SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn, Part 2

Asbury Park is the nominal home to Asbury Park F. This was our summer visit to a lovely state park in Central New York. Plopsaland de Panne, La Panne, Belgium. The main access road is Route 71 which runs north-south. His lawyers pointed out that the replica is a distinct piece of art, with intentional variations from the original Statue of Liberty. Noted for its Bach Vespers series, started in

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He died at his desk here on October 26, World Wide Plaza block: In the courtyard that the development takes its name from, there's a fountain by Sidney Simon called The Seasons , featuring a globe held up by four female figures--each modeled on artist Molly Ackerman.

Underneath the plaza is New World Stages, off-Broadway theaters that were originally a second-run multiplex. It was built on the site of the third Madison Square Garden , here from to , designed by Thomas Lamb. The New York Rangers were established here in , and the Knicks in The first Golden Gloves amateur boxing championship was held here March 28, A celebration for Adolf Hitler here on February 20, , turned out 28, Nazi sympathizers. Kennedy held his 45th birthday party here on May 19, , with Marilyn Monroe singing him a very special ''Happy Birthday.

Gershwin Apartments are a story apartment development built in , named for the songwriting brothers. Includes the Thalia restaurant, filled with theatrical posters and named for the muse of comedy. Fo Ying Chinese Int'l Smoker Shop Olympic Coffee Shop Peter Ottley Institute Supreme Coffee Shop Ray's Famous Pizza Was City Knickerbocker Lighting. Was Hollywood Cinema , X-rated theater corner: Smith's , soul-food showcase for the "black Martha Stewart," opened ; in , became Jack Rose , bar named for a Westies gangster and a leading venue for swing dancing.

Now one of those places for tourists who want to eat someplace they could eat at at home. At this address in was found the body of Elsie Sigel, granddaughter of a Civil War hero, apparently killed by her lover, Chinese immigrant Leon Ling.

The murder set off a wave of anti-Chinese hysteria. A group of buildings built in , torn down a little more than a hundred years later. Described by Christopher Gray in as a "fantastically unchanged wooden storefront," this building was subsequently demolished. New Acropolis Coffee is in an tenement designed by William H. Cauvet --called by Christopher Gray "a nice example of Eastlake-style incised decoration.

New York Inn Was Scruffy Duffy's Bar Caravan Afghan Restaurant , opened Was a massage parlor called French Quarters. The Collins Bar , a respectable dive bar, used to be Little Annie's Full Moon Saloon, described by the Village Voice as "a pimp hangout so unsavory that even the most seasoned slumming debauchee dared not enter it.

La Cocina Mexican Restaurant corner: To build it they tore down McHale's Bar , a classic watering hole that dated back to , when it was the Gaiety Cafe; the stainless steel exterior had been installed in Brownstone flats built by the Astors in , designed by Frederick Barus; a mansard roof and tower were added in by Richard Vitto. Big Apple Gourmet Deli Kodama Japanese Restaurant Lord Camelot Coffee is in the Camelot, s apartment building.

The musical opened in December Was Monte Tecla Bar Euro Diner was Capri Adult Cinema , Was Coqtales Bar Smilers Corner W 45th: Joe Franklin's Memory Lane Milford Plaza Hotel block: Opened in as the Lincoln Hotel. The Globe Hotel was demolished to make room, along with A Beaux Arts building housed the Ideal Theater, which later became the X-rated Cameo becoming the gay-oriented Adonis after , and then was one of Times Square's last remaining live peep shows--closed in , demolished Lace , intimate strip club formerly Club 44 Gotham City , maintaining the live peepshow tradition; was O'Donnell's Bar.

Emmett was an Irish rebel hanged by the British in , famous for his "Let no man write my epitaph" speech. Souper Dog; Wrapsody Red Ruby Chinese Restaurant Daily Soup Corner W 43rd: Opened in , this three-level peep show emporium is now one of the few remaining adult businesses in the Times Square district.

Blarney Stone Bar A strip of glitzy development for the new Times Square. On the corner is Chevy's, an elaborate outlet of the Mexican chain. The first peep shows were installed in a magazine store at this address in Tennessee Williams liked to pick up sailors here as well.

Port Authority Bus Terminal The world's largest bus terminal was built in expansions in and by the same folks who brought us the World Trade towers. There are plans to add a high-rise office tower addition. Rosanna Arquette leaves her luggage and her identity here in Desperately Seeking Susan ; the last scene in Bad Lieutenant was set here.

It's also the site of George Rhoads' kinetic sculpture 42nd Street Ballroom a Rube Goldberg-like apparatus involving billiard balls. Times Square Plaza Block: Also known as 11 Times Square , this story building was completed in The main tenant here is Proskauer Rose , a law firm founded in that has represented all four major sports leagues and several giant oil companies--as well as the band The White Stripes. There's talk about putting a giant fish tank in this building with sharks, penguins and the like--I'll believe it when I see it.

Harris was black and Thorpe, who was white, turned out to be a plain-clothes cop; the incident sparked anti-black riots throughout the Tenderloin district. Port Authority Bus Terminal The south wing of the bus station. They later made a documentary about it. Next door was the Exchange Bar. New York Times Building block: The paper that gave Times Square its name moved to this new story tower in ; it had been at its last home on 43rd Street since The design by Renzo Piano features a ceramic-tube curtain wall that is supposed to change color with shifting light--"all the colors of the rainbow, from grey to brown," Gawker snarked.

It was at one point an actor's hotel. The Dis- tinguished Wakamba. Undercover police officers accosted Patrick Dorismond in front of this nightclub to ask him for drugs, starting an altercation that resulted in Dorismond's death. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani defended the slaying by pointing to a fight Dorismond was in when he was 13 years old.

Gray's Papaya ; you won't find a better bargain in New York than the classic hot dogs here--and you can wash them down with a variety of foamy tropical beverages. The radio show CounterSpin got its start here. Hotel New Yorker When built in , this Art Deco hotel was the largest in New York, with 2, rooms, launderers, 92 telephone operators, 42 barber chairs, 35 master cooks, 20 manicurists, 10 dining salons, five restaurants and the nation's largest private power plant.

Electrical genius Nikola Tesla died in his room here January 7, After decades of decline, it was bought by the Rev. In , the Church reopened part of the building as a Ramada Inn franchise, under the old name. At the corner is the hotel's Tick Tock Cafe. Printing Crafts Building block: Also a branch of the theater district's Stage Door Restaurant. All of the several buildings on this entire block to Seventh Avenue have the same "address"-- 1 Penn Plaza.

Who thought up this system, anyway? Though people usually associate that with the story slab halfway down the block. The first building used to include a restaurant called Beema Grill. The building--officially renamed the James A. Farley Building, after FDR's postmaster, a New York native-- also bears the names of noted figures in the history of mail; note the inclusion of Franz Von Taxis, who might be considered the villain of The Crying of Lot The building is scheduled to be transformed into a new rail terminal to replace the warren-like Penn Station under Madison Square Garden.

The retrofitted post office building is to be renamed Moynihan Station, commemorating Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who led the push for the change. WPLJ music radio is based here too. Madison Square Garden Eight blocks from Madison Square, where the original version was located, this 20,seat arena, the home of the New York Knicks, Rangers and Liberty, is the fourth building and the third location to bear the name.

John Lennon's last performance was here, as a surprise guest at an Elton John concert, in The Democratic conventions of , and were held here; the Republicans came here in to capitalize on September Godzilla made its nest here in the U. Many people think of Madison Square Garden, however, as one of New York City's greatest architectural crimes-- because it was built by tearing down the old Pennsylvania Station , a glorious structure modeled on the Roman Baths of Caracalla, considered to be architect Charles McKim's greatest masterpiece.

Protests by architects and preservationists did not prevent the station's destruction--though the loss did help spark landmark laws to protect other treasures. In the base- ment of the Garden is the new Penn Station , one of Manhattan's two major rail terminals--along with a lane bowling alley. No one's going to mistake this Penn Station for an architectural masterpiece. Kahn died of a heart attack at the station in his unidentified body remaining in the morgue for several days.

Pizza Suprema; Dinersty Restaurant Chinese Tempest Bar, formerly Garden Tavern Manhattan Inn is no beauty contestant, but it's certainly a bargain place to stay in Manhattan. Charley O's Skybox Grill and Bar Blarney Stone , chain of Irish dives Molly Wee Pub , spruced-up Irish joint.

Used to be 8th Avenue Garden. Urban Kitchen formerly Home on 8th, before that Uncle Chan Restaurant is a largely vegetarian Chinese place--the people I work with go here once a week, and it's a fair hike. Displays an extensive collection of Bruce Lee action figures. Walters Bar , an unironic place to get drunk corner: Penn South Houses This huge project was built in as a middle-income housing co-op for garment workers. William "Big Bill" Devery, reputedly "the most corrupt man to ever wear the uniform of the New York City Police Department," was chief of police from He would stand every night at this corner--known as "The Pump"--to accept payoffs and information from gamblers, brothel owners and other Tenderloin entrepreneurs.

Italian Deli, "Fancy Food to Go" Salumeria Biellese Charcuterie Francaise , French sausage since Kasteli Cafe was Penn Place bar The Onyx Chelsea replaced a building that served as a business office for William "Big Bill" Devery see opposite corner , and was his campaign headquarters when he ran for mayor in Businesses that were in the old building included Chelsea 99 Cents or Less , Climateight, noted for its guest bartender happy hour , Optimo Candy Store and Krour Thai Fashion Institute of Technology A college designed to serve the academic needs of the Garment District.

Midtown Tennis corner: In an inflatable dome above a Gristedes supermarket. Underneath the store is the Maverick Theater , home to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater , a coalition of improv groups that got kicked out of its old home, a former strip club on West 22nd, because it was a firetrap.

Unicorn DVD, gay porn shop. China Star, takeout corner: Daniella ; Zagat says this Italian has some of the best food in Chelsea. The Medicine Shoppe In , at the time of the Orangemen massacre, was National Baking Company.

In , this nail joint was The Balkan, a Yugoslavian restaurant. In , this was Appel's Hotel. Now a dry cleaner. Was the 8th Avenue Mission; later Rome, a gay bar; more recently The Biltmore Room, a restaurant whose marble floor and bronze doors came from the original Biltmore Hotel.

Was Hong Kong Noodle. I may owe my job to this Chinese restaurant; after a long search process, I was finally interviewed and taken out to dinner here, where one of the interviewers got a fortune cookie that read, "Stop looking forever, happiness is right beside you. Penn South Houses Corner: Fisk was shot in by Edward Stokes, a rival for Mansfield's affections; Fisk's funeral was held here.

Cohan produced plays here; Fred Astaire practiced dancing. Converted to cinema ; demolished Clarke, Clement Clarke Moore's grandfather, named the house he intended to retire to after London's old soldiers' home. Corner W 23rd: This Art Deco building, by architect Emery Roth , was supposed to be a hotel, but the project went bankrupt. Restored with its original deco fixtures. Fresco Tortilla Grill , a hole-in-the-wall that spawned many imitators The Onion corner: Subsequently relocated to Chicago.

Corner W 22nd: A story condo from Was Bendix Diner, a Thai-inflected neo-truck stop. View Bar ; the "view" was a mural behind a window.

Romanza apartments was home from to Big Cup , a Chelsea institution where the buff met for java. Village Florist corner: Was Bright Food Shop ; the name went back to , and the space was a restaurant as far back as Chelsea Golden Wok Project Pie, California-style pizza, was Rawhide , a landmark leather bar that opened in , closed in Cuba Cafe , formerly Cuba Libra corner: Rainbows and Triangles, gay kitsch.

Tazza Restaurant and Bar Havana Chelsea Luncheonette ; old-time diner is "the cutest cheap restaurant on the Chelsea strip"--Robert Sietsema. La Belle Vie The Rocking Horse Mexican corner: Better Burger, health-oriented fast food. Joyce Theatre corner: Built in as the Elgin cinema, converted to one of NYC's premier dance spaces.

Named not for James Joyce, but for the developer's daughter. The renovation helped spark a return of arts and restaurants to Eighth Avenue. Vox; Cafe Inferno corner: Eighteenth and Eighth Restaurant In the early s was The Attic, "a sex club that had no limits"-- Chelsea: Amin Indian Cuisine Flight , aviation-themed burger joint Was Food Bar, "sleek, perfectly lit" with an "uber-attractive staff"-- Shecky's Bang Bang Men of Chelsea , cruisewear.

This building and its neighbor to the south have dormers; they were both built c. Chisholm Larsson Gallery , vintage posters corner: Mardana for Men , slutwear for guys. Cola's , Italian restaurant with a nifty copper facade This is the only building on the block to survive the construction of in Was Chelsea Grill, which had a year-round garden Was Handmade Cigars corner: A Borgish-looking grey building went up at this address in , wiping out almost all the other buildings and businesses on the block.

The building that used to use this address was The Bistro at Candy Bar, and earlier was the Chelsea Transfer, a early s gay bar that was ahead of the neighborhood's transformation. Was Cajun Restaurant corner: Was Suite 16, which was Re-bar.

Corner W 17th: Port Authority Building block: This block-filling building, originally known as the Union Inland Terminal No. When built, it may have had more cubic space than any building in the world--later surpassed by the Pentagon. To make the project self-supporting, the upper floors were designed to be rented out to private businesses, which set a legal precedent for public entities engaging in commercial transactions. It also served as the headquarters for the Port Authority until they were moved to the World Trade Center.

There's a Banana Republic on the ground floor. Google 's New York office occupies the entire 4th floor; it bought the whole building in Mary Ann's , above-par local Mexican chain Pad Thai Noodle Lounge Gerry's , one of the few boutiques in Chelsea aimed at women. Chelsea Ristorante , Tuscan Rue des Crepes; Cookie's Fine Foods corner: Vnyl , part of a mini-chain of Thai-inflected faux diners; the Skittle-colored decor is the big draw, including bathrooms that are shrines to Cher and Elvis.

Used to be Diner 24, before that Doherty's Coffee House. The Thomas Eddy 81 corner: A story highrise designed in by William Whitehill for Vincent Astor's investment bank. The upper floors were largely occupied by Meatpacking District-related offices. The Art Deco design is a strong example of the "wedding cake" style resulting from the zoning law that required buildings to occupy less space as they went up. This building is home to the Greenwich Village Chamber of Commerce -- is it a bad sign that it's located outside the Village?

Here are also the offices of the International Cinema- tographers Guild. Think Coffee was Chicago B. The Lumber Store Inc This used to be a gas station for the Russian oil company Lukoil. It closed in Darling , dress shop. Note that 1 Horatio is a block away from 2 Horatio, since there are no addresses on Jackson Square.

A wavy, glassy, story condo completed in He's a deeply ambiguous historical character--he certainly did make the United States more democratic, but he's also probably the country's leading ethnic cleanser. The central cast-iron fountain was installed in The Van Gogh is a story apartment building constructed in with a distinctive curved facade. On the ground floor is Typewriters N' Things. Art Bar , drinking and paintings Was Chocolate Bar, which moved down the street.

The Rembrandt , a story apartment building from Also known as 31 Jane Street. Organic Avenue , health food Tavern on Jane , neighborhood place owned by Horton Foote Jr. Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallee, France. Djurs Sommerland, Nimtofte, Jylland, Denmark. Drouwenerzand Attractiepark, Drouwen, Drenthe, Netherlands. Efteling De Efteling , Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. Eifelpark, Gondorf, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Farglory Ocean Park, Hualien, Taiwan. Festilandia, Benidorm, Alicante, Valencia, Spain. Fisherman Wharf, Fengxian, Shanghai, China. Foton World Fantasia , Muscat, Oman. Fraispertuis City, Jeanmenil, Lorraine, France.

Freizeitpark Marchenwald, Wolfratshausen, Bavaria, Germany. Freizeitpark Plohn, Lengenfeld, Saxony, Germany. Funtasia Bettystown, Bettystown, Meath, Ireland.

Guangzhou Zoo, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Hangzhou Paradise, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Higashiyama Zoo, Higashiyama, Nagoya, Japan. Hokkaido Greenland, Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, Japan. Huagudeng Carnival, Bengbu, Anhui, China. Innovative Film City, Bangalore, India.

Jardin d Acclimatation, Paris, France. Legoland Billund, Billund, Jylland, Denmark. Legoland Deutschland, Gunzburg, Bavaria, Germany. Legoland Malaysia, Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia. Mitsui Greenland, Arao, Kumamoto, Japan. Movieland Studios, Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy. Mysterious Island, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany. Parcul Tineretului, Bucharest, Romania. Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Parque Warner Madrid, Madrid, Spain. Planet Infiniti, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Plopsaland de Panne, La Panne, Belgium. Popcorn from Tokyo Disney, Tokyo, Japan. Quanlin Resort, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. Seibuen Yuenchi, Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan. Shanghai Disneyland, Pudong,Shanghai, China.

and Central Park West