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The feature special beveled edge Alnico 5 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire to produce brilliant clarity, definition and the best harmonic attributes of a vintage Strat. Great for vocals of course, but also a good choice to overdrive your guitars or bass. All parts are new. It is just perfect, the neck is perfectly C next to V shaped and I play faster than Yngwie on this guitar not really pretty fast. It responds to the picking dynamics and nuances of your individual style while also letting the true tone of your instrument shine through.

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Should give you decent sustain" - by Amazon Customer. Should give you decent sustain. Tip Take fine sandpaper and sand the paint off the top also if your really into getting the best sound do the same to bridge plate and on the guitar where the bridge attaches to guitar.

You will never see it but you will definitely hear it andfeel it. The vvibration is able to actually connect in a way thats desirable. I'm using this to replace a rusty bridge on my standard MIM strat. Note that Fender upgraded the smaller blocks in , so if you have a strat before this year, this block will be an upgrade for you. I put this in an old '94 Made in Japan Jackson Concept.

These guitars were only made for a couple years and were somewhere in between the old MIJ Professional line and the Performer series in terms of quality. I always though the lack of sustain was due entirely to lower-quality basswood stock in the body and some of it may be , but after installing this the vibration really resonates through the body for a good while much more like a better-quality alder or poplar model and sustain when plugged in is noticeably improved.

I only wish they'd have included brass screws since they would presumably transfer vibration better to the block than the stock screws.

I will probably try to source some appropriate brass machine screws at a later date Fastenal, This a perfect upgrade to cheap block on Floyd Rose copies, licensed or Floyd Rose special, add a little sustain, but the more notice change is on the sound, the brass make the sound more fat or bassy, try and check the results.

I loved my Ibanez RG, but I couldn't stand that breaking 1 string during a set completely rendered the instrument unusable to finish out the song. I sold it to a friend. Years later, he hadn't been playing it, so I asked if he'd want to sell it back.

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Are you a lumber jack, a weight-lifter, or what? Fender Vintage Noiseless Strat Set. The feature special beveled edge Alnico 5 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire to produce brilliant clarity, definition and the best harmonic attributes of a vintage Strat.

Fender suggests 1 Meg pots, which are not included. Fender Telecaster N3 Noiseless Pickups. New in the box. N3's provide the spank and warmth of traditional single-coil Tele pickups, without the hum of vintage models with stacked Alnico V magnets.

They're a bit hotter but still sound like a Tele One of the most popular bridge humbuckers for Strats. Wire is cut to proper length for bridge position. A number of years ago EMG developed these passive humbuckers as an alternative to their active series. Delivers a well balanced tone, with tight bass, glassy mids, and crunchy highs. The H4 is most often used in the bridge position where it shines with excellent range, responsiveness and sweet harmonics.

Similar characteristics to the H4 set above, just a previous generation. Very clean shape and an inexpensive upgrade, without having to change your pots, for your dual humbucker guitar. Uses EMG's exclusive 5-wire quick-connect output which allows for multiple wiring combinations, fully shielded for reduced noise.

Very nice Plus model in 3-tone sunburst with a rosewood board, for a real vintage vibe that's straight out of the early 60's. The Strat Plus made its debut in and had a very successful year run, ending in '99, which was the last year of the American Standard , replaced by the American Series , with the "American Deluxe" replacing the Strat Plus as Fender's premium production model.

When released in '87 the Plus was essentially a deluxe model American Standard, with upgraded pickups and hardware. It featured a trio of the new Lace Sensor pickups, which provided a vintage tone without the annoying noise associated with standard Strat pickups - and no magnetic string pull to kill the sustain of the strings. The Gold Laces 50's Strat sound on this model are the same pickups used on the early Plus models as well as on the Clapton and Buddy Guy signature models; both of whom toured with these stock Laces for many years.

I'm a big fan of these pickups as they're the best I've found for zero hum while retaining that vintage Strat tone. The Plus also features precision locking tuners and LSR roller nut or Wilkinson cam nut on early models , enhancements to keep the guitar in tune, especially for players who use the tremolo to great measure. This one's in excellent condition overall with the only flaw being some buckle scratches on the back shown here in the clear coat only.

Frets are in excellent shape and the set up is spectacular with low action and no choking out on bends. This one comes with a new Stew-Mac truss rod adjustment tool shown here since someone used a wrong size Allen key at some point, but the Stew-Mac tool is beveled and made for this very purpose.

Lettering on the pickups is still in nice shape which usually indicates a guitar hasn't seen much playing time. It's shown without back cover but remind me and I can install one prior to shipping. Includes trem arm, springs, and original "Plus" case with deluxe latches and gray interior.

Beatles fans will note that this one will take you back to 60's Shea Stadium, one of the most recognizable icons of '60s Pop. With its vintage Hilo'Tron single coil pickups, "Rocking" bar bridge, Gretsch Bigsby B6C Vibrato tailpiece, and simulated F holes, this quality thinline has all the features of the original 60's model.

Other specs include single cutaway hollow body with burgundy stain finish, 16" lower bout, 2" body depth, arched laminated maple top with multiple binding, laminated maple back and sides, 3-piece maple neck, black headstock overlay, rosewood fingerboard, neo-classic "Thumbnail" inlays, 22 frets, 12" radius, In fact, all the cool features and all the vibe of the 60's model, but none of the problems - these are, quite simply, better guitars than the originals.

Look at the pics. This baby is clean and has seen almost no playing time since new. Only real flaw is some pitting to two of the knobs. Other than the nicely aged binding and pitting on 2 knobs, this guitar is immaculate — with a killer set up and Gretsch vibe thrown in for free.

The latest and greatest version of the American Standard, with some nice enhancements over the previous versions. Pickups were developed by pickup guru Tim Shaw: Add to that more clarity on the highs with Fender's new treble-bleed tone circuit.

This guitar is in unplayed condition with plastic still on pickguard and not a hint of use. It will ship in the original Fender shipping box.

Includes the latest version Fender case with ATA latches and plush gray interior, as well as all paperwork, tools, etc. Chris Shiflett, guitarist for the Foo-Fighters and his own group, Dead Peasants, is a top rock and country guitar stylist. In conjunction with Shiflett, Fender designed this Tele modeled after his own '72 Tele Deluxe, with manufacture in Mexico.

It's instantly recognizable as a Deluxe by the large Strat headstock, bullet truss rod, large pickguard, dual humbuckers, 70's Fender F-tuners, Hard-tail Strat bridge and 4 knobs, just like the original Deluxe.

Other features include a super flat 12" radius excellent for note bends , an alder body, 4-ply pearloid pickguard, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and 70s style Deluxe logo.

There was one very minor mod to this guitar: Cosmetically, it's in super clean shape other than a little finish stain on the edge of the belly cut on back.

Other than that, pretty much perfect. Set up is extremely comfortable and fans of flatter fretboards will find this a joy to play. At 7 lbs Includes deluxe Tolex case and paperwork. For this reason we transformed this Strat Plus into an Ultra model. I even sacrificed one of my rare Ultra cases with gray covering.

No major mods were required, just an Ultra HSS pickguard this one still has plastic coating on it , a Lace Dually red pickup, and a mini-toggle for the bridge pickup. Features include tremolo with "pop-in" tremolo arm and an innovative Hipshot "Tremsetter" inside the tremolo cavity. The Tremsetter was a simple but effective device for floating tremolo systems and is simply a double-acting spring that returns the tremolo to an exact zero "neutral" position at rest and eliminates adjacent strings detuning while doing string bends and pitch flutter when playing aggressively.

Other features include a LSR roller nut, staggered height Sperzel locking tuners that eliminate the need for string trees and Schaller locking strap pins. They're very expressive, which you want with a Strat and noise free.

They also have zero magnetic pull which allows strings to vibrate longer, thus incasing sustain. With the 5-way the mini-switch yields 9 distinct tones. Remarkably, there is a distinct difference on the two pickups that comprise the "Dually" with the back coil brighter and more responsive; the front pickup warmer and fatter sounding.

This guitar presents very well. Overall very clean with the top being pretty much perfect and only some very minor clearcoat scratches on back. I occasionally come by some rare cases. But this is much more rare. All of them I saw online were thinline hollowbodies shown here with case which seem to conform to this case, measuring around 16" lower bout, 12" upper bout, 11" waist, and Appears to be made by the same maker as 60's Fenders and could be suitable for other brands of guitars from this era.

Good vintage condition with all latches and hinges intact, with some rubs on the tolex but should clean up well. Handle has been replaced with a similar style. It lights up and motor turns but I don't have a tape or knowledge to test it. Nicknamed "Sireko" aka "Sir Echo", these units use the tape cartridge, rather than the loose tape. Lid is missing, but otherwise seems to be in pretty good shape for around 40 years old. Lovely early model American Deluxe in great condition. Unlike the Strat Plus that preceded this model, the American Deluxe had more upscale features that distinguished it from the stock Strat.

Pickups were Fender's Vintage Noiseless, which were Fender's premium pickups for the era and still preferred today by many players today due to their traditional tone, but without the hum of vintage single coils, with the bridge pickup being slightly hotter. Another popular feature on these is the rounded heel and accompanying rounded neck plate , that made playing in the upper register easier. Other deluxe features include polished chrome locking tuners, polished chrome bridge and saddles with pop-in trem arm, abalone dot inlays, fret and nut work that's even more detailed than the regular American Series, vintage style nut, and raised chrome logo.

This third year model is in beautiful condition with zero noteworthy cosmetic flaws. Includes Fender molded case and trem arm. I just discovered a pair of these in the shop, both new old stock and never retailed! The i81 was the most affordable model in the i-Series but an exceptional import in its own right.

Has the same Brian Moore signature looks including sculpted headstock, sleek arched-top body, and unique rear output jack of the higher end models. When BM went in search of factories to do their imports they did it right and the quality rivals some US makers in my opinion. The i81 features bolt-on neck, mahogany body with beautifully bookmatched flamed maple top, classic " iM" Alnico humbuckers, and "iM" precision tuners.

These guitars will be set up to perfection and will play as well as guitars costing 4X the price. Includes a very heavily padded Brian Moore gigbag and all other accessories. This amp is super RARE. I have not one but TWO of these babies. One of them works perfectly - the other one has a glitch on some of the patches and is priced accordingly. Looking through the 62 page manual it's clear that there are too many features to list here so I'll just do a brief overview.

If you're an ADA fan, this might be your only chance to get your hands on one of these rare and great sounding amps - and a piece of ADA history. Somewhere I have the page owner's manual but if I can't find it, it's still on the web. Lollar Imperial Low Wind Bridge. Top quality humbucker, especially good choice for your archtop guitar.

Exceptional definition for chord voicing and excellent presence that cuts through a mix. Also matches well with Les Pauls that sounds darker in the neck position, or for guitars with darker tones in general.

Good choice for a project guitar or an upgrade on most imports. Celestion G Heritage 65W Speaker. Super clean, don't think it's ever been installed. It was used in many of Marshall's 4X12 cabs and works fine in that application, but also sounds great in a single 12" or 2X12" combo. Excellent note definition, plenty of power handling, and not overly bright. Celestion G12M watt Greenback. Classic British tone, warm with lots of growl. Perfect for lower powered amps, providing some speaker break-up at lower volumes compared to a 75w or 90W speaker which has to be played at ear-bleeding levels to break up.

There is a proliferation of budget combo's, nearly all having a major weak spot with the speaker. Tokai Super Edition Neck. Nice shape, especially for a neck that was made over 30 years ago. Had a string retaining bar removed, three small holes plugged — now uses a vintage style string tree. Factory black headstock, would look great on a black body. Carvin tuners replace original vintage style.

Sets up very nicely…no issues. Engl BC Reaper Pedal. Click here for a brief demo. I find it compares very well to other non-wood bodies. It sounds more natural than an Ovation and even close to a Rainsong, which costs around 4X as much. Although it's a solid Spruce top, the sides, back, and neck are high pressure laminate.

I wouldn't have though that alternative source guitars would sound so natural; so "woody". The tone is nearly indistinguishable from a mahogany or rosewood body. Similarly, the projection is excellent and even with the smaller auditorium body style it sounds very big and is quite loud. Sounds good amplified as well, with control wheels for volume and tone just inside the soundhole.

You may have noticed that Martin action has come down over the past few decades and this guitar is no exception. Action is low and comfortable, although it can easily be raised if you do very hard strumming. For the money, this is a hard guitar to beat. Extremely clean shape with no flaws to speak of.

Mounts to soundhole, Velcro attaches battery bag attaches inside your guitar, easy mount end-pin jack. The ACS delivers quality amplified acoustic guitar tone without the feedback issues. It offers a broader frequency range than a piezo pickup while delivering authentic acoustic tone with enough volume to play alongside a large band. The ACS employs a unique internal preamp that's been tailored for the phase and frequency response of an acoustic guitar while still retaining a brilliant top-end favored in acoustic guitar tone.

Two in stock, one pictured is brand new and never installed. If you're into trying alternate tunings, there is nothing better. You can add a few detuners such as an original Hipshot and Hipshot tuner and use drop tunings on two strings, which is pretty cool. The Trilogy, however, allows you to detune any and ALL strings. It is a direct retrofit for USA Fenders, no modification is required, so your Strat can be returned to stock if desired.

In all, the Trilogy offers an amazing possible tunings, all at the flick of the thumb, and includes sample tuning chart. Each string has 3 positions with a straight tuning and 2 detune stops. For more info checkout Hipshot here. This unit installs very easily and is the most versatile alternate tuning system ever devised. Never installed and mint. Finished in bright chrome, ultrasensitive built-in saddle transducers sense the natural acoustic vibrations of a solidbody guitar, giving an authentic acoustic sound to the instrument.

A supplied stereo output jack allows independent use of the saddle pickups or a blending with the guitar's regular pickups. All installation materials and instructions are included. Taylor's most popular grand auditorium - where quality tonewoods and fine craftsmanship combine with a modest price, at least for a Taylor.

Taylor's and series are good guitar for the money but the series is really in a different class and in my opinion, the best value in their line. We've installed a quality L. Baggs Element under-saddle pickup pic , with a volume control inside the soundhole, and endpin jack which houses the preamp.

The 9V battery is mounted in a canvas bag on the neck block. It sounds very natural and needs little to no EQ'ing to sound right. The features all solid woods including solid Spruce top with a gloss top and satin-finished Sapele back and sides. Sapele is an excellent tone wood with characteristics similar to mahogany, very warm and cozy sounding which, although slightly smaller than a dreadnought, fills the room with sound.

A great choice for fingerstyle work but it projects enough to hold its own for loud strumming. Offered in lovely condition with typically superb Taylor action. If you're looking for a quality Auditorium size, this one's an easy recommendation at just slightly more than a new series. Includes a nice hardshell case in a brown leatherette that feels almost like suede. Bridge is vintage style with brass bottom and white string covering over the windings; Tele has the modern plastic bottom and metal wraparound cover.

I'm amazed at what some of the companies are doing in China these days. This Recording King, Blueridge acoustics and Eastman archtops are clearly in a league of their own. The fret RPC was inspired by s Gibson flattops, with a cool vintage vibe and a atone that's clear and articulate. With this line Recording King has revived the brand of Depression-era guitars which were originally made for Montgomery Ward. It pairs an 0-size body with a cutaway design with the longer scale length Amazingly, it features a torrefied Adirondack spruce top, the tonewood of choice for most golden-era guitars, but usually found on expensive acoustics.

Torrefied woods are organically aged through a strictly controlled heating process to achieve greater resonance and stability, just like a an old acoustic having a richer, open voice. As part of the Torrefied process it takes on a vintage-y amber-colored top. Other features are also vintage with its slight narrow waist, stained mahogany back and sides and vintage banner headstock logo. It is well constructed, very neat all around, with a perfectly cut bone nut and saddle, tip-top fretwork after some bench time , and an immaculate gloss finish.

It has a V-shaped neck that feels vintage but is easy to get your hand around, with vintage Grover butterbean tuners installed. All time classic in tube-like overdrive in a stomp box. It responds to the picking dynamics and nuances of your individual style while also letting the true tone of your instrument shine through. Its smooth, creamy crunch tone launched numerous copies, as well as some very expensive boutique clones. If you're looking for the natural, mild overdrive of a tube amp that preserves your guitar's original tone - plus a clean boost which lets the original sound of your amplifier shine through - this is your pedal.

This is not a mint collectable but despite its scratches and Velcro on the bottom, it's immaculate inside and works perfectly. He stripped the finish and sprayed it with something akin to white Fullerplast, followed by a number of coats of Seafoam Green, from the fine folks at ReRanch. He says that the arm wear was honest wear, the rest is via the relic process. The guitar plays with ease and sounds absolutely killer.

A lot of players are looking for the pre-chambered Les Pauls these days and the Studio offers the best value for the money. The only other mod is Dunlop locking strap pins are installed. Not the cleanest example I have but nothing serious, just some buckle wear and clear coat impressions here and there. It looks perfectly presentable but I can have Martin buff it out for a nominal fee. It plays great and has a fat Paul tone. The bridge pickup is bright without being harsh, the neck is warm and meaty without a lot of muddiness.

I've got to hand it to Gibson, they do build some nice necks and with the well-cured woods they were using early in the century they produced consistently great necks. Probably my favorite of the Classic Series, the '69 Thinline is, outwardly, identical to the one Fender made in In fact, this hollowbody design was originally developed as a solution to Fender's dwindling supply of lightweight ash and mahogany back in the 60's.

Features include lightweight semi-hollow ash body, 1-pc U-shaped maple neck with 7. Has an excellent set up with low action and overall extremely clean other than some barely visible discoloration to the treble side of the fretboard. Interior dimensions are This series combines the protective qualities of and light weight of rigid foam with heavy-duty canvas exterior and features an exterior zippered pocket.

The well padded interior, padded carrying handle and shoulder strap provide safe and easy portability.

Probably the most widely heralded of the great Paul Rivera era of Fender tube amps, the Super Champ delivers classic Fender clean tones plus a lot more gain when you want it. I did not use any Armorall on this amp. When cleaned up, this will likely be the cleanest example on the market today.

Hand-wired point-point circuit includes a pair of 6V6 power tubes, 6C10 rectifier, and a 12AT7 and in the preamp. Likewise, the Reverb is footswitch capable. Check out some demos on YouTube. Pedaltrain Pedalboard with Softshell Gig Bag , pic2.

Simple but ingenious idea — slanted surface with permanent Velcro that allow you to use any size effect, anywhere you want them. This effects pedalboard comes with a tough cordura nylon gig bag.

An effective and inexpensive way to organize your pedals for a super quick set up and safe transport. The other guitarist and bassist also have signature models from this series. Debuting in , these were released only to the Japanese market but a few have made it to USA, primarily from Ishibashi Music or other Japan exporters. These are very hard to find here in the states. It's not silver metallic, with the metal mixed in with silver paint, rather it's large silver flakes applied over a black background.

The finish on this Tele is actually better than the Grosh. Other features include basswood body with back contour, 9. This one was collector-owned and appears unplayed. Extremely clean early model American Deluxe in a classic Crimson Red Transparent, basically the same finish as the 70's finish known as "Wine", over a select ash body. Unlike the Strat Plus that preceded this model, the American Deluxe Strat had more upscale features that distinguished it from the stock Strat. Pickups are Fender's Vintage Noiseless, which were Fender's premium pickups for the era, noted for their vintage tone—without the hum of vintage single coils.

Other deluxe features include LSR roller nut, highly polished chrome hardware including tremolo with pop-in trem arm and locking tuners, abalone dot inlays, aged plastic parts, fret and nut work that's even more detailed than the regular American Series, and raised chrome logo.

This guitar is in lovely condition with no noteworthy scratches and a really nice low set up. Includes Fender case and trem arm. Genuine geranium fuzz pedals and one of the best pedals for getting a true Hendrix tone. Not as high gain as some of the fuzz boxes and not overly saturated like a Big Muff and smoother than a Fuzz Face.

Made in USA with components that will last many year. In fact, with the modern updates on these amps many players prefer them to the originals. The C2 offers dual channels, Normal and Top Boost, which you can jumper if you want full tonal control, and twin inputs high and Low. The Top Boost channel features highly interactive Bass and Treble tone controls, as well as the VOX Tone Cut control which varies the presence in the power amp section for even greater tonal variety.

They also included classic Tremolo with variable Depth control and a tube-driven Accutronics reverb with Level and Tone. Speakers are very good quality — Celestion 25W Greenbacks. While the earlier CC2 had a switch to combine channels, you can do the same thing by running a shorty cable between inputs on the two channels.

Good news is tubes are easy to change on the C2 while it was a pain on the CC2. Tube complement is a quad of EL84's cranking out 30 watts, with three 12AX7's in the preamp.

This is a heavy amp, around 75 lbs. Includes a 2-button footswitch with long stage cable. Discrete FET preamp pedal with a low impedance output, based around the classic preamp side of an Echoplex to provide a shimmering boost tone that adds some high end sparkle and definition. It's perfect for adding extra sparkle for darker sounding instruments, just enough edge or shimmer to make it stand out in the mix. The Unity Gain makes the boost at 0db at the fully counter-clockwise position and with the switch off you get a 3db boost at the fully counter-clockwise position.

By turning off the Bright Switch you can get a full frequency boost that is transparent and gives you back what you put into it.

It's a very versatile with more options that it appears to have, and takes up very little real estate on your pedalboard. Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher Nano. Has 3 selectable attacks: Looking for an unconventional tone, perhaps that little something to give a song a signature sound? Click here for a demo. Quality harness from RS Guitar Works. Easily turn it into a 3-way with push-pull tone pot 6 tones total. Similar to above but with unbranded sealed tuners and Rosewood fretboard.

Fuchs products are known for superb build quality with a case made of powder coated cast aluminum, high grade electronics, and Switchcraft jacks that should last forever. Other components include Cliff switches, Neutrik connectors, Metal shaft controls, and Mil spec fiberglass two-sided circuit board construction.

It has 3 knobs per channel with heavy duty foot switches and considering it's a dual-channel, it doesn't take up much room on your pedalboard. A 9v jack is provided for power supply or you can use the 9v battery and the pedal and comes built with true bypass. The Hot channel is identical to the single channel Plush Cream while the Warm channel has a slightly different voice and clipping structure.

A very cool feature of this pedal is the LED annunciation with both channels having a corresponding LED which is lit to let you know which channel you are using. Very useful so you don't forget which channel you were in. Fans of the Tube Screamer will love this pedal…even more than the Tubescreamer. Also, at 60 watts, and a very loud 60, it may be too loud for your needs. But…it can play any club and even larger stages without monitoring.

It features 3 selectable channels Clean - Drive - More Drive give you a good selection of tones selectable via included footswitch. Click here for a demo on YouTube. Designed by Tim Shaw, these use two different Alnico magnets in each pickup, V for the wound strings and II for the plain strings. Now we have a Tele where the neck pickup has personality and style. The bridge pickup is everything you need, too. Starting with pickups, a pair of Vintage Noiseless singles and a Fender DH-1 humbucker, controlled with a 5-way switch that provides the same classic Strat tones in positions , but a full-on humbucker tone in position 5.

Because of the Noiseless pickups, all settings are quiet while retaining the classic Strat tone. Other deluxe features include polished chrome locking tuners, LSR roller nut, polished chrome tremolo with pop-in trem arm, abalone dot inlays, rounded heel for comfort in the upper register, and raised chrome logo. Lovely condition with no noteworthy wear or scratches, extremely comfortable set-up, and a wide selection of tones you can only get from an HSS model.

You don't see very many of these in cherry sunburst and it's indeed a lovely color for a Strat. Includes original case, straplocks, tools, factory hang tags, and manual. Need a case for your vintage Jag or Jazzmaster? These early molded case, easily identified by their 4 latch closure and interior compartment door, are hard to come, especially in nice shape.

These cases are infamous for having missing latches, loose hinges, and pushed in feet. This one has none of those ailments and is in very tidy condition. Hagstrom made their name as an accordion maker but in the late 50's started producing some cool guitars and basses in their Swedish factory. This Hagstrom I, also called an F on models branded "Kent" is a unique piece that plays exceptionally well and has a cool tone.

Made in the 's, the wooden body has a vinyl covering with a raised Plexiglas top and large raised-even-more plastic pickguard. Other features include a birch body and bolt-on neck with rosewood fretboard, Fender-style headstock and dot position markers, Van Ghent machine heads, and a unique but very useable Hagstrom-made tremolo bridge.

It's pictured without trem arm but we'll find something that fits prior to shipping. It also features Hagstom's patented H-expander truss rod which allows a low action and prevents neck twists or warpage. This is probably the reason why so many of these play exceptionally well today.

Overall in really nice shape with the only real flaws being the typical fine cracks in the Plexiglas around screws. They are not a problem. It has very low action and the single coil tone falls between a Strat and a P90 tone, although not as powerful as a P Includes a vintage case that may or may not be original. It is not an 80s Japan case — the latches most likely place it no later than the 70s.

Case is in nice shape as well. Numark CD Mix-1 , back , acc. I DJ parties for friends once a year or so. This is a real professional unit and it had a price that reflected that.

I also have a Mix-2 in a carpeted road case for sale. Clapton Blackie tone and vibe at a fraction of the price. This is a high quality Fender Japan model. Somebody partially obliterated the "Made in Japan" just above the serial number but we all know what it is. I guess the original owner wasn't aware of the fine reputation these MIJ models would one day have.

If you like a slight chunky neck, you'll love this guitar. Body is era correct with 3 individual single coil routes with a worm track in the bridge position. Original frets have no dished out areas with a fresh level and dress.

It plays wonderfully with low action and no fretting out. All in all, this is a very nice MIJ Strat and the fact that it's a '54, rather than the more common '57 or '62, makes it that much more of a find. Man, these series just keep getting nicer. This mahogany-top cutaway Grand Concert ce features a Tasmanian Blackwood body, a Venetian cutaway, and Expression System 2 electronics to make it a fantastic fingerstyle instrument with warmth and clarity found on guitars costing more.

Appointments include a black pickguard, Italian acrylic small diamond fretboard inlays, black binding with crisp white top trim, 3-ring rosette, and satin finish. I love the warm and cozy tone of this model, while the small Grand concert body is especially comfortable for players with slighter reach, but the long scale and wide fretboard make it accessible to players with large hands. The ES2 electronics are an improvement over what was already a quality system and it sounds great acoustically or plugged in.

Includes Taylor 5-latch case with brown covering and pink interior. Removed when new so perfect condition. Lace Sensor Strat Pickups. All parts are new.

Z-Vox Box of Rock. From , this was Z. Vex Effect's first "distortion" pedal, highly specialized to simulate the "everything on 10" sound of a classic Marshall JTM45 non-master-volume amplifier.

You may use the Box of Rock effectively with many any amplifiers, but it's especially great on a Marshall. One of the best pedals made for using your guitar's volume control to adjust for the exact amount of distortion you need, all the way down to very clean and clear with most drive settings.

Vex is noted for some of the coolest pedals on the market and this distortion is way cool indeed. If your guitar amp suffers from nasty boost or distortion but you like its clean sound, this could be a perfect solution.

Click here for YouTube demo. The new industry standard in stomp box compressors! Built in the USA with the highest quality components and features true bypass, battery connection and 9 V power jack, top mounted input and output jacks.

Has controls for volume, sustain, blend, tone and attack. Although good for any guitar, these are especially nice for acoustics by virtue of its natural tone. I've found it to be the secret behind fingerstyle response that sounds balanced from string to string, even if you're not that precise of a player.

An improved Noiseless pickup, designed to remove hum and preserve single-coil tone and dynamics. Perfect for any style of music, their unique core design and staggered pole pieces retain much of the glassy sparkle and bell-like chime folks want in a Strat. Making them noiseless is a bit of a compromise but these are very close to the perfect mix. Made for Bassbreaker head but will fit other heads.

Made for Mustang 5 but will fit other 4X12 cabs with large, Marshall-style side handles. The Gold Laces 50's Strat sound on this model are the same pickups used on the Clapton and Buddy Guy signature models and both player toured with their stock pickups for many years. This is an excellent playing guitar and it reminded me of how much I like the original Lace Sensors.

Prices on these early silver-logo American Strats have been on a consistent upswing for the past 5 years and they're just on the cusp vintage. Includes original case with center twist lock missing, and trem arm. Limited Edition model with British Racing Green covering.

Washburn Solar 6 US prototype – 2013