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Clay Center Dispatch Of the 32 nations qualified to play at the FIFA World Cup, 20 countries competed at the previous tournament in Jason said I know a place and took us to his favorite place He was no longer allowed to live in his parish residence. Sunday at the Weippe Cemetery. He loved riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and a 5, mile trip was never out of the question or a surprise. Accused in of abuse of 1 boy beginning in when boy was 12 and lasting for 3 yrs.

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Ted worked at He later became an executive of the World Affairs Council. Edmonde died May 7, , at the age of In a diverse career journey, Edmonde served in the Air Force, performed light opera, and graduated with a B. As President of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Emonde welcomed distinguished speakers from around the world — politicians, diplomats, writers, heads of state, and royalty — and moderated lively question-and-answer sessions.

He loved attending conferences on international relations at Wilton Park, England. Emonde was a member of PEN, the organization for writers, and the author of Look to the Rainbow , a book of poetry and political and social commentary. Mark is in semi-retirement. Tommy is a radio consultant. Don is doing freelance voiceover work and audio book narration in Washington, DC. He's now selling real estate in Los Angeles. Chandler is working at the Christian Research Institute.

A colleague remembers that Bud was an excellent poker player and played in the big Las Vegas tournaments. He played a lot of golf and hung out at the Whitsett Driving Range in North Hollywood in the late s.

Halison , Frank "Hot Dog": Dave lost both legs when a drunken truck driver with two loads of cement crashed into his car, and the gas tank exploded trapping him in his car. Within six months he was walking on artificial legs. David plays the coroner on CSI. Hall , David G.: He now consults radio stations domestically and internationally.

Derrick is the president of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Don was last sighted in Santa Barbara as a projectionist for a drive-in theatre. Last heard, Mort was living in New York. He's based in Dallas. After receiving a B. Tom was a weekend and utility talk host at KABC and he ran a consulting group. Tom died April 12, , of lymphoma and leukemia at the age of He left behind a wife and four children. Wes works weekends at HOT He returned to 91X-San Diego in the fall of Why was her show called Brave New World?

I discover the music that jumps, kicks, whispers and screams its way into your soul. She is now owner and music coordinator of Brave New World. Jim died May 10, , at his home in Roseville, where he had been confined to a wheelchair since suffering from diabetes. In a interview in Gavin , Bob reflected on his success: Stop worrying about what's happening to the left or right of you and you'll reach your goal.

One of his first clients was KLAC. He hired Charlie Tuna to revitalize the Pop Standards station. Bob is now a consultant working from Palm Springs. Hamilton , Sean "Hollywood": In , Hunter participated in LARadio. He set a standard for a new generation of kids who were ready to embrace anything but the prevailing Pop Standards of Perry Como, Doris Day and Patti Page.

The voice was unmistakable to a youngster growing up on the beach in Santa Monica with his tube-infested Philco "portable" radio. When Hunter arrived in L. My show very quickly went to one hour, then one and a half and a little over a year I was on 3 and a half hours a day," said Hunter. In the Sentinel newspaper said Hunter was the most popular dj in Los Angeles among the Negro population. Hunter was born on Good Friday, April 21, He was born white in Uvalde, Texas. His father built stone buildings in Hico, Texas.

After the war we went back to Uvalde and my dad raised fighting gamecocks, which was legal then. He also repaired and tuned pianos. I was two weeks out of high school when he died. His older brother was a violinist in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the other played in a dance orchestra.

In Los Angeles, my entire career I played black music and worked with black people. They are wonderful people. Thank God I changed," Hunter said. The white people were shocked to learn that he was white. In the mids Hunter recorded his evening show from his office in Hollywood and his on-air partner, Margi , would play it back.

Why did you record your show? It was as simple as that. Hunter was a hunter. The walls of his office were filled with his prize trophies. In the late summer of , Hunter was camping with his wife Dorothy in an isolated area.

Two days later he was home when he experienced chest pains. He was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital. He was going to have three-way by-pass heart surgery but the vein in his leg was so good, they did a six-way by-pass surgery.

At his memorial service, Hunter Dunagan Hancock orchestrated one last show. In one of the more bizarre memorial services ever encountered, Hunter was host for his own funeral celebration. Showtime started precisely at 2 p. Over the sound system, Hunter welcomed the guests.

And off we were in a rousing round of hymns accompanied by a full choir. There was a screen near the front of the church where award-winning photographs were shown that represented his passion for photography. Hunter Hancock was one of a kind on the radio, in his life, and now in death.

He did it his way. Keith is a Realtor at Century 21 Action! Mark is working in San Diego as Mark Jagger. He did a three-hour weekend show on Sunday nights. He's now got a morning show at KCSN. Mitch died November 9, , of natural causes.

Mitchell was co-creator with Mike Hodel and co-host of the weekly KPFK science-fiction show, Hour 25 , a program focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and science.

His voice was one of the defining sounds of KCRW as it was growing from a tiny little station into the powerhouse it has become. It's quite likely Mitchell had some first-hand experience, though we'll never really know now. From to , he worked at Metro Networks. He is now retired. Karen was a weekend anchor for KNX.

She has more than 20 years of on-air experience in radio and considers working in Los Angeles as the highlight of a career that began when she was a dj on Z90 in San Diego.

She is now working music radio in San Diego. Murrow Award, Harlow is thankful for every day on the beat in Los Angeles. Karen has a special interest in world news and human rights, which inspired her novel about the Cambodian killing fields. Last heard, Pete was a dealer in Las Vegas. Steve has been the voice of the UCLA football broadcasts. Tom died in Jerry served briefly as pd at KEZY. Croix Us Virgin Islands. Harris , "Frosty" Bruce: He died March 3, , after a lengthy bout with Parkinson's Disease.

Gene is president of GroovinU. George is a consultant based in Philadelphia. The deep ebony-skinned dj was told that she would be pulled off the air " Gillian is also now a published author and speaker specializing in topics found in her book, The Secrets of Lost: She left a year later.

The exit from KNXT came just days after she posted to Facebook a critique of a local ad promoting adoption that featured a gay couple. Her Facebook post took aim at an ad for the Clark County Department of Family Services promoting adoption that showed two gay men holding a child.

Even if it is normal for YOU it is not the best thing for the baby. She covers the New York Jets. Oliver is retired from Shell Oil Company. Rahn is retired and living in San Dimas. Harrison worked evenings at "Y" with Dave Wittenberg until late when the station went Spanish. He's now heard at KPFK. Cary worked at the Progressive talk station until March Jeff is working for an Urban station in Houston. Ed died in October He was a veteran radio financial reporter and market news analyst.

Hart had been associated with KNX, providing business and financial commentary on weekend newscasts. He began his broadcasting career in with the Kiplinger Washington Editors. His reports were broadcast over Financial News Network for seven years.

Hart twice won the Janus Award for excellence in financial reporting and in January was awarded the Greater Los Angeles Press Club prize for business and financial commentary. John is a sound engineer for hit tv sitcoms and he teaches communication and business at area colleges.

Tanya was the entertainment reporter for KACE. She is seen reporting for E! Tony left the Southland for an Atlanta jazz station. He left at the end of the year.

Tim is now Judge Hartman, a justice of the peace in El Paso. Evan worked at Harve works the Oldies format on an Internet station. Alan left the cold for sunny Southern California and stayed for the long haul. He hosted a jazz show on KNOB and moved into news on November 4, , and anchored the news for over three decades. His love for political commentary and jazz his dog is named Swing is outstripped by a passion for movies. In the mids Alan worked for Dr.

Armand Hammer at Occidental Petroleum. This movie buff comes alive when talking films, especially those of close friend William A. Wellman, the late motion picture director. Alan remembered a line from John Chancellor when talking about his radio career, "I have outlived my culture. Alan died on September 21, following a short illness. Bob is a casual anchor and sports reporter at KFWB.

Bob is concentrating on his Web site: Boyd retired from KNX after almost 30 years. When Paul died February 28, , he was the oldest working radio personality in America. His daily commentaries on ABC Radio were heard by an estimated 22,, listeners. He eventually became a full-time announcer and program director. Following a bout with pneumonia and the death of his wife Lynne a year before his death, Harvey began letting his son, Paul Jr.

Ken Levine believes Paul Harvey was the greatest salesman that ever lived. He made every product sound like something you just had to have. I did stop short of Amway products though.

He talked right to YOU. In words you could understand. He looked straight into your eyes even on the radio. He spoke with conviction, enthusiasm, and all of his arguments made so much doggone sense.

Phil reports traffic and news for one of the traffic services. He's also an actor. Rudy had his own record labels, Dynamic and Titanic. Rudy has passed away. He left May 20, His show is now heard on KJLH. He hosts the syndicated tv show, Family Feud.

Steve received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in late spring of Ernie was the voice of the Detroit Tigers. Abdul joined the new Real He arrived in the Southland from Louis until the Spring of He works at Nordstrom's. Pat is an anchor at all-News KNX. Karl hosted a syndicated show out of Cleveland that runs early mornings on "K-Mozart. Tom broadcast entertainment reports at KNXNewsradio until late spring KVFM, and Randy lives in Sylmar and since he's owned Video Production Company.

That was in February There was a moment when a group of young children did a traditional Russian dance for Gorbachev and when I read the look in his eyes, I had the strong feeling that the Cold War was over.

In , Tom took a break from his duties on the air to work as operations manager for KNX. The task was to help move the station from its long-time location on Sunset Boulevard to its new facility on Wilshire and in the process, help train the KNX staff on an all-digital computerized newsroom. Two and a half years off the air was enough and Tom reunited with Linda Nunez returned to the air in He retired in the summer of Darr, the son of Jim, is in the tv production business.

Jim died November 6, He was 89, born November 20, Jim was one of the most creative talents L. His humor established him as a unique broadcaster in the early days of personality radio, yet his major success came from television.

In , he created, produced and starred in the Saturday night coast-to-coast radio program, "The Hawthorne Thing," which was the final network radio show to originate in NBC's Hollywood Radio City. He produced Jim Hawthorne's Funny World. In , "ol Weather Eyes" moved to Honolulu to "retire" and ended up creating the Checkers and Pogo kids show for tv which ran for 11 years.

As one of his bits, since the tv weather was so short, he would hold up cards and do a pantomime. He was elected president of the newly formed Disc Jockey Association in In , Jim moved back to his hometown, Denver, to help his ailing mother. He stayed for 11 years and established a very successful career at KOA, eventually becoming gm.

In the late s, Jim returned to Southern California. See Janine Zenon Hayden , Zirn: Zirn does voiceover work. Bruce died November 20, , of cancer. He's currently working on a graduate degree in mental health.

KABC, and Jack lives in Nevada and he does voiceover work. Johnny left afternoons at "K-Earth" on May 3, Last heard, Kate works for a station in Santa Rosa. The Playboy host had a weekend show at She was appointed pd in late Shirley left the station when Radio-One sold the station to Bonneville. She's now an Internet marketer.

A specialist in one-line jokes, he was considered the Henny Youngman of country radio. He had a qualitative range of Hee Haw 's best and Milton Berle's worst: His on-air philosophy was simple: I want them to feel superior to me - I think they like you better that way. Every morning the listener got dumb jokes: Yeah, well, Gumdrop was born a little out of wedlock.

In he joined as a regular on tv's Hee-Haw. Newsman Art Blaske remembered: He would come into the newsroom and go through his whole act. As Gumdrop would say every morning, "What time is it? Jerry worked at the Pop Standards format at Westwood One. A one-of-a-kind sportscaster in Los Angeles for 43 years, Jim died July 22, , at age 70 from complications of liver cancer. Jim wrote for Bob for 11 years. He returned to KMPC in His illness was a well-kept secret.

His headstone at Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn reads: He wanted people to see it! In the early s he worked in Peoria alongside veteran tv anchor Jerry Dunphy. Chick called an unprecedented 3, NBA games before he underwent open-heart surgery in late During that broadcast streak, the Lakers scored , points winning 2, games. Presidents served during the streak. Chick was a college and high school referee for about eight years before becoming a broadcaster.

Who will ever forget his one sentence: SEE Chester the Arrester. Phil Hall and Luther Hughes. Dick is an author, trainer and motivational speaker. He has a success-oriented show on CRNTalk.

He spent time in the Navy before getting into the business world. The conservative radio personality was a former chemical, magazine and cable company executive. Bob builds industry specific webcastng radio stations. He lives in Las Vegas. He is also a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot. Bob left KMPC in the summer of Bob builds industry specific webcasting radio stations. He's based in Las Vegas. Jim provides radio analysis of USC basketball radio games.

He was also a congressman from Hawaii. He died February 4, , at the age of Earl called Heftel "one of the most incredible men and broadcasters I've met. There will never be another one like him. Heftel purchased the two LA Spanish-speaking stations in the mids. What goes around comes around.

We talked about it for two or three days and then we made an offer. And we decided not to and just went from there. Heftel kept them until he sold his entire Hispanic operation to Hispanic Radio, which eventually was sold to Univision. Cecil Landau Heftel was born in Chicago on Sept. Army from to He came to the Islands in , after already establishing himself as an owner of broadcast stations on the Mainland, and quickly became a force to reckon with in Hawaiian television and radio.

In late , Richard stepped down from his post as general manager of the Spanish-language stations. He is now vp of music relations for Hispanic Broadcasting. Debbie hosted a weekend show at KKLA. She left the CBS cluster in the winter of Louise is a consultant in Southern California.

Jack hosts a podcast with his 'STAR He's also executive producer of Ron Insana, a nationally syndicated talk show. Mark was the Clippers P. Clipper games for several years as well as the Anaheim Piranhas. Dick is the morning drive anchor and senior political reporter at all-News KNX. Carole owns a media consulting firm in Beverly Hills. Brother Henderson died in , leaving a formidable gospel legacy behind him. He retired from radio on June 23, He did a Saturday night show on KFI. Currently he hosts a podcast at iTunes: Alan was the first gm when Metromedia purchased the station.

Gil hosted a nightly feature called "Private Line. A native Angeleno, on his 17th birthday he joined the U. Navy Amphibious Corps, participating in numerous Pacific Island actions. In the late s he joined Capitol Records. Mike now lives in Texas. They would have been married 40 years this Friday. They kept him totally sedated, thank God, and everyone was with him at the end.

Since the fall of , he had been on medical leave due to an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis, which causes severe muscle weakness paralyzing half of his throat. In Washington, Don covered local and national news with frequent assignments to the Pentagon, State Department and Capitol Hill as well as being a fill-in reporter at the White House. In , when Westinghouse geared up for an all-News format, Don decided to return to the air.

Phil broadcast news in morning drive at KBIG. Steve is the chief engineer at KCRW. Bill is working at the Palomar College radio station in Carlsbad.

Laraine is a news anchor, news writer, and producer at all-News KNX. Shelley is diversified working on freelance writing assignments, voiceovers and the occasional infomercial hosting job. A life-long resident of Los Angeles and the community of San Pedro, Xavier has worked as a radio news reporter, tv commentator, newspaper sports writer, editor and photographer.

Xavier owns his own public relations and government affairs firm. He left his evening KMPC talk shift in early He was also a free-lance reporter for KFWB. She left the Neighborhood in late summer She is now an E! He lives in St. Petersburg with his wife Elizabeth and middle schooler Rigney. In , he got an entry level job answering phones for Tawn Mastrey. Stew claims to be a decent enough guitarist and singer. He became the voice of the Bruins in Fred retired from radio on December 31, He passed away in His show is syndicated on close to stations.

In addition to his daily morning drive show on Salem Radio Network, Hewitt is a regular panelist on Meet the Press and in joined The Washington Post as a regular opinion columnist.

Amy left Smooth Jazz, "the Wave" in December Jim was the traffic helicopter pilot who replaced Capt. Max Schumacher, who was killed when two helicopters collided over Dodger Stadium on August 30, On April 2, , Jim was killed in his stateroom aboard the cruise ship Princess Italia moments before the ship was to sail on a vacation trip to Mexico.

He was killed by a crazed listener who told Jim he would kill him. Jim made the mistake of telling on the air where he was going on vacation. KMPC aired his funeral services live. Howard's retired, playing lots of tennis, and living in Arroyo Grande. Austin filled in on talk stations all over the country.

He was based most recently in Boise. Austin died November 13, , of cardiac issues. He's now communications director at Senate Republican Caucus and communications director at Texas Senate. Jim is a Los Angeles radio historian. Craig is a computer consultant and voiceover actor in the Los Angeles area.

He owns DuTel Communications. Hinkle , John J.: John passed away June 4, The Pastor of Christ Church in Los Angeles gained national attention when he predicted that the rapture would occur on June 9, Don died November 2, , at his home in Branson, Missouri, where he lived for the last 13 years of his life. Don was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on June 21, As time passed he began to acquire more than his share of frustrations and soon became a neurotic.

Don said he learned to have fun with his frustrations and saw the funny side of things. He spent two years of college in Miami, Oklahoma. He commented at the time, "My audience enables me to play more traditional country music, and this is the time period when we focus on it.

Don was a "country flavored" comedian who opened for various country artists while living in Branson. Since David has been the owner and editor of The Lifestyle Information Service - a radio prep service with over subscribers and over 1, continuous daily issues. In , KABC was a little bit of this and a little bit of that until Hoberman made the bold move to launch an all-Talk concept. He announced to his staff that the station was going to try something very different — KABC would be an all-Talk station.

The entire sales staff, if not everyone else at the station, wondered how we were going to sell this new format. Hoberman was one of the highest-ranking ABC veterans to exit after the merger. While being lauded by Wall Street as the single biggest media merger in U. It has also forced the sell-off of a number of radio and tv stations. He started at a small radio station in Hibbing as an announcer and salesman. Jim has an active voiceover career doing movie trailers and he's the announcer on many tv shows, including Divorce Court.

He died March 12, , at the age of He began his radio career at the student station for St. A year after working with Wolfman, Arthur returned to his alma mater to join what became MPR's flagship station. Hoehn worked at MPR for 40 years. He retired in In , he was inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame. He was best known for his year stint as host of the nationally syndicated overnight classical show "Music through the Night.

In early , he took over the 5 a. In October he joined Shannon Farren for middays. Omitted from Boston AD database. Pattern of abuse spanned Gentile's entire year career. Frequently took boys on overnight and longer trips even after warnings to avoid these trips. One priest wrote anonymous letter to Archdiocese in and followed through personally in Accused in civil suit of abusing 2 brothers in Suit secretly settled Placed on leave April They alleged abuse by Genuario and another priest, Frank Wissel.

Money was for "therapy" for 3 yrs. Accusers recently learned that the priests were still active. Genuario served as Vicar General of Diocese for 9 yrs. Both priests have denied allegations. Law Firm List Accused in over 87 lawsuits of raping and molesting at least children.

Sentenced to yrs in prison. Conviction then removed by court, citing pending appeal at time of death. Boston Globe Assignment Record In an individual alleged sexual abuse by Gerg in the late s to early s.

The Archdiocese reported this to Benedictines. Gerg was posted to Baltimore from Name appeared on Baltimore's list of accused priests Sept. One of several religious accused of abuse at Madonna Manor, a Catholic home for troubled children. Ghastin was removed from contact with children in early s.

May have retired to FL due to ill health. Also worked in Pittsburgh Diocese. The priest he contacted notified the Archdiocese and reported back that there were no other complaints in Ghilardi's file.

Ghilardi requested a transfer from Bandon in "for health reasons" and died of cancer in Final Report of Document Arbitration St Louis Post-Dispatch Arrested in and confessed that he had molested youth for several yrs.. Pled guilty in to attempted sexual misconduct with minor; sentenced to 1 yr jail on work furlough and 5 yr probation. On national Sex Offender Registry. Reportedly voluntarily left the priesthood. Phoenix New Times Removed from service by order in after Archdiocese reported complaints.

No report to police. Sent for treatment and assigned to office work. Publicly accused in of abusing 2 male students multiple times in s at St. Transferred in s to an all-girls school in the Chicago area.

Removed from ministry Francis of Assisi in Bolingbrook. Suit dismissed on limitations. Accused of abuse of 1 in Accused of abuse of yr-old boy for 6 yrs. Termed Joliet's most notorious priest abuser. No criminal charges filed. Left priesthood in s and later married. Removed from position as counselor in St. Louis in pending investigation. Joseph as a former friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors.

Gibeault's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him except that he was the subject of confirmed reports of inappropriate sexual behavior at St. He was restricted from ministry and then left the order. At Seton Hall Prep as teacher, athletic director; headmaster Briefly assigned to parish in River Edge, then pastor of St.

Joseph in East Orange Former Seton Hall student filed suit, claiming abuse by Giblin and Rev. Robert Gibney in the s. He alleged abuse between Gibney died in Second man came forward to allege abuse at St.

Road to Recovery Sent for treatment and assigned to a rectory without duties. Woman complained in of his 'grooming' actions toward her son. A 3rd man came forward in to report abuse in Gibson died in Transferred from Newark NJ in In the Harrisburg diocese received an allegation that Giella had abused a child beginning in Pled not guilty to sexual assault of an year-old girl.

Other women called news outlets saying they had been abused as minors in NJ in the s by Giella. A PA woman filed suit in ; that and two other claims settled later the same year. Victims allegedly as young as age 2. Served at Sacred Heart Parish in Prescott from to Community Notification Statement from Diocese of Phoenix Plaintiff told his grandmother and she sent him to live elsewhere.

Giesler died in Gil came to San Bernardino diocese from Canada in Treated at Retreat in California run by Servants of Paraclete for "sexual identity issues;" admitted during counseling that he had sexually abused a child. Left after about 2 weeks because treatment was ineffective.

Still performing ministry in even though privileges were removed in Arrested and charged in with 14 counts of indecent solicitation of child and other crimes, including sodomy, of yr-old boy at Thomas More Prep-Marian High School in Pleaded guilty in to 3 cournts; sentenced to at least 32 months in treatment at Vianney Center in MO and 5 yrs probation. Suit filed in in TX. Dismissed and refiled in KS. Family also settled with insurance co.

Registered as MO sex offender. Fort Worth Star Telegram Judge dismissed on SOL. Several women allege Gilbert ran a cult in Acadia Parish from s to s via "vocation clubs" in parishes that Gilbert set up to encourage girls to become nuns. Woman alleged in that Gilbert had molested her in approx. Gilbert was at Sacred Heart in Greenville at the time. Gildea allegedly used his power as guidance counsellor to threaten the boy.

Accused of abuse of at least 4 teenage boys between s and Archdiocese learned of abuse in and His faculties were restricted. Accusations found credible in Ministry permanently restricted and was living a supervised life. Counting Giliberti, at least 5 members of his seminary class have been defrocked or removed from ministry over abuse allegations, including Gana, Avery, DePaoli and James M.

Philadelphia Archdiocesian Priest Data Profile. In man said he was molested by Gill and abused by other Jesuit priests and brothers at St. Francis Indian School on the Rosebud Reservation in s. Gill was accused of beating boys and of talking "about Jesus Christ while his hand was down the kid's pants fondling him. Died at age Pioneer Press in Washington Post Civil suit filed Sept. Victim did not tell parents until and they then told the Diocese.

Gill, who retired in , was barred from public ministry at that time. Another man filed suit in June alleging abuse in In Helena diocese Per the report, In a boy told the diocese in a letter that Gillespie had sexually abused him at St. Joseph's in Girardville, where he was an altar boy, about age He reportedly did not get a response.

The same person contacted the diocese again in His younger brother told the diocese in that when he was about age 10 at St. Joseph's Gillespie began sexually abusing him. The priest's modus operandi included having altar boys weighed and measured unclothed. One accuser said Gillespie dressed him in costumes, take his picture, then undress him.

He said Gillespie had him drink alcohol and cough medicine, and that the abuse included oral sex. Case continued pending alcohol and sexual offender evaluations with treatment if indicated, and no contact with minors without disclosing case. Returned to work without announcement. Still unassigned , in residence at a Charlestown parish. Accused of abuse of 5 youths over a period spanning from to Archdiocese knew of his behavior as early as Placed on leave in Further restrictions added in Ministry was permanently restricted.

Living a supervised life when he died On secret list. Suit filed against two other priests Moorse and Tarlton included allegation that Gillespie abused a boy at St.

John's Abbey in He lives under restrictions at the Abbey. Assignment Record from Archdiocese of St Paul. Gillespie was pastor of St. Archdiocese notified law enforcement and launched its own investigation. Archdiocese of Boston Boston Archdiocese Assignment History.

No other information found. Omitted from Boston AD database because was Order priest. He was working at St.

Paul's Church in Black River at the time of his removal. Diocese said all four priests had substantiated allegations against them and all had been through some form of therapy. Gilpin was living in FL and working as assistant prinicpal in middle school but resigned when his name became public. Allegations came out that he had made inappropriate comments to students in FL. Also sued by 1 in ME when he was working there while a seminarian. Gilsdorf was removed from duties in July Green Bay Press-Gazette Worked as a diocesan censor and writer.

Receoved 10 years' probation in for child porn; not removed from active duty until Convicted of abuse of 2 youths in Named in civil suit. Claims included in Diocese? At least two more men later came forward to allege abuse by Ginder as boys. Ordained as Deacon in Joseph's Prep School for 29 yrs. Admitted it to the School which ordered treatment and restrictions. Archbishop said act was not abuse but Ginn will not be reassigned.

Philadelphia Daily News Came to Los Angeles Accusations in of abuse in Civil suit filed in re abuse in Archdiocesan report says 4 accusers. Giordano retired from St. He attributed his retirement to the pressures of running a parish and allegations of sexual misconduct. The diocese apparently investigated at the time and no action was taken. He denied all allegations and stated that the "allegations were handled properly according to both civil and canon law. Police informed; Archdiocese investigated.

Not on Archdiocese's list of active priests in Received 1 yr probation in after telling police he was the victim of a car jacking. Instead, he had picked up a male prostitute and the man stole his car. Documents produced with the Maine AG report shows at least 4 allegations of abuse received against Girardin.

One woman complained that he abused her in when she was in 5th grade. Other three complaints were by men who said they were abused ins. Girardin died in Maine AG Document Production 7. Same plaintiff who alleges that she was abused by Srs. She said she told Church authorities twice, and was ordered to confession both times in response. Also said he visited her in college in and asked her to marry him. After her refusal, he never contacted her again.

Reportedly 'left the priesthood' in He said the two would "play wrestling" and at one point Giuliano pulled his underwear down and molested him.

Giuliano denied the allegation. He was suspended from St. John the Evangelist in Pawling and St. Charles Borromeo in Dover Plains, both of which he pastored. The NYPD investigated; no charges filed. New York Daily News One of 26 priests placed on admin. Believed to be living in Camden Diocese. There are no substantiated allegations of sexual abuse. National Catholic Reporter 7. Background on Priest from Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Last assignment was as pastor emeritus of St. Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release Ordained for Archdiocese of St. Incardinated into Diocese of New Ulm Names from deposition of Rev. Garvey reports he confronted Gleason in approximately and Gleason resigned and moved to CA. Diocese of New Ulm Assignment Record. Diocese said no previous accusations against Gleeson. Gleeson died in He was a native of Ireland but had worked in California for 38 years. Joseph as current friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors.

Gleissner's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him except that he was removed from public ministry and was placed under supervision. Diocese of Erie Sued at least twice in in Arizona. Also sued in California. At least 2 claims included in Tucson settlement as part of bankruptcy. Arizona Daily Star 9. Arizona Daily Star 2.

Later article says two other allegations have surfaced since suit was filed. One said he told another priest in If action had been taken, the other 3 would not have been abused. He died at age Godin resigned in and acknowledged involvement in "inappropriate behavior" with a 17 year old boy 19 years before when he had a drinking problem. Archdiocese of Milwaukeee List of Clergy Offenders 3.

Criminal charges dropped when women did not want to pursue charges. This suit settled in Permanently removed after Dallas Bishop Conference.

Reprimanded for inappropriate behavior involving hugging and kissing. No time frame given. Accused of abuse of minor boys. Earliest alleged abuse was in s. Former Archbishop Binz apparently held formal church trial, removd Goltz from active priesthood, and sent him for therapy over a 12 yr period. He was then reassigned to active priesthood for 18 yrs abused again and retired in In , the Vatican removed his privileges and, in , ordered him to live a life of prayer and penance.

Ordained for San Diego in Graduate studies in Rome From Mexico, ordained in Yakima. Church deemed allegation credible. Gomez Santos denied the allegation, but admitted to giving alcohol, massages and gifts to minors, including trips to Disneyland. He also allowed teens to sleep over in his parish residences. Said by diocese to be living in supervised setting. No criminal charges possible due to 3-yr statute of limitations in WA. Juan Diego parish in Cowiche in Clay Center Dispatch A year-old man told the Raleigh diocese in that Gondek sexually assaulted him during confession in Wilmington NC.

Order said it had Gondek undergo counseling. The man wrote to the Charlotte diocese years later, after Gondek's transfer there. Pastor of Lexington NC parish beginning Diocese of Charlotte Press Release Served as Asst Pastor of St. He was no longer working in the diocese when the allegation was received. No comments on what Order did or when complaint received. Ordained as deacon Accused in of abuse of 1 boy beginning in when boy was 12 and lasting for 3 yrs.

Order reportedly knew of Gonzales' abusive behavior in at least Gonzales was named as abuser in civil suit. Woman alleged that he began sexually abusing her when she was age 15 and homeless. Abuse allegedly occurred at Immaculate Conception parish in Houston. Plaintiff got pregnant and Gonzales went to Canada. Gonzales admitted fathering at least 8 illegitimate children with young girls. He had worked at St. Thomas More in Glendale since He retired as supervisory chaplain with the Fed Bureau of Prisons in While in Dallas, he was assigned to parish in Coppell, TX.

Statement by Diocese of Phoenix Seminary student at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon until he was dismissed in Warrant was issued in for his arrest on felony charges of encouraging child sex abuse child pornography. Yakima bishop knew of earlier allegation; thought it was an isolated incident and duties did not involve children.

Gonzalea claims he was abused by a priest before entering seminary. Civil suit filed Nov. Accusations involved giving the youth a beer, showing him pornography and sexually abusing him. Gonzalez-Abreu placed on leave in Dec. Later cleared by the Archdiocese. Sarasota Herald Tribune AP Goodman "resigned" from parish in Settlement with 13 in Placed on permanent leave in Goodman sexually abused a young man at St.

John Vianny Seminary and at a parish in The man told the diocese in Goodman admitted and received treatment. Man came forward again in and demanded that story be made public. Richmond Times Dispatch 8. In civil suit, man alleges that Goodrich fondled, kissed and bit him on church premises between and Goodrich retired in and later suffered a stroke that left him mentally incapacitated. He died in There are as many as 14 accusers against Goodrich.

Arrested on charges of abusing 4 boys in late s. Released on personal recognizance. In he entered an Alford plea did not admit to wrongdoing but felt evidence would result in conviction and was sentenced to 10 yrs prison, suspended upon service of 5 yrs probation. Post and Courier Gopaul, a native of Trinadad, was visiting professor at St. John's Abbey in when he allegedly drugged and raped a student. Accusation made to the Abbey in by the boy's father.

Gopaul died in while working in Los Angeles Archdiocese. Allegation made again by victim's sisters in Abbey admits a complaint in The complaint actually found in archives in As many as 10 other victims and settlement in Pahrump Valley Times 1.

Worked as assistant principal of all-boys Mount St. Michael Academy in Bronx. Sentenced to 1 yr treatment at St. Luke's and deferred adjudication. Public not notified of charges until after sentencing. Accused of molesting at least 2 youths over several years. Civil suit filed One man said Gorecki fondled him on several occasions. He finally told his mom; she complained to nun at school. Shortly thereafter, Gorecki was "gone.

Accused in of abuse dating back to Retired in and has had no duties since that time. Press Herald Obituary Four allegations deemed credible surfaced of abuse of students during the s until , when the school no longer had boarders. One former student had come forward in re early s abuse; an Abbot Matthew revealed he'd received a complaint from a parent in the early s re Fr. Bede's behavior with her son, which Fr. Gorman also said to have disciplined students with "bare-bottomed spanking.

Bede "did things with boys. Barnabas in Woodlawn in the s. Was archdiocesan director of prison chaplains and chairman of a Bronx community board. Gormley admitted to molesting one youth in and other boys in the s and s. He took a leave of absence in and left priesthood 2 years later. Problems were know prior to ordination and he was in therapy for 30 yrs.

In he apologized to victim after chance encounter. Native of Ireland, ordained for Cheyenne WY diocese. Francis in Brainerd MN, early s. Worked in diocesan parishes Removed and sent to psychiatric hospital in Milwaukee. Had been sent to Via Coeli in NM for treatment. Letters written by Duluth bishop Francis Schenk in and stated Gormly had a history of molesting small girls.

In Schenk wrote that despite Gormly's [poor ] record in Crookston he wanted "to give him one more chance. Gormly died in Diocese reports that Gorton has "retired" without privileges for health reasons and due to Review Board report which found allegations "credible.

Cloud released the names of 33 clergy, including Goryczka, involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. Phillip's in East Windsor and St. Catherine's in Broad Brook. Law enforcement notified, investigation ensued. Allegedly made boy strip and assaulted him before giving him his paycheck. Pre-trial rulings excluded evidence. Got six-month suspended sentence. Gottschalk co-founded House of Peace in When questioned, he admitted he did commit an "inappropriate" act against a minor.

Order says most of the actions were not criminal acts per DA's office. He has retired as head of House of Peace and has been moved to order's headquarters in Detroit.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Removed from assignment at St. Diocese admitted that he had previously been sent for therapy in after a relationship with an adult.

Gould denied latest allegation. Few days later, diocese said he had also been sent for treatment in re allegation by adult. Statement by Diocese of Boise 5. Placed on leave in Oct. Plaintiffs' counsel withdrew in Civil case dismissed in due to statute of limitations. Plaintiff appealed and case finally dismissed in Gourley may have left order per article. Rocky Mountain News 9. Absent "without permission" from ministry since In , he was working as substitute teacher at Duxbury High.

Joseph's Catholic Church of Waterville. She was aged at the time. Contact was actually an an undercover FBI agent in a sting. Meet arranged over the Internet. Immediately placed on leave from assignment at St. Later indictment said child pornography was found on his computer. Louis Post Dispatch 3.

Grady, who retired in and died in , is one of 10 priests named in claims of sexual molestation by victims who came forward in He is accused of molesting a boy in early s. At least 1 claim against Grady settled by Diocese as part of massive settlement in Oct.

The Diocesan Review Board found that there was "reasonable cause" tobelieve he took part in "inappropriate" conduct. Diocese of Evansville Website 2. Graf suspended in June, for sexual misconduct with a child. Article says diocese learned of abuse in ; another says On-line petition in support of Graf says the matter occurred 28 yrs ago and was handled then. University prior to his suspension.

Permanently barred from ministry by Bishop O'Brien. No criminal or civil charges filed. At least 40 men in PA and TX alleged abuse by him. In Mark Rozzi reported rape by Graff as a year-old Catholic school student in ; he came forward after a friend said to have also been a Graff victim died by suicide.

By two more friends he said Graff raped had taken their own lives. Rozzi was elected PA state rep in and went on to lead the effort to change the statute of limitations for sex crimes against children.

Man alleged he had been abused in s when he was a parishioner. Review board was unable to determine the credibility of the allegation. Find A Grave Accused in of repeatedly molesting a year-old boy.

Graham admitted that accusations were true but received positive assessment and was allowed to return to work. Another allegation in of abuse in s resulted in restrictions but restrictions removed in Still receives financial support from Diocese. Accusation was made by the female partner of the alleged victim, who had recently died of a drug overdose. The sister of another alleged victim told the Diocesan Review Board in that Graham molested her brother, who died in , when he was age Another man told the diocese in that when he was age 16, Graham sexually abused him.

All alllegations deemed credible and Graham was permanently removed from ministry. No other information found about allegations against him. Bernadette's in East Haven at some point.

Convicted in , and sentenced to 20 years in prison for orally sodomizing a boy in the late s. Archdiocese investigated in but allegations weren't substantiated. Diocese posted bond while case was being appealed. Graham "no longer in public ministry. Has been on permanent administrative leave.

St Louis Post Dispatch St Louis Review The boy was a student at Cathedral High, where Graham worked variously as principal, chaplain, religious studies dept head and teacher. Per the suit, the accuser's father told the diocese of the alleged abuse in Duluth News Tribune Acused of sexually abusing a teenage girl in s.

He disputed when the alleged abuse took place and the age of the victim. Gramkee previously admitted that he had "engaged in an inappropriate relationship" and had undergone counseling. He was named as chaplain at prison just after abused is alleged to have occurred but was later assigned to parish. Alcohol and porn used in grooming; abuse allegedly included oral and anal sex.

Archdiocese was warned 5 times Removed ; sick leave ; retired ; died Another suit filed but dismissed on SOL. Appealed to Ct of Appeals. Note that in one accuser sentenced to 3 yrs in prison for making false allegation in a civil suit filed against Grammond. Harris when they were ages and , while their step-father suffered from leukemia. Placed on leave in after being accused of abuse of 1 boy in s. Others have also made allegations.

Retired as pastor of St. Paul of Tarsus Parish in Clinton Township in Remained in residence as senior priest. Matter reported to County Prosecutor. Harrington re sexual harassment case against Grandpre. Prosecutor's Office had investigated allegations of sexual abuse of young children but that no criminal charges would be filed against him.

Father of one man in his 20s told reporters that Granstrand had molested his son and another boy in and that his son spiraled into drugs and trouble and was currently awaiting prosecution for arson. No information from church. The principal of the school, James W. O'Neill accused by another student , apparently knew about Grant's abuse of the boy. Assigned at one time to Salesianum School. Later released on bail. Was assigned to Saint Hedwig church as pastor at the time of the alleged abuse.

Grant denied all allegations during trial testimony. Grass was in the hospital for cancer treatment when news broke. He was no longer allowed to live in his parish residence. Bishop said he believed that the girl was only victim of Grass. Complaint to Bishop Adamec in that Grattan sexually abused a boy, ages , in the s. Reassigned as a hospital chaplain and allowed to live in a rectory.

Sexually abused an "incapacitated patient. In another man reported previous abuse by Grattan. Marilyn Welch of the Allegation Review Board "acted more as an investigator against the victim than an advocate for the claim or the abused. Grattan admitted to the Grand Jury his abuse of boys.

Serbin Letter to DA's Office PA Office of the Attorney General Graves was inactive and living in a monitored status after diocese found allegations credible. One claim in settlement. Daily Hampshire Gazette At least 11 suits allege abuse of boys Diocese says allegations were credible. He left priesthood in and was allowed to return to the lay state. In he was working for Toledo Public Schools as dean of students at a high school. Gray has finally surrendered his teaching certificate.

Diocese of Toledo Status Report 4. Convicted of sexually abusing a teenage boy while teaching him karate in Charges re two other boys were dismissed. Sent to jail for days and 5 years probation. Received psychiatric treatment before being returned to job in the Diocese in Removed from his job as head of cemeteries department and placed on permanent leave in June San Jose Mercury News 6. Accused in civil suit of abuse of 1 youth.

Plaintiff said he told Archdiocese in and Returned to active status mid- because police could not substantiate. Per article, he was "retired" but still performed some parish ministry. Man came forward in December to allege that he was abused by Gray and two other priests McGoldrick and Morrissey for 4 years, beginning when he was The 3 priests immediately resigned from their parishes.

The victim wrote to the Diocese and then met with Bishop Lori. Allegations given to Review board and diocese notified CPS. Grear was dean of students at Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School nearby. Petition says there wereother victims before and after Plaintiff was abused. John Doe 85 v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana San Fransicso Chronicle Patrick's between when he was a member of the Choir and Greene was music director for the Archdiocese.

Perez et al v. Raphael the Archangel School. From Louisville KY archdiocese until Owensboro diocese established in Accuser was an altar boy in Onamia approximately 30 yrs before when Br. Greg groomed him for about a year and then allegedly raped him on several occasions. Milles Lacs Messenger Woman complained to the Manchester Diocese that Gregoire had abused her when she was a minor. Abuse occurred in Seattle when Gregoire was a member of the Society of St. Suplice before he became a member of the Manchester Diocese.

Diocese found the accusations credible and placed Gregoire on leave without priestly faculties. Man says Gregory performed oral sex on him in Lansing Diocese was not involved in settlement. Gregory lives in nursing home in California. Police notified in but no charges were filed. Lansing State Journal 8. Gregovich forced to retire in over allegations that he abused at least three male victims , while he was pastor of Immaculate Conception in New Madrid. Parents of one youth came forward in Known to have worked with George Endal and James Poole, both known abusers.

Worked in Nome Had been a Jesuit for 64 yrs. Civil suit v Griego filed , 7 in Lived for a time at Archbishop Sanchez' residence after treatment at Paracletes. Started work as prison psychologist after FBI check; resigned months later. Said there were teenage boys with Griego, hanging out in rectory and drinking. In , one man told Archdiocese that Grieman had abused him at age 12 while assigned to St. John the Baptist in New Brighton in early s. Man refused to release his medical records and Archdiocese found claim wasn't credible.

Reported to police butno investigation. Man reported to police himself in Grieman retired in Archdiocese sent letter of good standing to San Diego and mentioned allegations. Lives in Phoenix, AZ. Accued in civil suit filed summer, of sexually abusing a 16 yr old boy in s at St.

Bernard Church in Sunrise. Articles refer to him as a "Deacon" in the Passionist Order. Abuse of boy, age 11 between at St. Sued by same victim in but suit dismissed due to SOL. As of Griffith was "long removed from public ministry" and lived at a Passionist residence in Chicago.

Entered retirement home in Accused of abuse in from

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