GPL Draft Day, a first for poker

Special award to embarrass the Toilet Bowl loser? We advise you to check with Customer Support beforehand to make sure this generous bonus is still in effect. It is not unusual to see major prize pools with some of the bigger events and that prize pool is predicted to grow. It's always fun when someone announces that they've quit drinking because it put them in a bad place Fourth rounder Koray Aldemir will be looking for some help on Day 2 as he comes in as the shortest stack left in the tournament.


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Fourth round pick Andreas Eiler was the fourth player eliminated, busting out live on the day 1 feature table. Igor Kurganov busted out near the end of Day 1, after a couple of high variance decisions left him with just 17k in chips. The rest of the team has below starting stack and will be looking to regain some chips during the second day of play. Canadian poker pro Kirsten Bicknell is the sole woman in this 25k Fantasy challenge, and her team has been perhaps the most polarizing of them all.

Talk about a sixth round steal for Bicknell. Third round pick Rainer Kempe and fifth round pick Kahle Burns sit with just over k apiece, and will be looking to run up their stacks on Day 2. Fourth round selection Sean Winters did not compete in the tournament, and second rounder Tom Marchese busted on Day 1. Bicknell has two of the Day 1 chipleaders on her team, and should be feeling pretty confident heading into the second day of the SHRB.

Dan Smith really should need no introduction, since he is playing in the Super High Roller Bowl himself! He has a healthy stack heading into Day 2, much to the delight of Johannes Becker, who drafted him in the third round. Fourth rounder Koray Aldemir will be looking for some help on Day 2 as he comes in as the shortest stack left in the tournament.

While Negreanu is certainly making Kirsten Bicknell giddy about her sixth round selection, his own team is looking quite healthy following Day 1 action. Bryn Kenney capitalized on his relatively soft Day 1 table draw by building up a formidable k stack. Jake Schindler, Byron Kaverman and Keith Tilston all have very manageable stack sizes post Day 1, which means that Team Negreanu should be very formidable during the second day of action.

To view more Poker News Articles, simply drag the posts left and right with your finger or mouse. I am marking that one down. We play a bunch of poker and that never ocurred to me. The only possible drawback is that the spouses eventually arrive some time that evening. There may be one or 2 who won't be happy that the stripper is still there. I am trying to get a league wide golf game the day before but this group can not control themselves therefore I am currently hearing "I dont want to be hungover on draft day, I want to be hungover the day after".

The alcohol flows like a water spicket. That would have been a good idea. I let the guys flying in choose the date so they went with end of August to avoid the price hike over labor day weekend. I also like the idea of some kind of football toss. It would have to be something that gained you something on draft day. Half these guys drink a 5th by themselves so the additional shot is like putting a bullet in a dead horse.

Last year a bunch of guys went to see Invincible before the draft. We played poker after the draft and then walked to the oceanfront to hit the bars.

Commish decides on the particular 9 players before the Draft. Posted July 17, Posted August 14, We're from MN so one league I'm in has a Packers jersey that the loser must put on and wear for a bit.

Gets his picture taken, gets razzed quite a bit, etc. Posted August 15, Making the league better? I introduced upgraded trophies last year and they went over really well. The toilet bowl trophy "upgrade", in particular, got folks really concentrating on not winning the thing. The "film" selection from this year was a bit much even for me.

I don't think those six guys showed that one girl the love and respect she needed. It's always fun when someone announces that they've quit drinking because it put them in a bad place And, it really improved his disposition. Jene Bramel's Second Opinion.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Any Creative Draft Party Ideas? Hey All - I am holding my draft at the end of the summer. No idea is to small. It is often the little things that make it better. Off the top of my head, here are some current staples in the draft: Lottery for division slotting. Pig Cook and open bar 4. League-wide tequilla shot to kick off the 1st pick. Internet access and a spare PC for owners to do any draft day homework.

Some things I am debating this year: League Shot Glass 3. Live Music for after draft 4. Bikini-Clad Bartender during Live Draft. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I like the league shot glass idea.

Like the shot to kick it off too. We've had a stripper deal cards at the post-draft poker tournament before.

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