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Some venues do not allow alcohol and others do not allow food or beverages from outside. For example, if you are planning a wedding event, your venue should be different from someone planning a corporate dinner event. Baldy Village, but it either burned down or was destroyed in the flood of CNIGA is dedicated to the purpose of protecting the sovereign right of Indian tribes to have gaming on federally-recognized Indian lands. Aerial view of Mt. Spikes can be caused by lightning or a power restoration after a widespread outage. Among the most effective means of finding an excellent oral surgeon Mt Gravatt has today is making use of references from family and friends.

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When the slide occurred, it dammed the river, whose depth built up until the water was released catastrophically, forming a slot canyon which now holds some of the area's few good rock climbing routes difficulty 5. In modern times, notable floods have occurred in and The San Antonio Dam was completed in , after a pause due to World War II, in an effort to prevent future floods as severe as the one in , which damaged the low-elevation, highly populated areas below.

The dam succeeded in significantly reducing the damage done by the flood. Hydroelectric plants along San Antonio Creek are tied to the electric grid.

The lower land area of the mountain consists of an ecological community known as yellow pine forest. Higher up, the yellow pine forest community gives way to a pure lodgepole forest. Mountain mahogany trees grow on the slopes above San Antonio Creek.

The dominant shrubs at the higher elevations are manzanita and bush chinquapin. As the elevation increases, there is a higher ratio of chinquapin to manzanita. Other shrubs on the mountain include mountain whitethorn , buckwheat , and mountain gooseberry. Wildflower species include Galium parishii, San Gabriel alumroot , gray monardella , pumice alpinegold , Parry's pussypaws , Nuttall's sandwort , and caulanthus.

There are also Ross's sedge and rockcress. Oreonana vestita, a type of mountainparsley, is adapted to talus. Desert bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis nelsoni are found in the area, mostly above ', and they lamb in the area.

Unlike animals of this subspecies in the Mojave Desert , those in the San Gabriel Mountains cannot be legally hunted and need not compete with aggressive feral burros for food or water. Grizzly bears , featured on the state flag, were once common in the Transverse Ranges, but were driven to extinction in California in the late 19th century, with one of the last animals in the San Gabriels being shot in by Walter L. Black bears did not naturally exist in the San Gabriel Mountains, but in eleven black bears from Yosemite Valley that had shown problematic behavior were moved to Southern California and released near Crystal Lake.

Black bears are relatively shy and are almost never known to harm humans. Rabbits and coyotes are found near San Antonio Creek at low elevations, typically below '. The most common species of rabbits are the black-tailed jackrabbit Lepus californicus and the desert cottontail Sylvilagus audubonii , [14] the jackrabbit being distinguished by its huge ears.

Western gray squirrels live in oak forests at low elevations, on both the south side and the desert side of the range. Rodents found at higher elevations in the San Gabriels include lodgepole chipmunks Tamias speciosus , all the way up to the tree line, [12] and the California ground squirrel Otospermophilus beecheyi in the yellow pine forest on the south side of the range. They hibernate in winter. Rabbits may also occasionally be observed at high elevations.

The two species of chipmunk are difficult to distinguish visually, and firm identification may require examination of their pubic bones, but the Lodgepole chipmunk has brighter white stripes.

Hiking trails reach the summit from four sides of the mountain, [16] and one route can be completed with assistance from the nearby ski lift. For mountaineers, the winter and spring offer a snow climbing challenge. The " Baldy Bowl " south of the summit is often climbed with crampons and ice ax , depending on snow conditions.

Avalanches and rock fall are both hazards. There are also a number of summer routes to the summit involving cross-country travel or scrambling, [18] and it is possible to rappel down the canyon of San Antonio Creek.

For road cyclists the climb through Mt. Baldy Village to the base of the ski lifts is popular. It has been used as the finish of the penultimate stage of the and Amgen Tour of California. Dogs are legal in Angeles National Forest, but must be on a leash. Hunting is allowed, but is regulated and requires a license. The first development in the area came in the Civil War era, and was focused on exploitation of the area's resources both by independent homesteaders and for use by the populated lowland areas.

Some of the first people to live permanently in the area were Mormon settlers in Lytle Creek Canyon , orange farmer Madison Kincaid and fruit farmer and beekeper A. Baldy Village, but it either burned down or was destroyed in the flood of Ever since , the San Antonio Water Company has controlled the water rights in San Antonio Canyon, including its three hydroelectric plants.

Because the canyon is deep, its north-facing slope retains snow late into the spring, and in Victor Beaudry and Damien Marchessault built an icehouse there. The ice was brought down from the mountains to Los Angeles by mule and wagon and sold door to door, as well as being used at Beaudry and Marchessault's ice cream saloon, the only one in the city.

Gold mining did not begin in the area until decades after the California Gold Rush , with the earliest historical record being of the death of miner Jacob Skinner in in his mine at the Hog Back slide. It was supplied with water by a mile-long pipeline, remnants of which can still be seen, running all the way from San Antonio Creek.

Baldy Village, and by mule driver Fletcher Manker , who built a store at what is now known as Manker Flat. Gold mining began in Icehouse Canyon in The Hocumac and Gold Ridge mines were unsuccessful due to the uncertain water supply, the low amount of gold in the ore, and a water-pollution lawsuit filed by downslope farmers.

The late 19th century saw increased interest in the area for its own qualities and for recreation rather than for its resources. In an army surveying party made the first recorded ascent to the mountain's summit, via Lytle Creek, and estimated the height of the peak.

Stoddard, brother-in-law of railroad baron Collis P. Huntington , built a resort in what is now called Stoddard Canyon. Frank Keyes converted Dell's Camp from a mining support station into a rental resort. Early mountain guide William B. Dewey led parties of guests to the summit on a loop corresponding to the present-day Mt. Baldy Trail and Devil's Backbone Trail. Rental cabins were also built in Evey Canyon.

Access to the upper canyon was impeded by the precarious nature of the trail going over the Hog Back slide, but by the turn of the century Dell's Camp nevertheless entertained as many as a hundred guests in a weekend.

Charles Baynham built a second camp nearby in , and in the following year the canyon became accessible by automobile. It was damaged by a cooking fire in and never rebuilt. The shift from exploitation of natural resources to recreational use of San Antonio Canyon resulted in a series of bitter conflicts between the San Antonio Water Company and the camp owners. Pollution of the watershed and an brush fire led the company to buy Dell's Camp and close it, wrest legal control of the road away from Baynham, close off the canyon with locked gates, and station armed guards to keep out intruders.

But after some time and various legal battles, the company decided to profit from recreation rather than discouraging it. It bought Baynham's Camp in but then hired Baynham to manage it, charging tolls on the road from to The camp was renamed Camp Baldy in When the area became a national forest in , the forest service began offering year leases of plots of land in Icehouse Canyon for vacation cabins. Look for toucans and parrots.

Visit may take place on Day 7, due to park closures. The rest of your morning is at leisure. Enjoy your hotel's pools and rooftop terrace, or visit nearby artisan shops.

Then, on an aerial tram, glide through and above a dry tropical transitional forest. Enjoy views of waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean. Breakfast begins at 6: Thanks for vacationing with Caravan. With naturalist guides, see exotic birds and wildlife, hike in jungle rainforests, view volcanoes, soak in hot springs and cruise through biological reserves.

Day 8 — Manuel Antonio Early morning visit to world famous Manuel Antonio National Park, a natural habitat for the white face monkey, the rare squirrel monkey and the three-toed sloth. Hike through the rainforest and along spectacular beach coves. Visit may take place on Day 7 due to park closures. Lunch at your Manuel Antonio hotel. The price includes all accommodations, all meals, and all motorcoach sightseeing and transportation This tour goes to all those places and includes every major sight, as well as three meals a day on all but two days, and excellent hotels and lodges.

Order your Free Caravan Brochure. Full payment due 60 days prior to departure. The travel protection plan also includes air, baggage, evacuation and medical coverage. In Latin America , Caravan transfers you between the airport and hotel on the starting and ending dates of your tour.

Airfare is not included or sold by Caravan. Here is a list of some of the airlines that service this tour. Accommodations in the hotels and lodges are rooms with two beds and private bath or shower. A limited number of single rooms are available. Triple rooms are usually two beds, sometimes with a cot or rollaway. On your Costa Rica tour, Caravan sometimes uses more than one hotel or lodge in a given area. Although each property is wonderfully different and may have many unique features, Caravan's goal is to offer a comparable overall selection so that you can experience the same enjoyment regardless of which property combination you find on your actual tour departure.

Scheduled Caravan sightseeing will be the same from all the hotels. This five star hotel features two indoor restaurants, two bars, a casino, a large swimming pool and pool bar and restaurant, spa with Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, tennis and squash courts, massage therapists, hairdresser, and gift shops. Your hotel is fully air-conditioned.

Internet access is available in the lobby internet cafe for a fee. Fortuna is a small town located at the base of picturesque Arenal Volcano in northcentral Costa Rica. The hotels and lodges used by Caravan Tours are located in and around Fortuna. All of the properties are within easy viewing range of Arenal Volcano. The lodge sits in the foothills at the base of majestic Arenal Volcano, with excellent nature trails on its acre reserve.

The hotel has a restaurant, beautiful jacuzzi, and swimming pool, all with volcano views. Intenet access is available in the Internet cafes for a fee in the nearby village of Fortuna.

Arenal Springs Arenal Springs is a new hotel located in the countryside on the outskirts of Fortuna. Every room is air-conditioned and has its own terrace, ceiling fan, refrigerator, telephone, security box and other modern amenities. The hotel has extensive grounds with lush gardens and a swimming pool. Internet access is available in the Internet cafes for a fee in the nearby village of Fortuna.

This oceanfront resort sits on a pristine secluded beach surrounded by a natural sanctuary with extensive landscaped gardens.

The resort has a full service spa and the largest pool in Costa Rica over 25, square feet. The spacious guest rooms are each furnished with a private balcony or terrace. Guest rooms feature luxury bathrooms with a separate deep soaking bathtub and shower. It is the closest hotel to the Park and a short, easy walk to the breathtaking public beaches of Manuel Antonio.

Here at San Bada, you'll sleep to the magical sounds of the jungle. The beautifully furnished guest rooms have balconies and include free Wi-Fi. The hotel features two pools. For comfort, convenience and mobility, San Bada is the best place to stay while visiting Manuel Antonio. Most hotels in Manuel Antonio are built on hillsides and spread out over large areas. This can require navigating numerous flights of stairs and walking substantial distances to access the restaurant, bar, or guest rooms — a challenge for anyone with difficulty walking.

San Bada is built on level ground with no steps, and short distances between public areas. The hotel also has a modern elevator. The hotel has three restaurants, two bars, gift shops, an outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, a tennis court, a fitness center, and a full service spa and beauty salon. The hotel is fully air-conditioned.

High speed internet access is available for a fee. These transfers are only available on the day the tour begins. Tour members arriving on earlier days will need to arrange transfers on their own.

You may have to wait a couple minutes as your representative might be transferring another client. Please be sure to call the Caravan office before your flight to make sure that we have received your correct flight information.

The airport representative is available to meet all flights with Caravan passengers, but will only meet your flight if we have received your flight information and are expecting you on that flight. If you miss your flight please call the Caravan office at or to notify us. Driving time to your hotel can run from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic.

Dollars per taxi, plus tip. To enter Costa Rica, you will need a U. A three month tourist visa is automatically issued to U. Children under 18 years old, traveling internationally without both parents or legal guardians, should carry a notarized letter of authorization signed by the missing parent s or guardian s.

Failure to have proper documentation could result in denial of boarding by the airline, due to international child protection laws.

These transfers are only available on the day the tour ends. If you wish to extend your stay in Costa Rica, you will need to transfer on your own, at your own expense. Please ask the hotel bellman to arrange a taxi. The driving time from the hotel to the airport is approximately minutes, depending on traffic. Please advise the Tour Director if you will be taking your own taxi separately. Airfare is not included or sold by Caravan Tours. Here are lists of airlines that service this tour: This is a casual tour.

Casual wear is suggested for sightseeing and daytime travelling. Dress code for evenings is casual. It is recommended to wear drip-dry clothing such as that offered by Columbia, ExOfficio and Travelsmith in the rainforest.

Shirts with long sleeves and long pants are recommended for rain forest and cloud forest hikes. Pants that zip at the knee to convert into shorts are very comfortable in the rainforest.

Hotels, all meals, all of the activities described in the itinerary pages, airport transfers, gratuities to hotel porters, restaurant staff and local guides. They are fluent in English, experienced and fun, ensuring a worry free vacation. Prices do not include air travel, country entry or departure fees, airport porters, visas, phone calls, valet, laundry, all items of a personal nature, extra food and beverages not on the regular menu, and tips to the Caravan Tour Director and Driver.

Usually, you find a mix of different age adult travelers on a Caravan Tour. Most tours will be joined by adults of all ages. Children age five 5 and over are welcome, and children usually join tours offered during Christmas holidays, summer vacation and spring break vacation. A well paced and unhurried itinerary is our goal, after all, you are on vacation! Touring days begin and end at reasonable hours and include frequent stops.

While the occasional early morning departure is necessary, we do our best to ensure a leisurely vacation and you will arrive at your hotels between 1: Group sizes will vary depending on the reserved rooms at the hotels and lodges and the capacity of the boats and motorcoaches used.

Usually, group sizes range from 30 to 44 passengers. All meals are included on your Costa Rica tour. Included meals for each tour are listed at the end of each day. Meals are shown by B breakfast , L lunch and D dinner.

Full, buffet, or deluxe continental breakfasts are included everywhere. Bottled water is provided free on the motorcoach and purified water is provided at the meals. Alcoholic beverages are not included unless specified. Our tour director always prepared us for the next activity. I really enjoyed this trip and have recommended it to others. We visited both coasts and many places in between This was an exceptional tour at an exceptional price. The guides were very eco-minded.

We received a good education from them and their passion for preserving their environment was contagious. We totally get it. Your Costa Rican tour was awesome. We would never have seen and done everything on our own! Very satisfied with this Caravan tour.

Will definitely use your tour company again and have and will recommend it to friends. Costa Rica is a great vacation destination! This was an excellent tour, especially since everything was included. We saw and did a great deal in a short period of time. The sights were very good, enjoyed the coffee plantation and the cart factory. Had not traveled with Caravan before, but will recommend it to my friends. I enjoyed the lunch stop locations too.

Our tour director made this trip very comfortable and fun. This was my first Caravan tour. I would book another one in the future. The meals were very good, tasty,, plentiful and fairly well-balanced. The tour director was unbelievably great, an encyclopedia of information convey tours in an entertaining, caring and interesting manner. You have set very high standards with your tour and guides. The sightseeing and activities were wonderful. Loved the whole experience of everything offered.