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Post type Port Did anyone else notice that the Slammer could only be fixed with SP3? Blitzed it backed up the registry first and the port is no longer a problem and the machine still works! Register now while it's still free! The point is that the client has to somehow know how to find the server, and most of them are done with well known ports or built in knowledge. Well how did network black jack get loaded then?

Network Blackjack protocol ?

Network Blackjack protocol ? 4

Satellite Internet - What is it? Broadband Forums General Discussion Gallery. Port s Protocol Service Details Source When programs ask for the "next available" socket, they usually get sequential ports starting at Please use the "Add Comment" button below to provide additional information or comments about port Cool Links SpeedGuide Teams.

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It's not blackjack, and if I disable it I lose Internet access. I don't recall seeing this port open before until recently. The outgoing IP address socket will be in the case of the Ars Web server So what has to happen now? Well you have sent a request for data, something has to be listening for the reply or your computer will not acknowledge it. Since you sent out the request on port , it will stay open listening for a reply.

If you wait long enough and no data comes back, that port will eventually close. If you open up multiple browser windows, then do a netstat -a in a command window, you will see a whole bunch of ports set to listening starting from and working it's way up. Windows Sockets by default assigns ports ish IIRC for doing just this sort of stuff, unless an application specifies that a different port should be used. I hope that made sense? If anybody has my explanation written a lot better and nicer, with more technical details online, please give me the link, as I never read this explanation explicitly spelt out anywhere on the internet.

These days it appears to be used for AD magic. MS has a habit of grabbing high numbered ports for its own purposes, and making them semi hardcoded, like noted in the above link. I believe with Exchange 5. Microsoft for the purposes of a standalone Windows desktop, more or less does the same thing. Port numbering starts at 0, so the last reserved port is and the first non-reserved port is Actually you're both right.

Ostiguy is more on target though. MS-RPC uses many high number ports that get established to accept incoming packets. I was snagged by this once before.

Actually we can't tell if any of us or wrong or right, because we have no idea about the environment that this W2K box is in or how it is connected to the internet. If he is a just a plain old home user, then I doubt any of the reasons any you have given here are applicable.

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