or hurtful about the page. I do not have any understanding as to why this side profile of mine was closed? I keep getting messages from someone claiming to be from Facebook staff. She says that I have won , dollars as a good Facebook subscriber. Her return phone number is This is a scamright?

Recently you locked me out of my account which is transientangel user name. I told you that there is no way I am doing that and requested that the account be deleted. You never responded to my email. Now I am being told by one of my contacts that the account is sending friend requests to them and when they accepted it they could not get into my profile. There is clearly something very wrong going on if a locked account is sending friend requests. Again I am insisting that you delete the account.

I have had this profile for several years and have never done anything that would warrant being locked out. It is beyond comprehension that you would demand government ID to have a social site profile.

Why on earth would I give you that kind of information? You must either unlock my account or disable it immediately. I insist that you prove to me that it is deleted and that people I know will not be getting friend requests or that there is any other activity from this account. This person is presenting himself as a company selling goods as a wholesaler and also as a retailer to private customers. We paid this amount in advance. We have tried to get information about our order more then 6 times and we have been sending him normal emails and messages through Facebook.

It looks like we lost our money. We think it is a good idea to remove this imposter from Facebook because this fraud is not a good representation of your platform and will not do very good for your reputation as leading company in the social media industry. I am reporting a physco woman taking my pics of of my Facebook blasting them all over Facebook with text on them.

Been rying reLly hard to contact Facebook but it is almost impossible. I want to make I am not being scammed. Can you verify weather this is or is not an employee of Facebook? I have a few Facebook groups that got lock down. We are looking to unlock them and I do not know how. I was wondering is there any help to unlock them from Facebook. We want people to be able to see the groups so they can find them so the automatically join and then an admin let them in. I am the head admin that created them and one of my other admins did this.

Can Facebook help me fix this problem or is there no unlocking them. This is for for my second account. Please take my issue of being identity fraud victim and expedite this deletion of my account.

Thank you for your help. My account has been stopped and I believe because of a video I posted of my 1yr old daughter pooping in the bathtub. I understand the policy and xan remove the video. I do not know why. I also cannot get anyone at Facebook to help me figure out the problem and how to solve. Ditto with the phone help. Tried posting on all the help pages. Told them what they could do to help me was actually help me. None of the pages did. I resently got a message in my facebook inbox that i hav won some money in facebook annual draw.

I was directed to H. C Bank for verification which was correct. The bank then directed me to Delta global logistic express for the delivery of the cheque and winning cirtificate. Darunter sind aber Daten, die eine Identifizierung der Mitarbeiter erlauben. Sie befinden sich oftmals in einer Infektions-Schleife. Auch bei drei weiteren Sicherheitsfehlern wurden zuvor schon Einzelheiten bekannt.

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