U.S. Online Poker From the UIGEA to Black Friday Timeline

Then, for some unknown reason, James left town, likely feeling that his future was safe and secure. This includes sharing stream links to paid content, and sharing the download of books or software. Then one of the young men suggested that they play for their clothing. This headline in the Daily East Oregonian about a trial in Tombstone, Arizona, was likely as shocking to US citizens in as it would be if run today. Apparently, the cowboys got away with it. Poker became the pit stop on the way to payday, rather than the other way around.

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While this explains the Blue Monday domain and bank seizures related to Bookmaker, Beted and others I am going to use this ruling to break down what the feds were up to when they went after PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. Please note that while True Poker and DoylesRoom were involved in Blue Monday and are primarily poker rooms it seems that they are owned or at least heavily involved with Bookmaker, a very large sportsbook that caters only to U.

Almost immediately major online poker rooms left the U. Most of the poker rooms and networks that left the U. A notable exception is Ultimate Bet which brought their company private. Some online poker rooms decided that if they did not offer sports gambling they were not covered by the UIGEA. Several online poker rooms exploded overnight. Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker come to mind.

Both were smaller online poker rooms that decided that this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Neteller, the processor of choice for most online gamblers, was busted by the feds in At the time most industry observers figured that the reason Neteller was brought down was because they were processing sports gambling transactions. They stated that there was an investigation by the U. It appears that charges were never brought in any case against Epassporte.

For the next year or so things were quiet in the online processing front. In cashouts started to slow. Even though some of that money may have been tied to sports gambling poker was also involved. Apparently, the cowboys got away with it.

She had grown tired of sitting silent while her husband lost their money night after night playing poker. So she came up with a clever solution. Tom asked her husband to gamble with her. The little woman was not a loser [of even] a dollar from the very first night they started play. He also admitted that it had no longer become a question of who would win, but how much she would take him for on the nights that they played. At the end of six months, sometime around the end of , Mrs.

Of course, teaching your spouse that kind of lesson has always been priceless. In his autobiography, The Godfather of Poker , Doyle Brunson states repeatedly that many of the fights he witnessed at poker games were caused by a woman. The game took place in Rollette, North Dakota. It seems that two brothers had their eye on the same girl and decided to settle their battle for her affections with a game of poker. James Belknap won and immediately made arrangements to marry Miss Jessie Peltier.

The paper published her name but said nothing about her background, her looks, or even her awareness that she was the stake in a poker match. Then, for some unknown reason, James left town, likely feeling that his future was safe and secure. Unfortunately, James was in for a surprise. When he returned, his fiancee was nowhere to be found. Somehow, the paper still managed to make Peltier sound like the crazy one.

In the story, a Mr. Greenhut, whose background went unmentioned, recounted the tale of a legislator named Pelleas Pillikins who was elected merely because he was over 2 meters 7 ft tall and double-jointed all over.

Greenhut explained that Pillikins was not overly successful as a legislator but impressed his constituents nonetheless. Greenhut watched Pillikins battle Sam Fuller at the felt.

At first, Greenhut accepted this explanation for why Pillikins had never lost a hand of draw poker. Then one day, he and a few friends who had also witnessed the game met a stranger who knew Pillikins. Each player had a box to corral his chips, and there was one box for the pot. V2 range is much wider and I think he'll have any pockets 10's and below, broadways, any ace, lots of suited connecters and 1 gappers.

Flop feels pretty decent for us. I don't believe I want to bet here and bloat pot OOP. V2 is prone to raise with air given his position. V2 is likely just testing the waters with his raise given not a great board and I get enough of this flop to call with a bottom pair, gutshot, and backdoor hearts, I think this call is standard with a threat of a jam from V1.

I see a set into jam as a problem, but most of his range missed or would be easily bluffed out. The 10h is both a great card for us and allows some great bluff opportunities with several 2 card straights on the board and 2 flush draws. The bet is fairly thin which may certainly be value bets with sets, 2pairs, and the occasional J9 for the straight, but I also think he c bets a ton of his drawing range like spades, broadways, and straight draws.

I think I have a TON of fold equity here since it's unlikely he will call without a set, straight, or 2 pair. V2 gives a sickly look, tanks for a bit and shakes his head with a call. The worst has happened. He flips 77 for the set, a hand that he has no choice but to call. He honestly looked like he might have folded a set of 4's if I had more opportunities at oversets.

This is in all cases a limp. I don't mind with suited connectors on occasion but out of position 4d6d is not a profitable raise. On the button it might be breakeven. You put yourself in a cage by bloating the pot with a hand that typically at best flops a gutter or flush draw.

My range is much stronger than theirs headed into a flop which is likely to present spots for outplay. This is the bottom of my opening range for sure, but lets ignore my actual cards for a moment.

A pretty standard open out of SB is almost always crushing the range of LP limps, no? I think a jam is fine, the board is pretty draw heavy, and you have blockers for a straight, and heart draw instead of the front door. You are correct, I had h not d, ty for pointing that out. Stealing was an option, but I was moreso looking to take a flop and outplay given no open.

We know V1 is very face up and we fold to any of his aggression. V2 is certainly exploitable to overbets and large bluffs much of the time aside from his nutted-ish hands. That raise you made is a button move, not a SB move. My understanding is SB is almost always a raise or fold. Especially given who is in the pot, I think it's OK to be playing some suited 1 gappers as part of our range. This leaves us either with a fold which is ok too or a raise, but limping does terrible things for our range vs.

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