Will I get busted if I open a second account?

If you find that have accidentally created 2 accounts at PokerStars - or any other poker site for that matter - the best thing to do is contact customer support and explain your situation to them. Adding some details since a lot of people. So better use one and give all the right information about you. Problems can accure even if you play wuth your friend from one IP. Adding some details since a lot of people want to know what to do in this situation. There's no better place to learn and play poker.

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Originally Posted by wilpinsi. June 30th, , 1: Problems can accure even if you play wuth your friend from one IP. So better use one and give all the right information about you. I forgot to mention that this happened in my account last year and that everything is ok now. June 30th, , 2: If you communicate with the team of pokerstars and explain that you want to create another account on the same pc but for another person you have no problems.

I did it with my girlfriend. June 30th, , 4: You'd better not create another account, pokerstars has an excellent anti-fraud system. As soon as they detect the new account, they are sure to suspend it. And they will still suspend the other linked accounts. The best thing you do is talk to ps support, sometimes it takes them a while to solve, but most of the time the support is satisfactory and solves the problems. July 1st, , 2: Time to play on live poker or other poker sites online.. July 1st, , 9: July 2nd, , If he self excluded you will be frozen out until his self exclusion time limit has passed.

July 2nd, , 3: July 2nd, , 4: It will be a pain in the bum , but something you'll just have to accept as the price of hopefully getting your account back. Originally Posted by terryk. Lol,it just sounds like PS is trying to imply they can track you thru your keyboard.

July 2nd, , 9: July 3rd, , 5: July 3rd, , 8: On the second account mailing address were same as on the first account, my name to, I have not made any transaction with a second May 24th, , 1: I only tried it because of Android app but it's just a con Go elsewhere trust me one finger up to pokerstars cheating gypsies Start a real business like car washing I think that would suit your managing directors mentally.

Originally Posted by budziller. May 26th, , 9: Actually the same thing happened to me. I created my first account and did not played for a year or so. I changed my email adress from yahoo to gmail and i created a second PS account. They announced me after a while and transfered few dollars from the frst one to the second one.

They are not unreasonable. They saw that there was no activity for a long while. I think we are not the first monkeys that forgot about the first account. And money is still money.

They want people to play as long they do not cheat. Probabely the only way to change your SN at will is to change your identity. February 19th, , 8: That is a very good question And yeah why delete it P. S in the first place, it's the best site on the net known to date besides the new FT apparently February 19th, , 9: Had one of the two same software problems as with Stars.

I did notice though that my pocket Aces actually held up, which was a nice change. Pocket Kings were crushed, as is normal. A number of CC FRC members like to show their cards which is always nice - takes the guesswork out of playing. Not that there's a lot of guesswork required since most CC members play really tight. I'm still finding full ring tables to be a challenge since I don't often get the good cards, and when I do get something playable I virtually never hit a flop.

So if we do see a flop, my opponent is almost always playing from strength, and will never fold. I much prefer 6-max. In the confirmation e-mail from PokerStars you will find an activation code which you have to enter when you log in to PokerStars for the first time.

To register at IntelliPoker please start the PokerStars software and log in. Then fill in the required fields in the dialogue box and you're done! Scratch and Match First deposit bonus. Choose your language e. English and confirm by clicking 'Next'. Follow the instructions in the installation program. Once the program has connected to the server, the PokerStars client will open. Log in or create a new account In order to play at one of the hundreds of tables running at any one time at PokerStars, you need to have an account.

A submenu will open. Click on the option 'Create Account'. Another dialogue box opens. Fill in all mandatory fields. It is important that you enter a valid e-mail address and to enter the marketing code 'IntelliPoker.

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