Thinking Ahead: A One-Sentence Poker Lesson from Daniel Negreanu

Brunson's section is interrupted on a couple of occasions by a dozen pages' worth of not-terribly-necessary illustrations. When to Fire a Second Barrel on the Turn: July 15th, 7: You lose that pot and find yourself in the bottom of the leaderboard with 20 to 25 big blinds. Las Vegas, Nevada Toronto, Ontario. If you can identify a player as weak, particularly post-flop, you want to play more hands against that player and exploit that by trying to take pots from them on the flop. Taking Negreanu at his word, it appears that was the factor that led him to choose a passive line.

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The next time you're in a hand and are about to bet or raise, consider this one important factor before you do. Let me set up how it happened. Neil Blumenfield — who would eventually go on to finish in third place — was on the button in Seat 7 with a stack of about 2. Negreanu — who would end up making it to 11th — was in Seat 2, with a stack of about 2. Negreanu opened for a raise to 95, with. Blumenfield reraised to , with. Negreanu then four-bet to , Blumenfield called, making the pot 1,, Blumenfield called, making a pot of 1,, The turn was the.

The river completed the board. Both players checked again. The cards were revealed, and Negreanu won. A difficult decision is always bad because your probability of making a misstep is higher than it is for easy decisions. And with a bigger pot, any mistake will be more expensive. I remember where I was the first time I encountered this piece of advice. I was eating at a Subway sandwich shop on my way to one of my first live poker tournaments at an Indian casino in Wisconsin in about I was reading one of my first poker strategy books.

Cloutier , since I read a couple from each of them before moving on to other authors. The admonition has stuck with me ever since. An unexpected raise from an opponent, putting me into a treacherous spot, always brings it back to mind: You might be on a total bluff, with a fold the only sensible response to a raise, and yet still decide to go through with it.

Or maybe you have the nuts, and would love to see your opponent raise, so that you can pop him right back. Taking Negreanu at his word, it appears that was the factor that led him to choose a passive line. And of course the great Daniel. I've heard about it and I know that even if it were available near me, with all the resources online, I would never pay that much.

June 15th, , June 15th, , 1: I agree that there is so much information online including classes and videos, so happy surfing for sure. I believe that such master classes are extremely useful. I try to make the best use of master classes to improve my skills in the game.

In addition, Daniel Negreanu is a professional player and it is obvious that his advice is very helpful. June 16th, , Originally Posted by AlexPedsPaps. June 17th, , 9: June 17th, , Originally Posted by kratos. Well ,I'd like to have classes with these masters but I have no money. Are there free classes?

June 17th, , 2: June 18th, , 7: I haven't seen the Daniel Negreanu Masterclass but I I would say you can find way more free poker training content online that is better than this masterclass. June 18th, , The greatest and most entertaining player mezhdru way, many talk like play and it helps a lot because so mentally straining other players, which is of great benefit. Is it just exclusive videos? Better off getting live personalized coaching.

June 27th, , I've recently visited the Master Class website and not only is Daniel's Class available but they have several professionals in their fields offering classes ranging from cooking to jazz.

I thinks its a brilliant concept. I might just sign up as soon as Daniel's classes become available. As much of a fan I am, still wouldn't buy. I would much rather sit down and pick their brains.

Whilst i think the concept is very good, its primarily a income generator. I personally feel that by being part of cardschat, the twitch community and by reading regularly about the modern game as well as playing both live and online - i can learn more than any masterclass series of sessions can teach me.

As skilled and gifted as Daniel is.. I will say this though, i would like to hear from anyone who does pay and joins the masterclass, it would be good to real some real feedback on this regards pirateglenn. June 29th, , 7: Probably depends on your level of play.

I think that for most players, reading some of the classic books on poker and sites like this one are more than sufficient. However, we are all basically doing battle at the tables. So for serious players with a good bankroll , I would think it would be good to learn anything you can from the better players. Also, anytime a huge number of people are going to start using someone else's system, the more you know about it, the easier to recognize and exploit it.

June 30th, , I have found all I need for free. Unless you are seriously committed to poker you don't need to pay for strategy information.

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