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Think I recall a chunk was blown off but lucky they didn't get to fire it or it misfired. Returning from North America, it is easiest to follow the Gulf Stream in a northeasterly direction using the westerlies. It is the other kid's bat and ball and backyard, so you play by his rules — nothing to get in a sweat about Always wondered how the rear of my track got shot up with small arms fire. King of the World The Village Mage:

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In one episode the colonists shake their disco funk with hand held cords, in another they have a slightly more formal hand meeting dance. In one episode when Baltar is attacking Galactica while Pegasus is pulling round, his Cylon pilot says, "I really think you should take a look at the other battlestar. Blasters, which shot a quick, invisible beam of energy. Much like real, laser pistol-like devices. As part of the lawsuit settlement with LucasFilm, BG was prohibited from showing hand weapons that shot visible bolts on-screen.

The space combat scenes were not so limited, for whatever reason. Thus ironically making BG's hand-lasers more realistic than Lucas's blaster weapons. Athena ends up getting this treatment. She starts out as a Bridge Bunny , but is only sometimes shown on the bridge after the pilot.

Then she's used as part of a triangle with Starbuck and Cassiopeia, but that plot is dropped fast. The only time after this she's given any significant screen time is when she's one of the characters trapped in the fire during "Fire In Space. This was reportedly due to the producers' lack of interest in coaching Maren Jensen, who was at that time an inexperienced actress.

Cassiopeia was developed to take Athena's place as a frontline female character. Commander Cain once altered the course of a battle just by heading the Pegasus in his direction to scare him into pulling back and leaving the other two basestars to protect him. Siress Belloby, who declares that she needs "a real animal" of a man at her time of life.

She demands that Commander Adama court her in exchange for an energizer to trade for seed grain to restart agriculture after a Cylon attack and is rather forceful about kissing him and Starbuck. She winds up staying behind with a hedonistic pig-man who'd held her captive for a while.

Think of her as a one-off Lwaxana Troi. Draw Sword, Draw Blood: The Borellian Nomen had a warrior's code that said that if they drew their long knife, they would prefer suicide to seeing the knife resheathed unbloodied. Used for the in-cockpit shots. In "The Return of Starbuck", the final episode of Galactica , he does this with a Cylon that slowly becomes more and more human, even developing a human-like voice.

Apollo gets married in the second episode, and still spends most of the season a widower; his father is also a widower common in the Fleet, one assumes , and every one else is not married. The pilot does this. Starbuck and Cassiopeia are seen kissing in the hangar bay, while Starbuck's other love interest catches them by surveillance camera. Cue the push of a "Steam Vent" button. Novelizations of episodes of both the original series and Galactica were released while the two series were on the air.

A second series of novels, set after the end of the TV series but ignoring Galactica ran from to Several of the earlier episode adaptations were re-released during this period as well.

There have been three different comic book adaptations — by Marvel, Dynamite, and Rob Liefeld's imprint Maximum Press. Somewhat less than other shows. In the episode "Saga of a Star World", the fleet arrives at the planer Carillon. Starbuck and Boomer go exploring on the planet in a vehicle. When they encounter an alien building, they draw their weapons and get out of the vehicle.

They look at each other, nod and move out to check out the building. According to The Other Wiki 's article , the only distance unit that wasn't an Earth name was "metron" 1 meter. Father to His Men: Literally in the case of Apollo, Athena and Zac - while he lasts. Triad, which resembles a cross between basketball and the Mesoamerican ballgame played by two-man teams dressed in Zardoz outfits.

Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer are avid players. Genocide from the Inside: Baltar's goal is to completely destroy humanity. The Council of Twelve gives him three challenges: Greater Need Than Mine: Apollo sacrificing himself to Iblis, for Sheba.

President Adar, with disastrous results. It leads to the basic premise of the show, and also to his Apollo and Starbuck - Not only do they often fly together, but they're also on the same Triad Team. Starbuck and Boomer also make a pretty good team, and the novelisations state that Adama and Tigh were their generation's Starbuck and Boomer, albeit in a somewhat more serious, responsible fashion.

Somewhat inverted, the twelve colonies of Kobol are being evacuated and searching for Earth, which is the "lost" thirteenth colony. Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Cassiopeia is a "sociolator", although only one person is ever shown to have an objection to her profession.

Later, she's Hello, Nurse! Humanity Came From Space: One of the most prominent examples. Earth is one of over thirteen colonies of the original human homeworld, Kobol.

Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: You'd think intelligent computers would be better shots. But you try to shoot with your eyes darting back and forth constantly.

They're seen firing at Cylons three yards away on a narrow wooden bridge and nobody goes down. Infinite Supplies Averted in the pilot, when resources were so scarce that the fleet practiced mandatory rationing, and braved the Nova Matigon so as to make it to Carillon for resupply before they starved.

Averted in "Living Legend", when the fleet needs fuel, for plot reasons. Was recycled as the National Anthem in the revised series.

The Cylon Centurions, who seek to destroy all of humanity. How Galactica is in a posituon to defend itself in the first battle. However, this might be an excellent time for 'battlestations drill'. Earth, specifically; however, several others show up in the course of the series.

Starbuck is a pretty likeable guy when you aren't annoyed at one of his irresponsible schemes. Honed to an art form. Earth, the legendary planet settled by the lost Thirteenth Tribe, is the object of the refugees' quest.

Ila, Adama's wife, is heavily implied to have been killed when the Cylons bombed out her home, and Adama is seen sifting through the bombed-out ruins of the building, picking up a family photo of her, and lamenting with tears that he has always been too late to be there for her. Although his children are hopeful she got away from the Cylons because they Never Found the Body , Adama lived with her long enough to how she would act and presumes, "No. Of the following, A: With four-to-one odds she bit the dust, chances are not in Ila's favor.

Baltar's reaction in "The Living Legend" when he's gloating at seeing the Battlestar Galactica about to be defeated, only to see the Battlestar Pegasus on an attack run right at him. Despite multiple layers and episodes of teasing "Terra" being a Geminese term for "Earth", the Terran political situation being based on the Cold War , the planet called Terra turns out to NOT be Earth. When the Council of the Twelve decides to lift the decree of martial law in "Baltar's Escape," they appoint Siress Tinia as Adama's "aide" to ensure he carries out Council decisions.

She mostly interprets this as blocking anything too "aggressive," such as sending an escort of Warriors to meet the Eastern Alliance prisoners. The original series had the Prison Barge, a ship used to hold prisoners of various kinds, including prisoners of war. Baltar organizes an escape from the ship along with various characters arrested or captured in previous episodes. Earth, which is believed to the "13th Colony" whose people founded the other 12 Colonies. Putting on the Reich: Virtually everything about the Eastern Alliance screams "Nazi Imagery," ranging from their philosophy that some are strong and born to rule, to their costumes, to the fact that the leader of the Alliance Enforcers has the rank of "Commandant.

Mormon theology and folklore is so prevalent in the series that fans and detractors alike tend to refer to it as Mormons In Space. Red Eyes, Take Warning: The Cylons, of course, but also Count Iblis.

Mainly the Cylons, but the Colonial pilots get shot out of space fairly regularly, too. The Cylons are robots originally created by a reptilian race who destroyed their creators and later fought the Thousand-Yahren War with the Twelve Colonies, with the later skirmishes against the refugee fleet led by Galactica.

In "War of the Gods", the fleet is tempted by the promises of the mysterious "Count Iblis" an Islamic name for Satan , who turns out to be a fallen angel from Caprican mythology. The writers simply didn't understand the difference between a solar system and a galaxy. Made worse by the fact that only the Galactica has FTL, so the entire refugee fleet is moving at sub-light speeds. In "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero", the the surface of the planet Arcta is entirely covered by ice and snow, with a constant blizzard blowing overhead.

The fleet comes upon a ship carrying 2 families a father and his kids, a mother her kids but the adults aren't a couple. The fleet nearly kills the father, by waking him up. The atmosphere on the Galactica is too heavy for him. They are escaping from a colony, where none of the people born can return to their home world which is divided into east USSR and west US because they can't survive in the atmosphere.

They're wearing clothing, for the most part not in Earth fashions except for some disco wear. The main exception to this are the Terran colonists, who do indeed wear shiney space clothes. How can it not be? This is mostly due to the prominence of the scattering and gathering of the twelve Jewish tribes in Mormon theology. Big Buck Hunter Pro Pinball. Based around the popular television franchise. CSI Las Vegas Pinball features original speech from characters from the franchise and music from the television show.

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