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Did that mean something was wrong with him? The word 'book' incidentally comes from old German 'buche' for beech wood, the bark of which was used in Europe before paper became readily available. Not that he was into twelve and thirteen year old girls, but it was hard not to notice the difference the year made. Cain does it to himself in Cain's Last Stand , continuously reassuring himself despite recurring nightmares and overwhelming lack of evidence that there are no Necrons on Perlia. I enjoyed the verbal sparring. My companion was born from the second universe.

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In order to participate fully in a business context, you should become familiar with these commonly used phrases. Use the expression yourself only after you have mastered the meaning.

To be safe, start using the complimentary idioms, to make positive comments about people at work. Then, move on to using the neutral expressions. However, if you say something strongly negative, it could be tricky in terms of your career. So always make sure you understand the meaning fully before using any idioms to describe your colleagues. Also, be aware that the meaning of some idioms may overlap. For example, a generally positive or neutral idiom may be used in a negative way, depending on the position, point of view, or tone of the speaker.

Classify the following idioms as positive, negative or neutral. Then, say or write the meaning of the idiom. Compare your answer with the explanations above. My neighbor Martin is the salt of the earth.

I can count on him for anything at all. When did you turn into such a yes man. I thought you could think for yourself! Unfortunately, we have a lot of dead wood in that division. Your laptop stopped working? With that terrible snowstorm on the way, you should let the workers go home early today.

We also bring you plenty more heart idioms to expand your vocabulary. He has a heart of? Love is in the air and hearts are everywhere in this episode of Shakespeare Speaks. But hearts aren't only used to talk about love. Question 1 of 5. Question 2 of 5. Question 3 of 5. Question 4 of 5. Question 5 of 5. How did you do? Well done if you worked out the correct meaning of all the phrases.

Did you enjoy learning about the evil Iago? Make sure you watch The green eyed monster to find out more about Shakespeare's tragedy, Othello - and to learn some great colour idioms! We asked you to tell us: Are there any problems with being too open with your feelings - or being too secretive?

Here are some of your stories:. I'm a person that really open about my feelings. I just can't pretend or disguise it. I rarely make a poker face. Especially when it comes to romantic relationship, I wear my heart on my sleeves. And to be honest, sometimes it hurts to be vulnerable. But in the end I have to embrace my character and be happy about it: I am a very open person and I wear my heart on my sleeve that makes me vulnerable.

But I can't change myself and I don't think I need to. I believe that only a very brave and spiritually strong people can afford not to hide feelings and be honest and open. And I hope that I can manage to be myself even someone hurts me. I hope I won't lose my belief that most of people are kind and have hearts of gold.

When I was a child,I tended to wear my heart on my sleeve. I liked to talk,to share my feelings,to express my affections to my parents or the boy who made me flipped. But when I grew older,things changed. Now the friends around me defines me a gentle and quiet girl. Sometimes I also am confused what really I am and what exactly changed me.

You know that, every Chinese student must go through Collage Entrance Examination,the the burden of study, I think I was changed. Not only 'cause the study,but some afraid of showing myself more,someone may get advantages from it then I was be lagged behind. Now I am in college,without high burden,I am still used to keep my cards in my chest. Because not all people like what you feel and not all people care what you feel.

Lonely ,frustrated or something else,I learn to digest by myself instead of updating my social network. But I still have some true friends actually,and in their presence I can pour my heart out without worries. So I think it's growth,from naive to mature to be less vulnerable and to prevent us being getted hurt. I usually wear my heart on my sleeve. But it doesn't go like this all the time.

I think that it depends on the person to whom you are exposing yourself. For instance, if you are before a loyal person, you can be an open book. However, if he has a heart of stone, you shouldn't pour your heart out - keeping your cards close to your chest is the safest behaviour in order to get away from being the subject of a gossip! Return to these pages to find out more about William Shakespeare's life and work - and to learn a useful new English expression.