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Players discard after the final betting round or at showdown so they may not use all three of them to make a hand. I rate this game a 9 out of 10 it is a lot of fun and a large group of people are able to play at once. The best part of this article was your comment. Pineapple hold 'em exists halfway between Texas hold 'em and Omaha hold 'em and has been very popular in Australia and South America, specifically in Medellin , Colombia, where it was first introduced in a private poker room since Omaha can be played fixed limit, pot limit where it is often called "PLO" or no limit. If a draw hits the board, stay away from low draws or sucker straight draws unless you're in there for free or cheap.

What Should I Discard in Irish Poker?

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Im still laughing lmao!!!! Each time I used to always check blog posts within the first hours in the break of day, because I like to get information increasingly more. Monday, June 28, Irish Poker. And once again same is drink that amount times 2 Last card you have to guess what suit your next card is going to be Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and give or take your drinks accordingly.

Posted by Party Host at Monday, June 28, Drinking games , Games , Irish poker , Poker. Anonymous December 11, at 8: Anonymous August 27, at 8: Anonymous June 18, at Another round of betting ensues starting with the active player closest to the left of the button. In Irish Poker you want to enter the game with an Omaha mindset pre-flop. This means you're looking for starting hands with numerous possibilities. Board texture and flop action will go a long way in determining what moves you should make when discarding.

If you flop top pair and face significant resistance on the flop, odds are you're facing an opponent with a flopped set or a nut draw. Is there a draw on the flop? If so, are you drawing to the nuts or are you the one with top pair? Top pair tends to be a weaker hand in Irish, Poker so shy away from the hand with draws on board.

If a draw hits the board, stay away from low draws or sucker straight draws unless you're in there for free or cheap. Odds are that someone started with a better pre-flop drawing hand. Irish Poker is a great way to stir up some action in your poker game without the extreme swings of Omaha Poker. Your swings will be larger than with straight Texas Hold'em but not enough to where it will regularly bust your bankroll.

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