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I took the bait on a scratch off game that was sent in the mail. The red flag immediately came up, during the entire presentation the sales rep was using filters that was catching dust. Kalpakian has over 28 years in managing small-cap publicly listed companies. Now first off I think all of the posts on this cite may have a pessimistic perspective to the situation. Need better fresh air control? Bug fixes and performance improvements! Thanks for your posts.

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Summit Air II Reply! Poker scratch off game Caller: Summit Air II They're trying to pimp off an air purifier with an in home demo Do you really get the prize?

Yes received a call. Yes received the gift. Got a home demonstration and visit with a nice gentleman that explained the products. I took the bait on a scratch off game that was sent in the mail.

I called the number to see what I had won and I was told that someone would need to come and verify my winning card. I was also told that after I received my prize, they would like 30 minutes of my time to do a demonstration on Air Quality System. I entertained the idea because my entire family suffers from bad allergies. Well, 2 people showed up at my house. The gentleman was a sales rep and the girl was a trainee. My husband got home about 5 minutes before me and he was working on supper.

Since they arrived early, supper was put on hold. This was only going to be a 30 minute demo, so supper could wait a little bit. Not only did I get an Air Quality System demo, they also demoed a surface cleaner.

I was completely insulted when the girl asked if the sales rep was going to start using my vacuum cleaner. The red flag immediately came up, during the entire presentation the sales rep was using filters that was catching dust. He would then take a light and scrap the dust off in to the air, the trainee was sitting right next to him the entire time. So why all of a sudden is dust going to bother you now?

I told them that I was not going to buy anything at that point, I needed to discuss the decision with my husband who was already really annoyed and had completely removed himself from the presentation.

The sales rep said that the prices he had to offer were only good while he was there. The cost of the products was well over a budget that I could afford.

Even if I could afford the products, I would have turned them down because of the way that he was treating me. It took me 35 minutes to get them out of my house. I should have required them to show me the prize that I won when they got there, like they said on the sales call. All in all, they are extremely rude and over stay their welcome!

Summit Air Call type: Fell for it replies to Fell for it. I should of done some research before calling them. I called them then do some research and find out they are scam and when I call them back to cancel the appointment and told them that they were scam and I am not interested and told them not to come to my house, but the lady that answer the phone ask me how I know they were scam and she just didn't listen to me that I didn't want them to come to my house anymore.

She wouldn't listen to me and gave me rude attitude telling me that I was rude. She was the rude one because I just told her nicely not to come anymore and she went off at me. I told her if they come I will call the cops on them. She just wouldn't listen and just hung up on me. I will call the cops if they show up and won't leave me alone. Nothing is ever free in this world. I just have to keep that in mind everyday so I don't get trick again. I also received the "Jackpot Slots" scratch off game card and my wife thought we had won.

So I called the number and was expecting to have them try to sell me something, but after giving them the cards they started asking if I was married. I said I didn't see how that personal information related to if my card had won and the guy said well, those are the questions they have us ask and we can't continue. Then he hung up! On the card it says "No obligation required. I will be writing this up and sending it to the Attorney General for review.

If you feel like this involves fraud or bait-and-switch then you should also post at sites like this and complain. We don't deserve to be treated this way..! By the way, doing a search for is a great way to find things like this page and:

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