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However, let's check and see. Please email to marketing templatemonster. Added Game Description Below the CTA button we added a game description area, this takes an excerpt of the post or you can add your own custom summary. Now imagine your casino advertisers, and how you could organize them into multi-colored boxes, like in a sweet shop. Please create a Ticket so we can advise if the WordPress theme for Casino you selected will work for you. This improves the viewers' online experience and creates a positive feedback for your site.

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With 2 Review Table options, both responsive and mobile friendly there are versatile ways to present your affiliate links. For easy access to the demo games we have added a big drop down, this is accessed from the top right.

Our games plugin is tightly integrated into the theme, these 2 together are a powerful combination. The game page is specifically built to showcase games. Below the CTA button we added a game description area, this takes an excerpt of the post or you can add your own custom summary. Create banner sliders with animated text, with an easy to use drag n drop interface. Included in the package is a slide show template to get you started. Built in options panel Configure the theme how you want with the built-in options panel.

Choose which table plugin you want, your social links, Homepage settings, and game page options. VegasHero specialises in developing WordPress gambling themes that focuses on functionality for casino affiliates. If you are looking to spice up your poorly converting site with a little more exciting content you may want to add demo casino games in a form of a lobby filled with free-to-play online slots.

You can pick from multiple page layouts and promotional tables that are optimized to promote casino operators, bonuses, online slots games and more. All elements are designed with intuitive UX that will lead to easy navigation for your visitors and better conversion to profits.

You can also add your own editorial review and make use of SEO friendly Rich Snippets to make your posts more visible in Google rankings. Unlike many other theme authors and WordPress theme shops Themeforest etc we are not only developers. We are also power affiliates ourselves with many years of experience promoting large brands in the gambling industry. This means that our support will not only make sure that all your purchased themes and plugin work bug free but we are always up for a good chat about best online marketing and SEO practices as well as providing advice regarding affiliate programs, stats and conversions and anything that will help you make more commissions with your website.

Over webmasters use our themes and plugins to empower their money making websites. This differs to some other casino templates, in giving room for articles on the front page. However, don't worry, the rooms and ads are given pride of place, with a spot at the top for featured casinos allowing you to get the most from your CPA deals. Originally intended as a photo site template, Topography Lite has the inbuilt advantage of making your work look amazing. Of course you can use the photo panels to house your tracking links, giving your players the chance to make up their own minds where to go, and giving you a pleasant, minimalistic website that will sell your efforts perfectly.

Flytonic themes are definitely contenders - and some of very few WordPress templates that take affiliate marketing properly into account. Designed with your marketing needs in mind, Online Slots also gives you the chance to post casino and slots-themed posts, in one of seven preset design styles. You can move the layout, including sidebar, around, too.

DoubleUp is a simple theme, done very well, and is one of the best casino themes WordPress offers. You get a blog page, a full page template, an author template, and a featured sites template, all of which are easy to switch between, as are the three featured casinos at the top of the page.

A sleek look with multiple color options adds to the quality. Customizable bylines, built-in SEO optimization, a custom banner widget and many features besides make High Roller an online casino template that gets across your casino affiliate's message the best of all. Change it up or change it down, you get a good-looking interface that doesn't mess about, giving your users what they want: This is a casino WordPress template par excellence. What it does well is it changes with the screens it is on, going from a three-column format at its widest to a single column on phone screens, without you changing anything in the coding.

The included color-picker might also be something you find useful when promoting certain rooms above others, as you take on new affiliate programs. Bonus widgets are easy to install on the screen of this great casino WordPress theme, which was built from the ground-up with online casino gaming in mind.

Being able to place bonuses in the feed, very much like you would with recommended posts in a blog, is another reason why this skin is great for giving you the best-possible profit from your affiliate program.

An affiiate backend also means you can store advertiser data for use throughout your posts. The headline featured casino, next to a picture advert for that company, on a crisp, plain-colored landing page, is a layout many casino affiliates do not go for. They think it's better to throw all the information onto the page in a splurge of ill judgement. WP Casino is different, and will take your affiliate program up a level. Just look at the way its presentation apes that of a classy tech company: Exactly as it says in the title, Lavish is a pictorially-beautiful theme.

It might look excessive for a casino affiliate, but you need to think big, and you need to be pushing your work out there into the big time, along with your advertisers. They don't pay you to put their ads in a corner of a confused website, they pay you because they know you know about presentation.

This serious business interface proves it. Another of those business themes that can easily become casino templates, ProMax has an information-heavy but appealing design for personal and business users, and it's SEO optimized. Should you decide to branch out further than casino affiliate programs, WooCommerce is also integrated into this marvellous, flexible product. If you've got potential casino players buzzing around you like you're a honeypot, Bizzbee Pro is ideal for you.

It's got all the benefits of Eminent, plus it is capable of auto-updating when changes are available, and it's translation-friendly, meaning English texts can be changed to any language using the POT file. Take a look at this WordPress casino theme eye-candy. Now imagine your casino advertisers, and how you could organize them into multi-colored boxes, like in a sweet shop.

The user can click each link, and go through to the room, or to your write-up of the room. Should you be an occasional casino blogger too, so much the better. Everything just looks so intuitive here. If you use it to its full potential, certainly. Designed to be customized, with a featured slider, a widgetized home page, custom menus, and, crucially, free customer support, this great looking casino affiliate WordPress theme will ensure your chosen casinos get the promotion they deserve.

Perfect for a site that has a lot of information to convey but does not want to look cluttered, you really ought to consider this great free theme.

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